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  1. Una siesta es muy importante
  2. Great...now Im hyped... thanks alot!
  3. But you are leading the pack
  4. Dude some people sleep at night I wasnt saying there is more then one person working on the module, was I? Your lack of understanding how long a module will take to develop especially if its really just one person, is the thing I was pointing out.
  5. Well anyway he is shooting it at around 80km which is around 43nm and hes at around 40k so...all normal? It just shows what an immense range the phoenix has
  6. Thats not how filters work, yes the rotor is super fast but still the closing speed/rate is still close to 0.
  7. Now with our own Server with custom scripts
  8. Will jester be able to use these tricks and and switch off the filters? Or at least will we be able to tell him?
  9. Whats the "Surprise Module" ? I mean yeah of course nobody knows but where does this info come from?
  10. The German F4s were often called „Luftverteidigungsdiesel“..nice word, which means Airdefence Diesel, cause of the zero emissions out the back… so Diesel would be a cool name
  11. what timezone are u guys in?
  12. People bought an acrobatic plane in DCS....people(and myself) will buy anything, and if its a Mig25 they will 100% buy it. Im pretty sure even a U2 would be bought So yeah, dont try to use logic here, we want more
  13. Gulf times would be okay for us, we are GMT+1. But we fly everything we want or the mission demands. Casual flying no milsim. If you want just take a look and say hi https://discord.gg/U3s4n73qK3
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