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  1. new changelog has a comment about vickers not catching laser beam when fired in a crosswind.....this may have fixed the OPs problem
  2. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2099112&postcount=101 heres a link to the scripts I changed, I get off work after 5pm est. I'll see what I can do about linking my free flight mission. It has random traffic and the GCI/INTERCEPT script so if you fly blue and cross into Russia or if you fly red and enter Georgia you will be intercepted by enemy aircraft. Along with SAM coverage, it makes the map feel alive.
  3. at work till 5pm est. But after that i can jump on ts. and the laser reset is a different button then the targeting system reset. its on the dash under the HSI gauge. Page 6-20 of the blackshark manual. thats 6 dash 20, not 6 through 20.
  4. Random traffic script in the mission builders section, I run the script in three different forms in my free flight mission. One time for red, two for blue. And I edited the script to only spawn civilian traffic, yak-40s and An-26s. Works really well for populating each side with amibiant air traffic at your desired airbases.
  5. also worth noting...in your video, it looks like your missile never catches the beam. perhaps you should yaw the helo aiittle more before launch so the missile crosses between you and the target and finds the laser beam.
  6. there is a way to show the laser temp on the hud...ED wrote the script and just commented it out...when i get home at the end of my work day I can give you it in mod form if you wish Also, its best to hit the laser reset button after your missile hit because it normally stays on for another 4 seconds after the missile hits. With or without the temp mod you should get in the habit of doing this. Search "crazy shkval" for the post on this subject.
  7. Heres a vid of the old way the flood light worked....he hits the switch in the first 20 secs.. In my install the flood light is not bright enough to see any of the switches...but in his you can read the panels.... Also, if I turn on the flood light the light texture glows a very little bit, but then if I also turn on the gauge lights, the flood light texture turns orange....somethings definitely wrong. Anyone else?????....any moderator out there to confirm???? Also, the NVG light (the light blue flood light) does not seem to get as bright as it use to, I turn the brightness knob all the way up and can still barely see anything...
  8. Check these guys out....not sure what all they do, but looks like a group that fly and train in the Ka-50 http://www.blacksharkden.com/
  9. whats wrong with the NVG, works for me.
  10. try ralt+\ instead of just \ also, the cyclic has a push to talk button that you can keybind and it will open the comms menu
  11. DCS World 1.5.4, BS2, no mods The cockpit flood light on the back left panel doesnt light up the pit at night like it use to. During the day it seem like its pretty bright, but at night it has very little effect. Same with the NVG night light, it just doesnt produce the blue pit that it use to. Sorry if this is already known, but i havent played with the shark at night in a while, this is very reproduceable for me in the mission editor. I have not tried any of the mission or instant action. Will someone plz confirm or deny with thier install.
  12. a little push back to the original post. I use the Ka-50 for night ops all the time. Like stated in a previous post, you adjust the intensity of the NVG and contrast of the targeting tv, then put the targeting system into manual override and you can hit targets with the atgm all night long. Its not the best night fighter vs moving targets. But if your smooth with the tv slew, you can hit moving targets on a regular basis. As for a thermal system, we all know ED is finished with the BS, I just dont see it happening. Nor will we get stingers on the wingtips or a RWR.
  13. Alt+tab works in win 7, but only if I got something else open like notepad or a file folder. with everything closed I have to ctrl alt del to open task manager then open a side program... for this reason, when I know I'm going into the ME, I always open my script folder then enter DCS so I can easily alt tab
  14. I seem to hear it fine, but I have a headset, not speakers. what are your sound settings in the audio option. Try adjusting "in-cockpit" and "helmet" settings.....also there is a option for "hear like in helmet", what do you have that set to?
  15. damage at or below the waterline is far more dangerous to a vessel then any other spot on the ship. Not including a direct hit to a magazine well ofcourse. think of this....I can shoot the cabin of a civilian vessel with a rifle all day long and this boat will probably never sink, but if i hit it right at the waterline with just one shot, it will certainly go down if not repaired. Most antiship missiles are programmed to hit near the waterline. A hit to the tower does not sink ships. The only thing more venerable is the keel, once again not counting direct magazine hits, which still falls into the at or below the waterline area. I agree with all of you, a more robust damage model would be nice in the future. But not until I get my F-18. secondly, weapon and ship damage modeling is a DCS problem. Not a M2000c issue.
  16. dont know about ingame results...but in real life most flights will takeoff into the wind and to an altitude upwards off a thousand feet while around airbases and farps. Then change direction and altitude to match their flight plan. My father was helo crew in Vietnam and would always say the scariest moments were when leaving or returning to base because of the required 1000ft airzone around the bases. These are the moments he felt most venerable and many choppers were in fact shot down during these approaches and departures. as far as DCS....check wind direction and see if thats their takeoff heading....its about the only thing I can think of at the moment.
  17. if you download rc5 from post 756, it comes with the right mistdev.lua.
  18. I've been playing with the resupply system for a while, though I never thought of adding a warehouse on site to make a destroy-able target. The only thing I see being a problem with the script is the random spawn points...lets say airbase1 is destroyed or depleted and the script trys to spawn in more cap or interceptors, if it picks that base because of distance or random and it cant spawn in a flight....it needs to be written for it to choose the next best location. Otherwise the script may keep trying to spawn the closest airbase to the enemy (which will most likely be the one destroyed first ingame), but fail, and never get a flight to spawn in. Setting up the script and working supplies, then destroying an airbases supplies to see how it reacts to further attackers is the only thing I see that may shoot this idea down with the script in its current form.
