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  1. Yeah, the performance is way off. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=181927 EDIT: feel free to post in that thread if you have good evidence that the performance is lacking, and in what way.
  2. Corrigan


    You don't get to have opinions about facts. You're just wrong here, sorry.
  3. Great post, thanks for this. As most people probably know by now, Flygvapnet did not mess around when exercising attack missions, neither with Viggen nor with Lansen. They'd often fly exercises in pitch darkness (heard once per week at some point during the '80s or '90s), and some of those times they'd be in complete radio silence for the entire flight, so that really great idea about a light hidden by the speed brakes definitely wasn't for show. Here's a fantastic video showing some low-level Lansen flying. Watch the whole thing, not just at my timestamp. Crazy.
  4. Looks great! Love the bloom, very '80s.
  5. Okay, so I can see two issues here. First, the suddenness with which the plane is willing to rotate, which I can kinda see as plausible now as per Pocket Sized's post. The second issue is that the plane does not rotate when it should according to the SFI, as outbaxx has found.
  6. Yeah, and this is because the engine is used to circulate coolant, and ground idle is not enough to cool the systems outside of BER mode. If you need NAV earlier than 2 mins before take-off, you can kick the throttle into flight idle and that should be fine (according to SFI).
  7. Are radar alts even modelled as emitters in DCS?
  8. Yeah, the RM8B of the JA had an extra compression stage that took care of that problem. Remember, the AJS is not a fighter. It did many things well, but not dogfighting.
  9. Do we know how far the elevons should deflect?
  10. Okay, well, fair enough. I should perhaps add that my experience is limited to simulated aircraft (and common sense + physics degrees). It's just that I've not seen anything mentioned in the SFI about this being an issue.
  11. This is wrong, then. Surface authority should turn-on smoothly with airspeed obviously.
  12. Where are you getting this from? The flaps should not move.
  13. I've seen this too. I assumed it was because I might have bound some switches to my throttle and have "synch controls on start-up" on.
  14. I don't know it it's realistic, but that's chromatic aberration and it looks great!
  15. Nope. Countermeasures, Rb-24 and AKAN pods are the only things you can mix with other ordnance.
  16. Is it possible that they can't see/lock them while sea-skimming?
  17. Good thought, but yeah, actual climb according to the variometer as well. Besides, TVV above horizon does mean I'm climbing, not that the nose is pointing there. Am I the only one seeing this? If so I'll make a quick video.
  18. Well first of all I agree that there seems to be a problem here. If the manual recommends a rotation speed that's not achievable in-game that's obviously a problem. I was just saying that in that specific scenario there probably IS a limit on how heavy you can be for an MS takeoff being safe. Maybe this needs a bug thread? "Manual says I should be able to rotate at v = V with w = W, but I can't." Seems like a pretty obvious bug to me.
  19. I could easily imagine so, yes. On a hot day with a heavy plane you want EBK. The aerodynamics compendium talks a lot about the dangers of circumstances like that. If you over-rotate you might end up not being able to sustain level flight.
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