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  1. Pls Zero flyable too! 🙂 after Corsair.

  2. Whats that aircraft in your profile ?

    1. IcedVenom


      Just an AI-model. Nothing burger.

    2. Eldur


      Looks like an A6M5c. Has the 20mm in the wings as well as 13.2mm, of which another one is in the right cowling slot as well, the left looks empty (7.7mm removed).

  3. Sub-forums are not granted until an official contract is signed. )
  4. it's not the reason for your FPS loss. DCS's graphics engines doesn't give a crap what the mesh looks like. Texture resolution is not an issue either. Plenty of cockpits use different texel densities to have smaller parts have better details. There are several other factors that can cause FPS lost, such as the collision lines, avionics, and FM computations.
  5. Pilot only programs FM. Second programmer is responsible for avionics. He is doing his best, with "Spaghetti Code". He waits for ED's help to introduce new radar code that uses different CPU core.
  6. No, main programmer is pilot, He flew the Bis and was an Instructor in the UM. Laszlo was only a programmer and owner of module. He is the one who left during alpha. We have not given up on MiG-21 guys. We're busy with the F4U at the moment. The radar FPS is slowing us too, because everyone on the team has no FPS loss, we can not easily trouble it's problem. Wadim was apart of ED, but somehow could not get access to the 21. Though it took a while, I managed to get him the coupon code so he can help. (If he wants)
  7. Edit In: I think I went off on a tangent... As for the current cockpit, It wasn't me who modeled it in the first place. Laszlo Becz had modeled it long before photogrammetry or laser scanning was popular and/or cheaper. Cobra modeled the ejection seat harness and parachute "cushion", and maybe a few other items. Cobra worked with what he had in such a tight time frame since he and myself were just hired. I did model the new ASP and Windscreen though. )) Any artist in the industry knows what a pain it is to jump into a project created by someone else and at this point, it's more time saving just to redo everything. To be honest, a paid update on an entirely new 3D mesh, textures and even programming wouldn't be out of line, asking to pay for it. The royalties would certainly help hiring more people, scanning services, and acquiring documents. Also, updating just the cockpit textures on the current cockpit, would be a free update, but why waste time on it, when we'll eventually develop an all new one? It truly is a hassle for me. The cockpit shape is relatively simple. But I really want it to be more accurate than what we have now. I'd rather have laser scans, but photogrammetry works just as well under the right conditions. It does cost money to take on such an endeavor though. To completely make a new mesh of the external and cockpit to a high degree of detail would sure take some time, but at least the aircraft is simple in design and wouldn't take long. My only downfall, is I am wheelchair bound, so I really rely on others to get the resources I need. Otherwise, I'd be out in the field getting scans, pics, etc myself. Because I know exactly what I need and how to do it. Please be patient guys. We're just about out of our hole after the split and g00d things will be coming for sure.
  8. it would be extremely helpful if users would post log files. Everyone in Magnitude 3 has no issues with FPS loss. More specifically, myself and one programmer, running the oldest nVidia graphics cards on the team, which are a 900 and 1000 series cards, have no FPS loss when the radar is on. The fact the issues only occurs on certain systems, proves difficult to solve. The log files will at least let the programmers see the hardware combination being used and perhaps find a pattern amongst the users having issues. In turn, it could help find a solution working directly with ED's graphics programmers, or something else not thought of yet. As one can see below, the pool is quite small and doesn't help when users (for example) only mention, "me to", or "I have 'such n such' hardware". The logs display more information that can potentially help. 1 Log File https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/267945-dcs-27-radar-performance-drop-issue-is-back/ 0 Logs posted https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/229299-mig-21-fps-drops-unplayable-video-added/ 1 Log post https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/243036-mig21-radar-gpu-clock-stutter-large-intermittent-fps-drops-dcs-25652437/#comment-4396344 only tracks posted, no logs https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/201238-mig-21-stutter-in-cockpit-fps/#comment-3974841 0 Logs posted https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/147161-low-fps-since-recent-updates/ 0 Logs Posted https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/253842-mig-21-radar/#comment-4493143 0 Logs Posted https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/253422-mig-21bis-radar-problem/ 2 Logs Posted https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io/view.php?id=986
  9. Are you the same BigDaddy that ran the 323 in the Jane's F/A-18 days? A little motto music based on the real 323 squadron's hymn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EM45jKlx3U Semper Fi, Dinky Die! Rudel>>>>>>>>>>>>>(out)
  10. Heavy Bungee Spring AN 01-45HA-1 page 24 talks about a heavy bungee spring 'on some of these airplanes' that causes a change of trim when the gear is pulled down. Is that the big coiled spring that's visible on the front of the landing gear handle? If it's not, is our F4U-1D going to be equipped with one? While doing research, I only came upon the Birdcage and the Dash 1A that showed the bungee spring. There was no schematic for the Dash 1D and the schematic for the Dash 4 does not show it. As the pilot's manual (dated 1946) states, "some" aircraft have it; it may be referring to early Corsairs only as the Dash 1D and Dash 4 had uprated engines. The spring is actually located in the aft of the aircraft connected to the elevators' control pivots and levers. It's not connected in any way to the landing gear themselves. The reason for any changes in the trim would be due to the airspeed changes as the gear drops. The springs would have been a buffer for the drastic changes in speed and keep the controls soft instead of a jerking motion. Edit In: This excerpt is from A-2 construction manual. While my statement above holds true, also, below is the engineers' description. Fig 1) Birdcage and Dash 1A Fig 2) Dash 4 Takeoff Power AN 01-45HA-1 page 35 mentions a modification done to some aircraft to allow 2800 RPM/54" Hg takeoff power. It also mentions there needing to be a placard placed in the cockpit of aircraft that have been modified as such. I'm assuming ours won't be able to achieve that power takeoff, as I don't see the placard anywhere. Is that accurate? We are still testing engine parameters, but as far as I'm aware, it is modeled. There is no warning placard in game yet, but the checklist on the instrument panel has the RPM listed as 2800. As a reminder, it was only used for a duration of not more than one minute in case of an emergency or during carrier take-offs in a combat environment. Otherwise 2700 is to be used during training or ferrying. Prop Pull thru Other sims have a prop pull thru animation modeled, will we have one as well? Very understandable if we don't. No, put if the proper start-up procedures are not correctly done, the prop will only spin when trying to start it, and stop spinning when the starter switch is let go. Rocket Safety Plug Will the rocket safety plug be modeled? It's visually in the cockpit pics that have been posted, and plugged in, but a lot of procedures involve removing it to double (triple if you include master arm itself) safety the rockets. I was curious if you plan on having it be removable, and if so will it just be a click on/off model into the rocket station distributor box. AN 01-45HA-1 page 58 for those following along with my manual shenanigans. The plug is only for visuals. In any case, the plug was not to be messed with by the pilot. The ground crew took care of it. Signal Pistol Going to assume that this one is tossed? Seeing as how we're not Other Sim #2, but I'm curious nonetheless. We do have one modeled incase we develop an early Corsair. In real life, it was removed from the cockpit because it was found that exhaust fumes were being sucked up the flare tube into the cockpit.
  11. Yes, I know. Cockpit textures not good for PBR shaders.
  12. We don't have any crew yet, but we thought about utlizing the IFOILS Argument Numbers to drive Paddle's Arms and Legs
  13. The plot board can easily be made with rotating discs, but being able to write on it would require ED's support.
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