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  1. I'm with some of the others. Absolutely USELESS with current EW setup. and with a revamped EW system, it would probably do more harm to friendlies than it would to enemies except for coordinated teams hosting missions.
  2. I absolutely hope we see this idea come to life. build it in so it doesn't become an issue down the line.
  3. I'm hoping this is a quick question for someone here, but I'm trying to get my buttkicker transducer to work at the same time as my jetseat when I fly in VR. So far, I haven't found a way to have the pad and transducer work together. Am I missing something? I tried running simshaker for aviators and the sound module, but with running the sim in VR, I'm honestly unsure how to route the audio settings.
  4. Harder I like your method of giving "faulty" Intel. I'm going to try that next time I'm in the editor!
  5. Yeah, the capacity isn't like the others, but I'd like to have it for missions that are navy assets only. Such as having it be available for carrier landings.
  6. At this point, I try to get my practice in multiplayer servers. Sometimes it's the MPRS. Some servers make use of the KC-130. I really wish we had another modern house tanker though. Or at least make more use of the S-3B. *I don't practice refueling at night as much as I should*
  7. I set the tanker for a straight course at steady speed and altitude in the editor. But for me, what I worked on as I first began learning was simply flying beside and in formation with my tanker. Then I'd call in, slow down, descend a bit to the level of the hose, and increase throttle to meet with it. I've never had issues with the tanker changing waypoints or pulling back unless I ran into it or moved outside of the "box" that is the acceptable area to fly and be on the hose.
  8. I'm not sure when I did it, but I had the historical filter on. It made me realize how under-represented the naval assets are, We don't really have a semi-modern USN tanker in the sim. I hope that changes. *For anyone in my situation later on, the historical filter is the watch icon on the bottom bar of the mission editor.
  9. I'm working in the mission editor and can't seem to find it in the USA coalition.
  10. As a sort of intermediate feature, could the loadout pop-up be expanded into a smaller-focused version of the mission planner that we get in single player?
  11. While I obviously can't speak to the bug of the OP, AFAIK, the basket thing has been in-game for quite a while. Unsure if it's on purpose or not, but refueling only works for the person that's called it. Whether that be an AI or a human in a multiplayer server.
  12. It may ruin the mission, but I remember one of the old A-10C missions with an infantry unit on the bridge. Perhaps try placing an infantry unit on the bridge, OR, perhaps a very small static object. The other suggestion, because we're in the Hornet forum is to consider using a SLAM/ER? A little inconvenient, but you could then use terminal guidance to steer it onto the bridge.
  13. I agree with thes quality of life changes
  14. Mm. Sounds about right. I paid for my 3090 in January and it was about $1900. It was an EVGA unit, but yeah. Pricy
  15. In terms of the sim, the 18 can start a mission from any airport, and any spot on the water you can put a carrier. Which gives a little more replayability.
  16. Pretty sure another jet like the 15C has a smaller forward range as well. With center mounted sticks, I assume it’s pilot comfort for not having to lean forward
  17. 4 years, and it’s usually more of an overhaul than just a CPU upgrade. Last year I went to the 3900x from a 2700x. Noticeable. I also went from an SSD to an M2 drive for my OS and DCS, and went from 16Gb ram to 64Gb. The next upgrade I’d like to do is a new AMD board chipset, 570x or higher, new gpu, and new power supply. id like to do content creation, so being able to handle DCS and record/stream it is a huge reason for the updates, and I’d make use of the hardware to play and stream other, VR titles( I particularly love Onward)
  18. I’m very glad they adjusted it because it took so long to adjust it for anything. Depending on weather, I could be dragging for minutes, and I’d be looking down so I could do the longest drag possible. I can only imagine how it scaled now. So the button should probably be looked at.
  19. I’m happy that I can soon get a “GPU?” that is better for mining and still have one for gaming!
  20. @BIGNEWY This should be a more reasonable track file. 162nd vipers server on stable. loaded in, autostart, ran off the edge. 1st respawn was on cat with chocks. went ahead n left to put it up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JptMeit4Mb8e5p8YA8qLQd7K-hNgPpIu/view?usp=sharing
  21. Are we to assume you want to add in maximum weight for landing on the wires too!
  22. File too large to upload. I put it in a google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WPjMJTVjmuwdnOSHXRRvXg7KIzIhHsdA/view?usp=sharing Also, this happened at the very end of the session. I apologize. but I'm unable to play for another day or so to provide a shorter, more direct track.
  23. Cold War and modern USA purposes with many bases in USA, with plenty of water available for naval assets
  24. @BIGNEWY can you please close my thread or even merge? This is the exact issue I was referencing in mine and no need for a duplicate if it’s already been mentioned.
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