  19. the way I was hoping they would open the editor for more possibilities is to add more then red vs blue. the simple fact of being able to do red (1) vs blue (2) vs yellow (3) vs green (4) would be cool.. or red and green vs blue... side note on insurgents...as of now I give blue the insurgents and red has South Odessa...both very low tech armies...it makes it so I can line an outlaw area (valleys a lot) with both insurgents and south Odessa AAA guns (so they cant see each other) and any aircraft flying through will get shot at...both red and blue....there by making an area on the map not safe for either team.....an attempt to make a red (Russia and Abkhazia) vs blue (USA and Georgia) vs insurgents (in the mountains of South Odessa)....
  20. Or so I hear. Just read this article http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/florida-air-guard-f-15c-eagles-to-deploy-to-russias-doo-1694154634 . Very short, but had one or two things to say about the airframes. Quote" The Florida Air National Guard's F-15Cs are some of the most advanced in the world, with many of them receiving the APG-63V3 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. The "V3" as it is called, is a quantum leap in capability over the mechanically scanned array APG-63 and is considered to be one of, if not thee most power and capable air-to-air radar in the world. Also, the 125th FW is the first F-15C unit to incorporate the Sniper targeting pod for air-to-air use, allowing crews to identify targets visually at extreme ranges. To my knowledge, they remain the only unit that is fully operational with the Sniper pod at this time, a capability that will enhance their utility when it comes to intercepting foreign aircraft under various conditions. "
  21. click and hold or clicky-clicky alot. That is the eternal question. In the Ka-50 I click and hold, move the stick, release. Unless I'm under fire, doing acrobatics, drunk, saving myself from vortex rings or just not paying attention. Then I use the clicky-clicky method. I think the Ka-50 flys better and smoother if you use the click and hold, maneuver, release method. But when I watch videos of real in cockpit Ka-50 footage I hear a lot of clicky-clicky going on. In the real Huey I think the trimmer is a stick lock more then a trim and move the stick back to center. So the ingame trimming system may not be all that accurate. But, its made this way because not many ppl have the special type of joystick required for a more realistic trimmer. So ingame when you hit the trimmer you can let go of your joystick, it can flop back to center and you can fly smoother. In a real Huey you move the stick forward 4 inches, hit the trimmer and it stays there. It does not come back to what we call "center". Knowing this I fly the Huey with a move the stick, click trim, let go method. How you or others choose to fly is more of a choice. Its more of what feels right to you. Not what others tell you is right. Both helos are different, so how you fly one may not be the same as another. Also. In the Options page. Under the "Special" tab. You will see an option for "center trimmer method". This is how the trimmer engages. So. no matter if you clicky-clicky or hold and move, this option will change things alittle. this option controls when the new trim setting takes control. So, if you move the stick forward hit and release trim. the game will either wait for you to move your joystick back to center. Or it will wait like .5 of a second to set the new trim, giving you time to recenter your joystick. Once again is a matter of feel more then what the real aircraft flys like. The game dev realize that very few people build realistic joysticks that trim out and re-center (or lock into a new center) like a real thing. So all DCS helicopter pilots must decide between the click and hold or clicky-clicky method. And also play with the ingame center method option to find what they feel is right. Because technically speaking, all of it is debatable. With the ka-50 being a fly-by-wire system, it is more comparable to the toy flight sticks we use.
  22. For the F-15c, this file here is what you speak of. It controls how the game uses your skin folder. Normally all these values are set to true. And they are the correct name of one of the stock skins in the core game. When you set this to false it tell the game that the file is no longer in the core install. The game now search the skin folder instead. So if a server did open up custom skins. Only thing they have to do is enforce a rule that you can only change the name of, and set to false the pilot, patches, helmet, numbers and decal file. this will keep the skin downloading small. The PTB is the pylons and drop tanks. I do not recommend setting this to false or changing this because I have problems in single player when my modified version and a stock version are in the same game. ???? Now that i think of it, the numbers.dds can just stay stock too. Thats just a list from 0-9 in what color and font you what used in different spots on the plane. It can stay stock with stock skin. The decal file looks like this(but normally not grey). but most of the writing happens in the alpha channel that will look like this (always black) This is your licence plate, pilot name, squad patches on the side of the plane, and tail feathers. Most ppl will feel happy just by customizing this file. And you most definitely can make a custom skin folder with just the Description.lua (above text file) and this decal.dds. You dont need every layer in the new skin folder if you leave the values set to TRUE. This decal file is used by the 4 entrys in the description.lua that have the middle valve set to "3" instead of "0". You would need to set these four to false and change them to the correct name of the file in the skin folder with it. (in the example description.lua above the file name is "f15_decol_FL_Black") Edit. I made one, its 1.33mb. thats the lua file and the one .dds 125th Fighter Wing (FL).rar (install to C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\F-15C) Stock DCS color, Florida F-15 squad (not 100% historically accurate, but close) With my pilot name of coarse. But anyone here should now get how easy it is to change just the Pilot name and licences plate.
  23. I loved how IL-2 1946 did this so well. But still, at the end of a year of online play I would have 2000 skins and pilot faces in my cache. Not a problem back then at 1kb a piece. 42.1mb is the size of my Black F-15 skin.
  24. old problem...old news... plz learn to use search function so we can avoid re-post. .
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