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  1. "...a man after midnight Take me through the darkness to the break of the day" [emoji445] [emoji444]
  2. here new screenshots:
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    New screenshots of upcoming trailer... Duke
  4. Regarding development times, we are sorry if we take long times. This is not our main job and we do it during the free time. We don't have external resources as contractors who are paid to make the job for us. We are a small group of friends (DCS team is composed by 6 people, other sim team by 3) with a passion for aviation world and aircraft development for sims, and we like our team because it is something of special who was born in particular circumstances. We know that we cannot be compared to big 3rd parties who made very complex aircraft, but we do what we can at the best we can. Yes, MB-339 is a simple aircraft and people often thinks that this module is only an improvement of the free mod. No, it isn't. We started from scratch our project, because the standard used for the free mod wasn't suitable for the 3rd party purpose. So we are perfectly in line with development times of other 3rd parties. The official MB-339 was announced by ED on September 2020, and we are approaching to release. The average development time for this kind of aircraft is 2 years. We are proud of our results despite we work during our free times :)
  5. Yes, business aspect is important for covering mainly the development costs but our target is to make aircraft we like. When we start a project we do the following considerations: 1. Do I like this aircraft? 2. Do I have access to official documentation? 3. Do I have access to real aircraft (e.g. museums)? 4. Do I have all resources to end the project? If we were only interested in business we would have started more interesting projects with the risk to make a vaporware. Regarding the price, it will be in line with other module of the same category. No way to pay 100$ for a MB-339. I wouldn't buy it either.
  6. As promised, here attached our Development Report focused on MB-339 status and new feature overview. In this document it is also reported an update regarding our Italian Liveries. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1epH_qSVWg9Mnr44mCp4Px0Ib4p-MuoTl/view?usp=sharing Thank you for your patience and your continuous support!
  7. You need a verified phone number
  8. Mmmh, I can see it [emoji848]
  9. Of course, manual will be provided too.
  10. The MB-339 at day 1 will include a mini campaign, instant actions, single missions and trainings. Furthermore it will have full multicrew sync and full damage model.
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    I think you should talk with other devs [emoji6]
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    Maximum level speed of MB-339 is 0.72 mach Maximum level speed of G.91R is 0.78 mach Performances of both aircraft are almost the same :)
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    Also MB-339A saw an actual war (see Falklands). ======================== Anyway, MB-339CD is a totally different aircraft than A version. There are a lot of differencies in terms of 3D modelling and systems which require a dedicated team working full time. We have already started the development of G-91 and we have also other projects on DCS so we don't have other resources to make this variant. Anyway we hope that our future DCS projects will be more interesting and fun for you than a MB-339CD. We understand that a easy MB-339A has no enough appeal for expert simmers and we are sorry to have disappointed you, but as trainer aircraft, it allowed us to learn a lot about DCS development. This experience will certainly be transferred to all our future projects and we hope this will allow us to release products that do not disappoint your expectations.
  14. Hi, I am not able to list in this moment all CDU features, but we have planned to make a video in order to show all its functionalities as soon as the integration in DCS is complete.
  15. 6S.Duke

    Pilot body vr

    It will have it for sure
  16. Sorry for our silence, but our efforts are all focused to release the MB-339. Release date will be announched by ED, we will make an update about our progresses as soon as possible
  17. Ah ecco non sapevo ci fossero due versioni. Non conosco il prodotto DCS
  18. Il CASA 101 è equipaggiato con un TFE731-2 che, da sito del produttore, sviluppa 3500 pounds a livello del mare, che corrispondono per l'appunto a circa 15KN https://aerospace.honeywell.com/us/en/learn/products/engines/tfe731?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=22-aero-ww-dsa&utm_term=dsa_aero&utm_content=dyn-en-lphttp://example.com/landing-page?myParam=foo&_bt=396131713416&_bk=&_bm=&_bn=g&_bg=77178734299&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoY-PBhCNARIsABcz771e-vcBsAT4Ir92XSYs9JSzJ56umHyakOlhcxz5JyKisYokRJIIYnAaAoUKEALw_wcB
  19. Errato. Il motore del CASA ha una spinta di 15.8 KN, il Viper del 339A ne ha 17.8
  20. A mini campaign is confirmed within the module, but not Falklands, sorry :)
  21. Quello è un simulatore professionale destinato a uso training, nulla a che vedere con il lato cunsomer
  22. It will be available at day one. Currently it is 80% complete
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