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  1. It just didn't make it to the patch, should be in the next one.
  2. The labels are already made, but didn't make it into the patch.
  3. We are working on a new solution to be able to the show all the airfields.
  4. The CI "night" filter will be clickable in the next update.
  5. This should be alleviated in the upcoming patch, due to warhead changes.
  6. There is currently a max airspeed of the target for the sensor to keep tracking it. The missile should be able to track targets travelling up the 450 km/h (240-ish knots) currently, assuming it stays in the seeker FOV and slew rate. At least we have the missile able to track airborne targets. No problem tracking helicopters and slow flying aircraft. Might tweak the value a bit. However, it is not a air-to-air missile, even if it is tremedously fun to use it that way.
  7. Thank you for reporting it, seems to be a program priority issue.
  8. There was an animation issue. Just the cover over the flare section of the missile.
  9. We are working the problem, and hope to improve the mavs soon.
  10. Updating the light strength is on the list to fix.
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