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  1. Gents... What is purpose of the 5S99, SA2 - SNR75 and SA-2 trailers and where are they normally positioned?
  2. Is it possible to change the V-22 from flight to Stowed configuration?
  3. Hey Walder, Will this MOD work with Skynet as an EW. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302681/ if not what can I do to make it work? thanks in advance Sierra
  4. Thanks Backy... Been a long year for a variety of reasons...but things are getting better. ya shouldn't need a CAC Card to get to that site...I know I did t use one. That being said, if the link doesn't work, anyone looking try Googling "ATP-56".
  5. https://www.japcc.org/aar/ AAR Track - A track designated for AAR. Anchor Refuelling - AAR performed as the tanker(s) maintain a prescribed pattern which is anchored to a geographical point or fix (See RVs Alpha and Echo). ATP-56 is the Air Refueling Bible. It is the standard everyone who uses takers adheres to in the interest of safety and joint operations. https://www.daip.jcs.mil/pdf/ap1b.pdf AP1B provided the specific planning information for established tracks and Military Training Routes.
  6. https://www.youngpioneertours.com/why-are-toyota-trucks-so-common-in-wars-in-the-middle-east/
  7. American were accused of supplying them with Laser guided weapons because of the accuracy of their drops in CCIP. No worries about the rest. I hope I didn't come across mad or irritated . Wasn't my intention.
  8. If you are exceeding ANY flight manual limitations during Takeoff....all bets are off. Flight manual limitations exist for a reason. They didn't pull numbers out of a hat or make them up to sound good. In real life screwing up your takeoff data can be fatal. that being said, sure you can take off at whatever weight you wish in a simulator...but don't question the flight model when you are already operating off of the page.
  9. Radio presents can be changed mission editor...open both missions and check to see if the presets are actually correct.
  10. I'd recommend reaching out to Easypeac3. He's done quite a few skin reworks on AI Assets including the Buffs... https://tinyurl.com/yc9u4zon
  11. Great Job Guys...I have a single observation...NOT a complaint. It looks like the Gear struts are fully extended when sitting on the deck. Not sure if this can be adjusted or not... This was a sorely missed asset even if it's just as Eye candy on a crowded deck.
  12. The LOLA spots have been fixed for some time now. Golf Revets are still backwards...
  13. No you answered it quite well. I've seen videos that show a Suspended launch but I was curious who actually directs the actions. I'm assuming the Shooter hears over the radio if it's going to be worked on or retry?
  14. Just out of curiosity. What are the real steps?
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