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  1. 4 hours ago, 333kenshin said:

    Not OP, but the same thing happened to me on mission 6 of the Measured Imperative campaign, which has the AI flight lead refueling first.   Turns out my AI lead was trying to tank on the same basket and rammed me from behind.  Also, i wasn't able to stab the basket.  I'm not sure if that was just my bad piloting or if the AI had somehow "claimed" the basket and it was clipping through my probe. Track file was too big to post, but here's a tacview. 

    Tacview-20220528-104233-DCS-Mission_6_Strait_Patrol.zip.acmi 3.49 MB · 2 downloads


    While I obviously can't speak to the bug of the OP, AFAIK, the basket thing has been in-game for quite a while. Unsure if it's on purpose or not, but refueling only works for the person that's called it. Whether that be an AI or a human in a multiplayer server.

  2. It may ruin the mission, but I remember one of the old A-10C missions with an infantry unit on the bridge. Perhaps try placing an infantry unit on the bridge, OR, perhaps a very small static object. The other suggestion, because we're in the Hornet forum is to consider using a SLAM/ER? A little inconvenient, but you could then use terminal guidance to steer it onto the bridge.

  3. 4 years, and it’s usually more of an overhaul than just a CPU upgrade. Last year I went to the 3900x from a 2700x. Noticeable. I also went from an SSD to an M2 drive for my OS and DCS, and went from 16Gb ram to 64Gb. The next upgrade I’d like to do is a new AMD board chipset, 570x or higher, new gpu, and new power supply.


    id like to do content creation, so being able to handle DCS and record/stream it is a huge reason for the updates, and I’d make use of the hardware to play and stream other, VR titles( I particularly love Onward)

  4. I’m very glad they adjusted it because it took so long to adjust it for anything. Depending on weather, I could be dragging for minutes, and I’d be looking down so I could do the longest drag possible.


    I can only imagine how it scaled now. So the button should probably be looked at.

  5. 4 hours ago, BIGNEWY said:



    if anyone gets a track replay please add it here, the team are watching out for it also 


    thank you




    File too large to upload. I put it in a google drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WPjMJTVjmuwdnOSHXRRvXg7KIzIhHsdA/view?usp=sharing


    Also, this happened at the very end of the session. I apologize. but I'm unable to play for another day or so to provide a shorter, more direct track.

  6. The trackfile is too large to upload, however:


    I spawned on carrier in parking spot cold as per mission norm.

    This first "life" went normally. Upon death and respawn I was spawned into the front left catapult.


    Launch bar was connected, but plane was cold. wheel chocks were in place. With engines on or off, I received message "unable to comply" when asking ground crew to remove chocks.



    catapult crew also did not acknowledge my presence, and one yellow shirt was standing idly on the catapult rail.



  7. Try to approach from the side, slightly lower than the wing. I’m unsure if it’s “proper”, but I don’t really experience the turbulence at all when I’m doing my business up there, even as you creep up to the basket. 

    in my own mission, I’m setting my tanking aircraft at 15-30000ft, 275-325kts.

  8. Hmm,


    top tier: F-15C/Su-27/SU-33

    Mid: F-16C



    The Hornet's biggest strengths are it's HMD, how it doesn't punish slow speed flight as much, and high alpha.

    fuel and cannon capacity feels a little low though.


    The 16C can fight at full til 9g as long as the pilot and the fuel can hold out. But it's go one of the smaller fuel tanks, and it needs speed to win.

    The 15C and the 27/33 pair give you a nice balance of fuel and cannon supply, with good thrust to actually fight on your terms.



    In RL, I'd guess it's going to be the 16C at the top, and in the sim, I'd bet on the Hornet making a ton of bad pilots look good, and lots of good pilots great= just by absorbing some of those small mistakes.

  9. I came to ask a question about whether multiple AWACS units spread out could triangulate a jammed unit's position by seeing which azimuth both units detected the jammed threat. This is definitely the question that needs to be answered first! Thanks!

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  10. In Multiplayer, the editor has never allowed a human controlled unit to be anything other than a flight lead, like Hawg 1-1. The editor has never allowed a human player to be Hawg 1-2. Wingman of the Hawg 1-x group. 

    what I’m asking is if this particular dynamic has been changed. You’re claiming this has always been the case, but I certainly remember asking for that change a long time ago.


    see this thread I made, 


  11. 16 minutes ago, BarTzi said:

    That's not correct. They only go solo if the mission maker set it up as a one plane section. I second your request to set up your own section/pair after the mission has started, like the A10C.


    I admit, I haven’t played in 6 months, but previously the sim has never allowed multiple human pilots in the same. Humans could always have an AI wingman, but could never have another human wingman.


    are you saying that core function has been changed at some point?

  12. In multiplayer, will there be a way to manually create a “flight” for target designation sharing. 

    under the current setup, multiplayer is only with individual pilots leading their own solo flights.




    1. Up to 4 F-18C units in editor get an option to share data as single flight. I would ask that this option be extended to other aircraft as well, such as A-10C units with their own networked capabilities.


    2. Hopefully we see the sim able to make wingman slots human playable across the board. The single flight has 1 waypoint, etc. 

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