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  1. Have exactly the same "Critical error" issue. No overclocked 2080ti and 7700k. Simply doing an instant action air to air with f5 starts the issue about 10 minutes in game with a Cracking of sound and some short graphic issue then the error appears. What should I do?
  2. I am an owner of Rift S. As I heard only positive reviews about the G2 especially concerning sharpness of image I bought one and compared the two. (I am not considering price and Facebook..) Rift S + 1. Easier to set up nothing to tweak around. 2. Much better sweet spot. Just put it on and it is ok. You can look at the Hud and without moving the head you can glimpse and read an instrument. 3. Average temperature in gaming (I am in a tropical country) 55°C. Reverb G 2 + 1. A little Lighter to wear but must be adjuste correctly 2. Better sharpness - disadvantage 1. Must find correct settings, much to download 2. Sweet spot small. Not possible to read an instrument without moving the head and looking at it. 3. Average temperature 80-84°C with same setting as Rift ! 4. Lighting in play room must be right, not to light not to dark- very sensitive in this respect. Observations The FOV difference is minimal Before installing steam VR, mixed reality, steam, Window MR for Steam, all needed for the Reverb G2, I have the impression that the Rift S was better in sharpness. Maybe those downloads interfere... Considering the above points I think Oculus Rift S is better if fitted with a Seenheiser sound kit upgrade. My ipd about 60.4 1-7 7700 not overclocked, 32 RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080TI
  3. Thanks Flappie and Bignewy I have cleaned my corsair I 860. It (This was suggested by DCS) wasn't dirty at all. Installing it with all cables, then the issue resolved, No more crashes. DCS said also to lower 50-100 MHz the Core Clock as in Window Event viewer I had Kernel power errors.. Then I looked at my rtx 2080 ti which is factory overclocked and I set through Mis Afterburner a lower core clock by 57 MHzMy Gpu temps are about 83-84 Centigrade (I am in a tropical climate). Then I tried to switch again back to my oculus Rift S where I see that my termps are no more than 55C. So I do not understand this great difference between Rift S and Reverb G2. Both are set to 100% per eye resolution. There is only about 1 degree lower temps with 56MHz less Core Clock. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks Bignewy, As said there are no log files nor crash files probably because the system can't record anything as the game cannot start. Maybe my corsair 860i has not enough power. I cleaned it but it did not need it. My graphic is a fabric overclocked gigabyte 2080 ti.
  5. When this happens no crash files are written therefore I cannot post them. Made the long repair and it remains with the same issue. Have only followed Thud's VR4DCS and downloaded Shader settings. DCS told me to change the DCS folder in Saved Games to Temp. This resolved the first problem I had that it did not load. The small DCS logo at startup became completely black. After doing this change with the TEMP it loads the game e.g. free flight but before I can click fly the computer stops and reboots. Note that this does not happen with other games as Sturmovik or Aerofly Any help is appreciated
  6. Hi, Want to enable reprojection. Therefore I need to change some settings in Program Files (x86)>steam>steamapps>common, see only 2 files eg: Steam VR and DreamWorks Shared! There should also be: >MixedRealityDriver> Resources>Settings. Therefore I cannot enable Reprojection and make the correction with notepad++.
  7. i7700k not overclocked, 32 memory, 2080 ti Not found out yet best way to start DCS for G2. Loading the game it stutters a lot, then once opened it is ok, but a) I find clarity less good than oculus rift S, it is a little a foggy picture. b) Sweet spot is smaller than Rift S c) Have not found how to reset view (Have made sitting setup only) Comparing it with the Rift S I could not say that Reverb G2 is better.... any idea ?
  8. mibo


    If your commands are not being recognised have you done voice training (page 39 of the manual)? This can take some time but will make a huge difference If the Finish button is yellow then it is always a good idea to press it and follow the steps that are given in the message that appears. Away from PC - sent using Tapatalk Yes I did voice training in Windows and at least 3 times in Vaicom pro. The only words not recognized are the airport names I can't pronounce correctly. Also French names I tend to pronounce as french as I speak and write 5 languages, are not recognized unless I pronounce them with an English way of speaking. This is difficult for me as I am not English or American. In speech dictionary it says this word is already registered.. But this is not the problem easy commands are not functioning.
  9. mibo


    Hi Hornblower, thanks for your reply. I cancelled everything and installed all new. Now PTT recognizes aircrafts but when I try to speak my commands for example in F5 cold start it does not recognize my commands. Maybe once of 20... the spoken command is listed correctly but a yellow mark says unrecognized command... Have not clicked on the FINISH button on Editor as I suppose this has to be made only if adding new commands. Opening Pencil dot I can see all 526 registered commands a from AAA to Yunga then a few more as Link TunemMap marker,Radio Tune, Tacan tune finally *Chatter* and Transmit TX1and others where only TX 4 is Auto transmit press and release. Can you or someone please help. I would very much appreciate it.
  10. mibo


    PLEASE HELP No aircraft registered in PTT Have installed Voice Attack and VaicomPro. No aircraft are listed in the Vaicom Pro PTT tab. It shows: "- - - - " and on the PTT green screen there is a "blinking BCN" Have deleted the Export lua file in DCS> Scripts in saved games. Have not used the custom DCS path in Config tab as I am not sure which folder to select. My game is in DCA (A)driver. Should I just select this one or any more subfolders? Think that even this will not be enough to solve the issue. Have also disabled NS 340 module in DCS and made Repair. Sorry if this is not the right spot for posting
  11. Have ordered gloves a year ago. Now they say that DCS made an update and since that they do not work anymore. SENSORYX awaits a new update from DCS. Have also sent a ticket to DCS and they said to me they to await their answer. If the gloves work and DCS made the update I'll let SENSORYX send them to me, as they can ship them now. If DCS doesn't make the update I ask a refund. They are about 600$ not 1200€ as written above. As soon I have an answer from DCS I'll post it on this site.
  12. HI MAXsenna, Please find attachment of my TacviewGameExport.lua and see if you can help me TacviewGameExport.lua
  13. So what exactly should I do? Several people have the same problem 1kb files with stationary bullsey only
  14. Have downloaded correctly Tacview and it installed but trying 3 single missions aircraft are not registering. 1. In tacview USB file the missions are there but only 1 KB .zip acmi files. 2. IN User>Saved Games> DCS>Tracks - the same missions are registered. 3. Clicking on either of them a strategic map is shown but paused with no aircrafts of the mission only Bullseye. The Map Title says This Strategic View is available in Tacview Advanced. I have only downloaded the Standard paid version. Have found one user in Dcs having the same issue but no solution to it, the same goes with Tacview site. Could PLEASE anyone help with this issue?
  15. Tacview records only 1kb stationary bullseye only no flight records. What should one do?
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