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  1. Hello neighbour and welcome to DCS the best mil flight sim ever, have fun.
  2. there is a mod for this in the DCS mod section, " F-16C Display Readability"
  3. Me too, brand new Reverb Pro today and it's happening every couple of minutes, I did notice that if I leaned closer to the screeen (without bumping my head) the message disappeared and all was normal until I leaned back again, very strange. Never had a prob with the CV1.
  4. just a suggestion but turn off the msaa and AF, dont need it. notice difference in frame rates.
  5. Not sure if i'm going to buy just yet. I have just been on their Forums and Facebook pages and there seems to be a lot of angry and upset people at the moment, it seems like their customer services are lacking somewhat. so i'll wait a month or so. Let the queues die down a bit. Yes my PC should handle it. spec; i9 10900k@5.2ghz, asus rtx 2080ti, 32gb corsair dominator DDR4 3200mhz all watercooled.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys, next Question. already mentioned was the Vive base station, the thing is I already have the CV1 which I wondering if I could use their light houses and controllers. If so I will go ahead and order the 8KX. thanks again .
  7. 8kx I've spent all day pondering about buying one but I can't get any info about whether I need base stations or not as it dosen't ship with them, they are assuming people have ex Vive kit already. typical Chinese product half baked. their website has the headset for sale but controllers, base'es and everything else is sold out. Never heard of a company in such a mess, I wonder how long they will be solvent. Oh well, I think I'll wait to see what else comes out later this year.:cry:
  8. Thanks guys for all your input. I thought a fresh install would be the best way to go. Although I do have a lot of config files in saved games that I will carefully try to reuse. (don't fancy taking a week off for all my inputs) lol Thanks again for the advice and tips.
  9. As the title suggests I am getting a new PC next week and wondered should I do a fresh install (I use Beta +a lot of mods with JSJME) or should I use "PCMover" to transfer all my data, software etc. Reason I ask is that over the years I seem to have accumulated a lot of odd files in my DCS Beta folder, dll's and the such. I am not a programmer so I'm not sure whether to delete certain files or leave them be, after yesterdays update it take ages to boot up the sim yet the update was supposedly to speed up the process. Any thoughts ?:pilotfly:
  10. just had an e-mail from ED about Bonus points that I have to spend by next month but I have no idea where I can find them. Any clues ? They certainly like to make things more difficult than they have to be, Jesus ! it's hard enough just to learn to fly these aircraft, lol
  11. you have the free aircraft, you will need to buy a modern jet or heli and look to learn the Editor that's where all the goodies are hiding.
  12. I saw on their website Gunfighter II in stock for the 27th of this month so pre-ordered on the 12th, notified stock in on the 20th and paid, e-mailed me today 23rd and told its on its way. checked with DHL and sure enough will be here (UK) in days. I don't understand why so many people have problems. Just keep an open eye on their web page, get your timing right
  13. Hi Chief seems fine when i check movement in windows, it's the thrustmaster calibration tool that i'm concerned with as there are no actual instruction. They always forget that we're not all wizz kids and boffins. Yes it's bad in DCS even with a massive curve. literally 1/2" or 15mm movement and it's full rudder, In a chopper I can spin like a whirligig toy. I find it strange to have so much movement in the pedals whereas I only need half an inch in either direction. thanks for the reply though.
  14. Hi All, Am i the only one having probs in this area. I love these pedals, they feel so smooth but No matter what i do I can't seem to adjust the sensitivity. I only have to move the pedals !/2 an inch either way from centre and i'm at full rudder. Does anyone have any tips or settings for curves on the axis settings. I've looked on line and all I can find is everyone raving about how good they are but nothing about my problem, Firmware is up to date, calibrated using thrustmasters tool, although they do not make sense. According to them once you have calibrated to save the setting you have to unplug the pedals. But when I plug them back in i'm taken back to square one again. Any help would be appreciated before I pull the last of my hair out. LOL :helpsmilie:
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