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    F-15 Release

    Model looks great,but how is this release different from previous what was improved in the 3d model,Walmis can you please smooth out the are right behind the f15 gun and at the rear of the cockpit canopy glass these areas looks a bit rough triangulated!:music_whistling:
  2. Very stupid to risk it flying it, especially considering that the Su 27 has an inherently instable flight model and cant be flown without flybywire computers,so how is hw going to fly it!:megalol: :megalol: :doh:
  3. :megalol: :megalol: :megalol: LOL I can just imagine a Mig 21 owning a Su 27 or F 15 in BVR with its hugely powerful radar and being almost stealth, yea sure!
  4. :lol: These must be added as ground units so they can run around and be strafed!
  5. Any chance ED will give this plane a good flight model/cockpit and make it flyable
  6. Flanker is perfect,as good as the new official one,how many kb /poly/triangles is it?
  7. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Why no update !!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. Just couldnt resist to ask , about how long might it take to get StrikerMax Su 27 into LOMAC, will this mean that ED will stop developing their new Su27 model if Strikermax finishes his early!!!!!!!
  9. If I model them you whouldnt want to fly them
  10. Since StrikerMax is making a Su 27 model the most important one, F 15 and A 10 need new models too, why is anyone still not modeling them as well!!
  11. how many polys is the Su 25ut model,will Su 27 have more polys,will Su 27 be even more detailed, will there be high res detailed skins like on Su 25ut,I want Soviet Era Su 27 skins, can we get those! Can someone give me a rough estimate on when this model will be released!!!
  12. When can we see this model in game,about not exact, I can,t wait anymore!!!!:thumbup: :thumbup:
  13. Anyone want to try to find and integrate and modify existing 3d models of Su 27 and F 15 and A 10 and convert into lomac engine and format to replace the current crappy models of these planes. These planes deserve better models
  14. Can one of you guys also find a new prexisting 3d Su 27 model and integrate it to lomac!!!
  15. A new Su 25 model and mirage 2000 model whould be nice too!
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