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  1. There may be a difference between REC and having the system off or in standby. But xmit means it will activate when something is locking you. That's what you want if you're trying to use the hornet ECM at all. Receive may be useful in real life if it saves a record of what's being detected, but I think your experience is the same for all of the other switch positions.
  2. How do we use the TGT DATA page? For the life of me I can't find any information on it.
  3. I was coming to say the same thing tundra was saying. Use another microphone and make it so Windows will play it back. I think it's called "monitoring"
  4. Because of how useful additive manufacturing/3d printing has become over the past few years for builders, can we perhaps get a sub0section for 3d printing to discuss settings, designs, etc? Perhaps in the hardware section, or even in the input sections.
  5. Just experienced this in a multiplayer environment. But it seems to affect the Hornet HMD system too.
  6. I was trying to fly the black shark 2 when it was still a standalone title. (First module I bought and never used tbh) Vs now, with the Apache in VR and with more than a saitek x52pro and saitek combat pedals.. I also think the Apache is a better bird, with the potential being much more than the Ka-50 ever was. *Assuming we get all that they've listed as of today.* Edit: I see some discussion of George, and I understand it's WIP, but it's definitely the worst part of my experience right now besides trying to fly with the winwing hornet controls.
  7. Hmm. Consider making one of the insurgent infantry immortal. You could possibly have them be immortal for the first strike, then maybe turn the immortal off a few seconds after the strike. That could let you reengage with the 2nd hellfire to kill them and proceed?
  8. The ONLY reason I don't use mine more is I am on the 2nd floor of an apartment and I just know my downstairs neighbors can hear or feel it. But it is absolutely a lovely tool. landings, taxiing, etc is all just so much better. I am fortunate to have a jetseat, which I can use anytime, but adding the buttkicker to it is absolutely the move to make when I can. If you don't have a situation like mine, the buttkicker is probably more than enough and more comfortable for long sessions.
  9. I'm a VR user and haven't tried anything yet, but can the in-game seat being raised fix things?
  10. Ok. This is going to be a wild answer, but around the 20 miles range, maybe a little higher, you can use the ATFLIR in A2A mode and track the target. I have found myself using the pod more frequently just to see the targets, and it can actually be helpful to see if that enemy head on has launched a missile. As others have said, if a target is jamming from distance, there's nothing to be done except trying to loft some shots or close the distance.
  11. Not to revive a "Dead" thread, but a small game called Interstellar Marines actually has a game mode like this. 9 battle zones, with doors to each one connecting. The doors serve as loading points and the next "room" is loaded as you walk thru the hall. as a first person shooter, you can have teammates in other rooms and hear them over voice chat, but I guess the game doesn't track every exact thing until you join that space.
  12. The A-10C module has a fantastic(possibly outdated with all of the updates) manual that went over quite a lot of the operation and use. When should we expect the F/A-18C to receive a manual of that same depth?
  13. What angle are you approaching? I only get this warning if I'm way too close to the wing, or I'm turning/drifting into the fuselage of the tanker.
  14. I had to rewatch the video from when the ASPJ was introduced because I forgot how it works. Does it still break enemy radar lock or am I missing something? It seems to act like any other ECM system that the US planes have.
  15. I'm with some of the others. Absolutely USELESS with current EW setup. and with a revamped EW system, it would probably do more harm to friendlies than it would to enemies except for coordinated teams hosting missions.
  16. I absolutely hope we see this idea come to life. build it in so it doesn't become an issue down the line.
  17. I'm hoping this is a quick question for someone here, but I'm trying to get my buttkicker transducer to work at the same time as my jetseat when I fly in VR. So far, I haven't found a way to have the pad and transducer work together. Am I missing something? I tried running simshaker for aviators and the sound module, but with running the sim in VR, I'm honestly unsure how to route the audio settings.
  18. Harder I like your method of giving "faulty" Intel. I'm going to try that next time I'm in the editor!
  19. Yeah, the capacity isn't like the others, but I'd like to have it for missions that are navy assets only. Such as having it be available for carrier landings.
  20. At this point, I try to get my practice in multiplayer servers. Sometimes it's the MPRS. Some servers make use of the KC-130. I really wish we had another modern house tanker though. Or at least make more use of the S-3B. *I don't practice refueling at night as much as I should*
  21. I set the tanker for a straight course at steady speed and altitude in the editor. But for me, what I worked on as I first began learning was simply flying beside and in formation with my tanker. Then I'd call in, slow down, descend a bit to the level of the hose, and increase throttle to meet with it. I've never had issues with the tanker changing waypoints or pulling back unless I ran into it or moved outside of the "box" that is the acceptable area to fly and be on the hose.
  22. I'm not sure when I did it, but I had the historical filter on. It made me realize how under-represented the naval assets are, We don't really have a semi-modern USN tanker in the sim. I hope that changes. *For anyone in my situation later on, the historical filter is the watch icon on the bottom bar of the mission editor.
  23. I'm working in the mission editor and can't seem to find it in the USA coalition.
  24. As a sort of intermediate feature, could the loadout pop-up be expanded into a smaller-focused version of the mission planner that we get in single player?
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