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  1. Most of you probably assume these are socket 1151. They are not. These are the Kaby Lake-X models for socket 2066.
  2. Well, technically you are already over-clocking the memory since the memory controller in the i5-6600K only officially supports up to DDR4-2133. Keep that in mind if you start getting random mysterious blue-screens of death at some point. http://ark.intel.com/sv/products/88191/Intel-Core-i5-6600K-Processor-6M-Cache-up-to-3_90-GHz Happy flying with the new rig! :)
  3. Now that we have ReLive, you should use that instead. It's developed by AMD themselves and neatly implemented in the driver interface since driver update 16.12.1 and forward. It works very well in my opinion and Plays.tv is pretty much obsolete now.
  4. There's nothing stopping you from getting a 1070 now. Your system might not be able to use it to it's full potential, but it will still be a big improvement over your current graphics card, and you can always upgrade the rest of the system later. A word of caution though: Now is not a good time to buy high end PC parts. Intel and Nvidia has a monopoly on the high-end segment right now, but AMD have both an high-end CPU and GPU coming out soon, and even if you're not interested in AMD, it still affects you because Intel and Nvidia will have to drop their prices. I expect prices to drop significantly in the coming 3-6 months.
  5. The results from such a test can wary widely depending on how it's done and what sort of movement there is on screen. One of the more obvious cases where high frame-rate is of benefit in DCS is when using head tracking such as TrackIR, which is much smoother and more responsive at higher frame-rates. Personally I prefer it to never drop below 75fps when using TrackIR on my 144hz monitor. The TrackIR itself runs at 120fps. On the other hand, if you are just staring at a scene with a static camera and a vehicle driving by 100m in front of you, there is very little actual movement happening in the image, so 35fps could look perfectly smooth under these circumstances. So you see, it all depends on a lot of factors! I'm absolutely certain I could come up with a test where anyone would be able to distinguish 60fps from 120fps. Actually, I've done blind tests like that on friends and family, and they can always spot the differences, and end up looking really surprised afterwards, but it's all about coming up with a test where the difference is obvious. I could make it very difficult if I wanted, but what's the point in that? The point is that the human eye can definitely surpass common monitor refresh rates when there's ample movement on the screen. There's a lot of people feeding the old myth that "the eye cant see more than 30fps" but they are wrong and it's easy to prove it. In reality, our eyes are not digital, so it's actually impossible to say where the limit is. I'd say it's infinite, but of course there's also diminishing returns.
  6. Can we have the Su-33 PFM today pleeeeeeeeease ED :)
  7. The feature was recently added a few months ago, and I think the F-15C is the only one that has it so far. It's possible they will add it to more aircraft in the future.
  8. Aaaaahahaha, good kill :) I think you broke a few safety regulations though.
  9. Two pages ago, Cobra847 wrote this comment and it was specifically directed at you RaXha. Seems like you must have missed it :)
  10. Cobra847 you just made me very happy :)
  11. The Mavericks actually have a display! It's to the right of the HUD.
  12. Wouldn't it be cool if they surprised us and did an immediate release together with the announcement, whenever that will be? :)
  13. Neither. 16GB RAM is more than enough, and DCS does not work well with multiple graphics cards. You will not see much improvement from any of these upgrades.
  14. I'm not from the US, but surely PayPal must be a convenient workaround for your problem. Debit card -> PayPal (based in US) -> ED Store
  15. The honesty is appreciated. I will gladly take any Harrier that you can make with decent accuracy.
  16. I don't know about the DIY stuff, but TrackIR5 captures 120 frames per second and the perceived latency when inside DCS mostly depends on the game's framerate. If the DCS framerate is above 75fps then it starts to feel more or less latency free. If it drops down to 60fps or lower it starts to bother me.
  17. It all depends on a lot of things, but generally the F-15C seems to rule the sky thanks to its active radar homing missiles.
  18. No, that's not what's happening. Read the posts on page one. Basically it comes down to this: The game was running borderless window mode which forces the game to send the frames to the Windows renderer before they are sent to the monitor and Windows is always v-synced no matter what the ingame setting is. The Windows renderer is also responsible for discarding the extra frames that are rendered by the game in between every v-blank.
  19. Most game's do. Sadly, DCS stopped doing it after the 1.5 update. I hope they change it in the future, but it's really not much work to press alt+enter once every session :)
  20. No, DCS defaults to borderless window, which is just a window without borders that covers the entire screen, but it is not true fullscreen even if it looks like it is. Borderless window forces the frames to go through the windows renderer. Exclusive fullscreen mode bypasses the Windows renderer which means the game and graphics card is in full control of how the frames are presented on your monitor. Everyone that know what they are doing, yes. The benefits are less latency, properly working v-sync, zero discarded frames and thus also better power consumption, less heat, less fan noise etc...
  21. Correct. The sim you are thinking of is Jane's F/A-18. DCS producer Matt Wagner was involved in it's development. You can hear his voice in a lot of places in Jane's F/A-18, just like in DCS :)
  22. Both are real, but the measurements are made at different places. You seem to be running borderless window mode so the pipeline looks roughly like this: 1. The game and graphics card render 130 frames per second. 2. Those frames are received by the Windows renderer because you are not running exclusive fullscreen mode. 3. Windows is always v-synced no matter what your in-game setting is, so it will discard a lot of the frames it receives. The monitor then only receives one frame per v-blank, which is 60fps in your case. This is a really inefficient way to do things. I recommend you run exclusive fullscreen mode instead. Press alt+enter after you have launched DCS to make that happen. This will bypass the windows renderer, so there's nothing in between DCS, the graphics driver, graphics card and the monitor that is interfering. This also means that the v-sync option in DCS settings will work like intended.
  23. I'm fine with small land mass, and I'm fine with fantasy aspects as long as the work effort on the developers is within reason so that they can make it a free addition. It's not because I'm greedy, but free means everyone will have access to it right out of the box which is nice.
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