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  1. Using the command line options.graphics.maxfps = 60 in autoexec now causes the sim to lock to 33 fps instead of 60. Setting it to 30 results in 22 fps. And awkwardly, setting it to 120 results in 60-65.
  2. On my warthog throttle, the comm hat-switch (thumb) is UP-Comm 1 DCS menu, DOWN-Comm 2 DCS menu, FORWARD-SRS PTT Comm 1, BACK-SRS PTT Comm2
  3. Finally ripped out and replaced the Stennis. Thanks! Now do the Vinson.
  4. Thanks for this. I simply disabled the Speakers output for SS3 in Windows sound control panel. Probably conflicting with the Speakers output of the motherboard...
  5. More like completely. This thread is in the wrong category.
  6. Yep, but they have been making it more annoying to make an Offline account. It's now to the point where once it asks to sign into Microsoft you have to pull the ethernet cord and then hit Back for it to recognize you have no internet.
  7. The official insider preview is now available.
  8. No but I'll consider it. I was hoping they would have made some effort to overhaul or optimize the virtual scene rendering because FPS was horrible if you kept adding high-poly units, and adding water probably still isn't possible.
  9. Are you supplying the extra bandwidth and storage space in addition to the added loading time?
  10. I noticed there is no coalition for the RSAF. F-5S F-16C/D F-15SG KC/C-130B/H KC-135R E-2C S-70B A-4SU UH-1H AH-64D CH-47SD
  11. To make it more simple... Let us choose between Headset Cursor or Mouse Cursor. Choosing one disables the other.
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215875
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