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  1. While I obviously can't speak to the bug of the OP, AFAIK, the basket thing has been in-game for quite a while. Unsure if it's on purpose or not, but refueling only works for the person that's called it. Whether that be an AI or a human in a multiplayer server.
  2. It may ruin the mission, but I remember one of the old A-10C missions with an infantry unit on the bridge. Perhaps try placing an infantry unit on the bridge, OR, perhaps a very small static object. The other suggestion, because we're in the Hornet forum is to consider using a SLAM/ER? A little inconvenient, but you could then use terminal guidance to steer it onto the bridge.
  3. I agree with thes quality of life changes
  4. Mm. Sounds about right. I paid for my 3090 in January and it was about $1900. It was an EVGA unit, but yeah. Pricy
  5. In terms of the sim, the 18 can start a mission from any airport, and any spot on the water you can put a carrier. Which gives a little more replayability.
  6. Pretty sure another jet like the 15C has a smaller forward range as well. With center mounted sticks, I assume it’s pilot comfort for not having to lean forward
  7. 4 years, and it’s usually more of an overhaul than just a CPU upgrade. Last year I went to the 3900x from a 2700x. Noticeable. I also went from an SSD to an M2 drive for my OS and DCS, and went from 16Gb ram to 64Gb. The next upgrade I’d like to do is a new AMD board chipset, 570x or higher, new gpu, and new power supply. id like to do content creation, so being able to handle DCS and record/stream it is a huge reason for the updates, and I’d make use of the hardware to play and stream other, VR titles( I particularly love Onward)
  8. I’m very glad they adjusted it because it took so long to adjust it for anything. Depending on weather, I could be dragging for minutes, and I’d be looking down so I could do the longest drag possible. I can only imagine how it scaled now. So the button should probably be looked at.
  9. I’m happy that I can soon get a “GPU?” that is better for mining and still have one for gaming!
  10. @BIGNEWY This should be a more reasonable track file. 162nd vipers server on stable. loaded in, autostart, ran off the edge. 1st respawn was on cat with chocks. went ahead n left to put it up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JptMeit4Mb8e5p8YA8qLQd7K-hNgPpIu/view?usp=sharing
  11. Are we to assume you want to add in maximum weight for landing on the wires too!
  12. File too large to upload. I put it in a google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WPjMJTVjmuwdnOSHXRRvXg7KIzIhHsdA/view?usp=sharing Also, this happened at the very end of the session. I apologize. but I'm unable to play for another day or so to provide a shorter, more direct track.
  13. Cold War and modern USA purposes with many bases in USA, with plenty of water available for naval assets
  14. @BIGNEWY can you please close my thread or even merge? This is the exact issue I was referencing in mine and no need for a duplicate if it’s already been mentioned.
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