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  1. Hey Hegykc, hope all is well. Just wondering if all is still on track with all your joysticks etc, hopefully coming to the end of this damn pandemic soon and maybe get some good news from you on the forums? Cheers

  2. I am the designer of the damper retrofit kit, and gave the design to Milan. He changed some parts and his video showing the kit installed to the left, at an angle, is wrong. You will get 15% force difference in left/right pedals if you install it at an angle like that. I designed the kit to be installed over the center. In addition to that, his aluminum spacer has greater clearance and that is what's causing free play on some pedals. My 3d printed spacer goes tight onto the bolt and even tighter onto the pedals, so there is no free play. As you can see on my video at 8:20, I have to tap my spacer in: While his aluminum spacer goes very loosely onto the bolt, and onto the pedals. Shown in the video at 3:35 : What you can try to remedy the free play in his retrofit kit, is apply some masking tape around the bolt, and around the outside face of aluminum spacer. So that the spacer goes tightly around the bolt, and tightly into the pedals.
  3. It could be the damper. Real brand name ones are like 300$ for motorcycles. This Chinese one is 15$, so they might be B-stock. I had 10 of them, 8 were perfect and 2 of them did have some play in ball joints. Not horrible, but noticeable. Haven't come across a binding one, but it could be. If you're up for it:
  4. No way. Something is over-tightened. We just need to figure out which bolt. Do you have V1/V2 or V3 pedals and damper mount? If V1/2 then disconnect the forward part of the damper, the one that bolts near the cam. Try moving the pedals with the damper disconnected. If they are binding, you over-tightened the back bolt, the M8x80. If not and they still move freely, then you over-tightened the forward bolt, the M8x40mm. I sold over 200 of my MFG combat pedal kit and damper kit, and there wasn't a single issue to date with centering or binding. And we straight up copied my mod design for this MFG upgrade, so there shouldn't be any issues either. Let me know and I'll guide you through it.
  5. Links are in the combat pedals description page: But I don't know if they can be useful, they're quite small/weak.
  6. No recommendation yet, waiting on some ebay oils to arrive, so I can compare them with thicker engine oil. BUT don't expect miracles. It might be a 10% improvement. I only put the mounting holes for the brakes shocks because the hardware was already there, so it was only 2 extra holes, so I thought why not. This is the processes if it hasn't been posted yet:
  7. Correct, but you also get the combat pedals kit. Right now the product on MFGs website is only the damper mounting kit, no combat pedals. When we reach a deal for damper kit + combat pedals kit, the price goes from 50$ to 100$ for the 2 products together. For the small percentage of the customers who don't want to wait and get everything now, the price will be the same. It is 75$ for my damper & pedals mounting kit plus 25$ for Aliexpress damper. So 100$ again, the same as it will be once on the MFG website. Still too much if you ask me actually. But there are customers who can afford it and want it right now, so I will take that money and use it to expand my capacity, so I can lower the price in 6-12 months, and be able to take a lower cut once on the MFG store. I see this upgrade at 30$ damper kit + 30$ combat pedals, max. That's where I think almost ALL customers would go for it. I would agree to that price in a heartbeat, but I have many, many other projects in the pipeline so I can afford to not care if this one had a small profit margin. Other manufacturers who only make 1 product want to maximize their profit on that product. I will push to get the complete combined kit as close to the 60$ range but it will take months of negotiating and convincing.
  8. I'm not sure if there is a misunderstanding here. This is a collaboration between me and Milan of MFG. The damper kit you bought, I gave it to MFG. And I will also give him the combat pedals so he can sell them directly from his web shop.
  9. Unfortunately, there would have always been those buyers who bought just before the release, no matter what time he choose to do so. If you want to get a better deal for the same shipping now, you can take a look at my MFG mods: It's the same thing (I designed it, he sells it), plus a few more items, but minus the actual damper which you get off Amazon, so : 1) damper mounting kit 2) brake shocks mounting kit 3) brake force adjusters 4) axis spring tension wheel 5) Combat US style foot rests If we reach a deal, this package will also be available directly from MFG webshop later on.
  10. Final design turned out great. My damper mounting design already implemented by MFG on all new V3 pedals directly from his store. Combat pedals might also be available directly from MFG in the future. First review of the mod, a few more still to come: Get it in the 'for sale' section of the forum:
  11. First review is out, a few more still to come: Get it at: https://www.replikagear.com/ A copy of my standalone damper kit is also available on MFG website. In a few months, combat pedals might be too.
  12. For those that still prefer OpenTrack head-tracking over VR, I made a military style case for the PS3 Eye camera: I'll make the same thing for TrackIR, and a wireless IR tracker to go along with this one. It's available on my website: https://www.replikagear.com/
  13. Building a new website, it's starting to look presentable. You can check out the MFG mods and other stuff at: https://www.replikagear.com/
  14. I hate keeping my badass looking grips hidden away in a drawer. So I made myself some badass grip stands. Body is solid aluminum, they weigh 125g keeping the grips steady upright. Rubber feet on the bottom. Compatible with Warthog, Virpil, Vkb and (soon) Winwing. If you have more than 1 grip and could use these yourself, I've put them up for sale on my website: https://www.replikagear.com/
  15. Yes that's the correct damper. 35$ is the standard price outside Aliexpress. For the brake shocks, only if you want that extra bit smoothness. Not a huge improvement over stock brakes. 20% maybe, while combat pedals and axis damper are a 100% improvement. You also have to fill the shocks with oil. So, brake shocks only for those that want every last bit of performance out of their MFGs, and don't mind the $$ and the work.
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