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  1. On syria with last OB , the display of ATFLIR not working correctly in some zoom. The screen still in black with unreadable position : here the track server-20220505-213455.trk
  2. Good news for supercarrier, have you get some picture or video for this night deck ?
  3. Since many month without news, I’am happy to see a hornet mini update and the update roadmap. Next step, a video from wags about acls Thanks
  4. If ED don’t use the word « soon », this feature will not come this year I think. Perhaps for the 5 years of hornet birthday in 2023
  5. In one month we will celebrate 4 years since the release of the hornet early access….and still nothing about the new features or end of EA in this newsletter. For all those who buy the new modules, it is necessary to take into account the long development which follows, and the patience which it is necessary to have.
  6. Like hornet/viper with fixed wing team, Ed have the same team for working on apache/hind. When they work on one project the other one don’t have new feature. Look viper , many news, video, update and hornet nothing since many month…. It will be the same with helicopter dev during all EA timeline. So if you want to not be frustrated don’t buy EA and wait.
  7. It’s not necessary to ask and re ask ED for an update. When they have news they will share it. I think that a part of ED team is focused on Apache to resolve bugs. And other part work viper in order to made this plane at the same level of hornet. It’s a EA we have to be patient. Personally I have no more play with DCS until they made progress on hornet
  8. lol You are right, I agree with you, I find it difficult to be patient after 4 years for this RSI hornet.
  9. Cool ! I had already guessed Ed's answer. Maybe i should apply to be CM
  10. I’am already ask ED about plan or roadmap, see their answer.
  11. Sorry but 4 years after initial release, with end of EA planned in 2021, with no roadmap for hornet, with only very small team on dev, with no update or video from wags since many month, it is impossible to be more patient.
  12. Same for me, ED will not have any interest to finish quickly the hornet because no more players will buy it. Due to this, i will not buy any module from ED too.
  13. No one can answer that question but ED themselves. It is still very unclear how the final version of the DCS Hornet will compare to the real thing. I know the answer of ED « when we have new, we will share it » or « EA take time, be patient » or « if you are not happy with EA, don’t buy it and wait » No more
  14. In newsletter « In the Development Screenshot above, you can see the pilot's legs and boots, the model is rendered based off of accurately dated US uniforms and we genuinely appreciate your feedback at this early stage of development. » Difficult to sent feedback because I don’t look my foot when I flying (and it’ is difficult to see that in the hornet cockpit). Why ED work on model we can’t see ?
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