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  1. I have a bass shaker mounted underneath my VKB Gunfighter, and it's super helpful flying the P-51 on its stall envelope due to the buffeting effect - I would be super interested at how the F-16EX grip perform. I would only use it to buffeting effects, where as the bass shaker can focus on the g-loading and over speed effects more.
  2. Hmm.. perhaps a modular base with ability to switch sub module panels? Like potentially put in a UFC? Or a trackpad? Or whatever group of rotary encoders and switches?
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, your 3090 doesn't have enough horsepower 45fps repro with 88% resolution is what I'm managing on my 3080ti right now. Using Speed of Heat shader mod and a mix of DCS medium/high settings. DCS is pretty enjoyable as long as you don't fly around Mariana Islands or really complex missions (like the F-16 D-day Normandy quick mission). I am personally using the universal shader mod for now because I love CAS on the ground textures, it feels like putting on glasses and I can see again. FSR doesn't really do it for me because I can get the same performance by lowering the resolution by the same amount and it looks worse against CAS filtering.
  4. Selling this as I have moved on to MCG Ultimate. This grip has never really been used actually, previously I was using the Warthog grip with my Gunfighter so it's in excellent condition. The grey button caps are also included. The base connector is Rev B, but I can include Rev A connector if you have an early version Gunfighter (MkI). Please note that there is thin layer of electric tape around the metal base (see photo). The first batch of MCG Pro grips had a slight slack on the base and I was advised to wrap electrical tape to take up the stack. The grip works perfectly and does not creak or have micro movements on the base.
  5. Thanks. The reason why I chose linear rails is because I dislike the mini stick on the Cougar. The Cougar has a smaller travel distance than its real life counterpart, so TM try to get by increasing rotational angle. My big gripe is that the axes of the mini stick changes you rotate/push the throttle, it's hard to develop muscle memory to know the exact X & Y axes of the mini stick, leading to some wiggly motion when I first start slewing. With linear rail, the angle of the throttle remains constant, it's easier to learn how to slew accurately. In the future, I may swap the location of mini stick with the index finger hat (kind of like A-10/F-18) where the angle is a lot less awkward.
  6. Ahh ok, i thought you meant why i chose a regular pot instead of a con tactless sensor. Well, I am not going to 100% accuracy here, just what works right for me, so the pinky lever is now an analog brake lever (since I like it for Brit/Rus Warbrds). You still need to lift the handle to push thru the AB stop though.
  7. That's a TT/BI P160K pot. It's cheap, good quality(100K cycle), easily mounted, and most importantly, I have coupe of them laying around. The effective resolution is around 8 bit (native is 10 bit on the Arduino, but using around 1/3 of the rotation), so it's way enough for brake lever.
  8. That's awesome! I am also working on a F-16 TQS, which is also based on Hempstick's work. Though instead of a rotating throttle axis, I opted for linear rails. Which ALPS switch model is that encoder+hat switch? How is it wired up? Did it require any diodes or matrices? I am thinking of converting the hats from the TM style hats to the ALPS ones. Thanks!
  9. recoilfx


    Here is my current prototype. The goals of this gimbal are: 1.) No center detent (smooth transition in the center), with lighter spring force than the Warthog 2.) Can be constructed with off the shelve and 3d printed parts 3.) Durable enough to support metal grips from Thrustmaster 4.) Size should be small enough to be desktop friendly For the next prototype, I want to make this gimbal smaller. I'm waiting on smaller bearings to arrive to make this happen.
  10. recoilfx


    Yeah, I have a mechanical prototype working right now. Will post some pictures when I get home. If everything goes well, I may release all openscad/stl/svg files.
  11. recoilfx


    You can't, I bought the last one :) It seems like this is actually a garage operation. Just a guy making boards sold in small batches after requests from other forums. There are still a few TLE5010 & CD4021 boards available though. https://shop102607058.world.taobao.com/?spm=a312a.7728559.2015080705.3.tAQske Ordering is pretty rough, you'd need to understand Chinese pretty well. You'd need to create a Taobao (Chinese equivalent of Ebay) account, then an Alipay (PayPal equivalent) account, then you may need to get your CC company to approve the purchase.
  12. recoilfx


    Ooo nice. How did even you find this in the first place? :) In any case, my Chinese is pretty rusty. After about half hr of wrangling and talking to my credit card company to approve the purchase, the order finally went through. ~$23 netted me: 1 x Arduino Micro board 1 x CD4021 shift register board + cables 3 x TLE5010 board + cables The reviews seems good for the items, lot of talk about the seller being helpful and patient. Now comes the waiting game. I am almost done designing my cam-based gimbal, so a TLE5010 will be a nice upgrade from the existing HAL based design.
  13. Oh no, you don't want that. You will get motion sickness if moments are not one to one.
  14. Good to hear that there is a possibility! Thank you!
  15. Hi Slaw, Would you be able to produce an upgrade CAM kit for the existing 109 owners? Thanks!
  16. Just disabled it.... wow my take offs much better now.. still wonky, but better....
  17. Is anyone suffering from eye focus strains problems with certain cockpits? I have a hard time with the p-51d cockpit - for some reason, I can focus fine on the gun sight (NO HAND HOLD text) ... but if i focus out, i get crazy eye strains.. Less problem with the TF-51D, and even less with the Huey... It seems like when there are objects close to me, I can only focus on that depth and not the distance... However, when nearest object is further away, everything is much much more comfortable... I wonder if it's my IPD settings (yes I did calibrate the config before hand).
  18. Yes i have tfs3 working... via custom the LUA export method.. Not sure about native support, since its implementation is not to my liking (vertical g effect is weird and no pre-stall buffeting)... If you want, i can post my messy (but working) export.lua when I get home...
  19. MSFFB2 feels like a toy, but stock Warthog is hard on the wrist. I have both, and I prefer to fly using a modified Warthog with lighter springs and dampening grease. It's buttery smooth and very light center detent.
  20. Wasn't planning it, but couldnt resist..... My wallet is now thinner :-(
  21. Mine's shipped! I really hope 1.2.9 supports DK2 out of the box!
  22. Execellent, can't wait to see your mechanics guides soon! I'm thinking of starting such project this fall, would love to see some pointers on the mechanics.
  23. hey mingcor, please check your PM!
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