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  1. There have been charts of both Russian and Ukrainian data that clearly show this shortfall. Rs fit these data in DCS, ERs fall short. Why the discrepancy?! But there are other IMO bigger issues with ERs. For example how can this missile have PURE pursuit HOJ homing!? No missile would ever use such a PN for guidance, its pure nonesense. Yet only R27 family suffers this terrible modelling. While Aim7s are literally FnF vs Hoj targets with perfect accuracy. Go figure!
  2. Seems like a good rant. But the funny thing is, everyone seems to take the AMRAAM Pk at face value of a brochure or test fire results against drones. Sure it has 100% pk then.... I don't buy it one bit. Because history has proven once these missiles are used in real combat vs a maneuvering adversary.... Just like with 9X, the first result is usually a miss! How about in heavy ECM environment? Go figure. Armchair pilots always like to have it easy like in the brochures. Instead, the questions should be asked into why these missiles are so easy to notch. Maybe because the western RWR is modelled so perfectly without any sidelobes, perfect angle to 1degree. Making it as easy as lining up a marker to the 3/9 line.... Some might draw other conclusions
  3. Yep, same story here. Something broke the lighting with NS430. @ED
  4. When will HOJ logic be fixed for R27 family of missiles? Pure pursuit is not a proper guidance logic. At least bring the 27 to the same standard as Aim7 HOJ. When will SD10, with a 77 seeker act like one? The difference between two missiles in tracking is not even describable. Where is the consistency in modelling and when will both missiles be brought up to new API (aka new 120 standard)!? Thanks
  5. https://m.twitch.tv/videos/1446045420 For those who missed this final! Best round of the tourney.
  6. Normals for Fuclrum/Flankers is a MUST! Same goes with wing vapor effect. All this should be an easy addition for ED without too much effort. Bring the visual standards of all modules on sale to the SAME standard!
  7. Look at the clear charts posted by BlackPixxel above. The numbers dont lie. Something is going on, unless of course F15 is immune to temperatures compared to all other jets?
  8. So basically F15 isn't affected by air temperature changes like other planes - GG FM is OP Why is flanker so handicapped by ambient temperature!? Surely same laws of physics must apply for all AC....
  9. I think something is going on with drag with stores, also F15 is barely affected by difference in ambient temperatures like all the other jets (especially REDfor jets). So yes, with bags doing M2.3 seems unreasonably fast.
  10. This! Sounds about right with the current 5% shortfall of ER at low alt. Surely Ukrainian data should be looked at. Burn time is a very specific parameter! Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
  11. I've attached a workable version with the above files removed that caused crashes. Hope that helps until @Mustang makes an update to the pack. Mustang Shaders 0.96B.rar
  12. Thanks for the nice event. Was fun! Especially in those Migs
  13. Big thanks to ED for supporting this initiative via their recent newsletter! Updates to come soon with mission details, etc.
  14. Awesome initiative. 51st PVO and 100KIAP might be down for some ceremonial flybys for some heavy Ru fighter flavour. Отправлено с моего STV100-2 через Tapatalk
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