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  1. Japo, your Normandy map is a little off. When you look at how much the two Europe maps already overlap it makes for a perplexing situation. My hope is that ED has some foresite here and just merges the two maps as Ugras is about ready to swallow the channel whole! -Woog
  2. @Tomcatter87As seems to happen quite a lot........Oh look a Squirrel! On a serious note though, life happens. There was a murder in my apartments, and we scrambled to get packed and find a house to move into. Just last week got my PC set back up. I hope to resume the Garuda Soon.
  3. Good day Admiral, Have you considered requesting to ED to create an “official” Naval assets pack? Similarly to what Deka Ironworks did with the Chinese stuff? It seems to me like there is a need for US Navy specific assets pack, and you just keep on pumping out beautiful models! -Preston
  4. Yes this is unfortunate when modelers don’t smooth the polygons in 3ds Max.
  5. The big thing that Dev’s need to think about here is: could the weapon be carried, not was it ever carried. If it was cleared for use by China Lake, then it should be available for our use. -Rune
  6. Good day Admiral, About the carriers, that still leaves KittyHawk class boats and of course the famous USS Enterprise. Personally that is a carrier that really needs to be a thing in DCS. If you do a little bit of research, you will find that both “Top Gun” and “The Hunt for Red October” were both filmed on board within a couple years of each other. This time period is the configuration that I would Aim for, CVW-11 with Tomcats, Intruders, and Corsairs on board. Sincerely, Preston
  7. Nils Sir, It is very unfortunate that someone has stolen your work and put them on Turbosquid. Of all the 3D warehouses out there, I thought Turbosquid to be the most reputable. Your models are beautiful, and a number of us were very much looking forward to them being in game. Might I suggest that you and the Admiral team up to offer an “official” Cold War Naval assets pack for DCS. I personally would be happy to pay $50+ dollars for a pack containing a Knox, Belknap, Spruance, Kidd, Virginia or California, Missouri, Los Angeles, and an oiler or two. Basically a late Cold War/Desert Storm Pack. -Preston
  8. Just started an early color bird for use with Sundowners and Screamer Tomcats! VAQ-134 Garudas. Very early WIP. I am also converting to a 4k paint kit as I go. -Preston
  9. Good day Admiral, Have you thought about adding the Newport Class texture to your Oak Hill. It would make the Oak Hill look much closer to reality and also bring a consistent color to your US Navy boats. The Oak Hill is a little too brown in hue currently. Just a couple of thoughts....... -Preston
  10. Hello Eagle Dynamics Team, I was wondering about models Matt Wagner had mentioned are being updated Like the SH-60B and the S-3 viking for example. Could you guys maybe talk about these Ai models in the next update, and also any other models (WWII) that are in work? Maybe an expanded discussion of Ai could be a good update topic? I for one am really curious about Ai flight models, Getting new models in the Sim prior to release of full modules (F-4E), learning more about the tech behind Ai Airport ground routing, etc....... Along this general subject matter, It would be great if we could also discuss Ai Ships and the future plans for the SEA portion of DCS. It would be great to get more US Support ships in the Carrier battle group,and maybe NATO variants of the OHP Australian, Spanish, and other variants. Will undersea Ai and torpedoes be advanced at all. Is there room for Naval Helos which could track, Identify, and attack submerged contacts? I know a pretty broad range of questions, Which boils down to: Can you talk about the future of Ai in the Blue water arena, and maybe expand on you Ai tech while on the subject, please? -Preston
  11. Call to arms, Cypress and Bahrain (Please) While I understand that it is outside of the scope of the project, completely omitting the island is a very odd decision. (As is omission of Bahrain in PERSIAN GULF) It should be included even if it is a flat featureless landclass style blob in the shape of the actual Island. This way it will take up very little memory resources. At least then Naval Formations will have to accurately navigate around it, and air defenses can be placed upon it which our aircraft will have to avoid. -Preston
  12. RealSimGear GNS430 @DWAIL Any Chance that we could get this working with DCS? Its esentially just a button box with a screen attached......... https://realsimgear.com/collections/all/products/realsimgear-gns430-bezel-for-x-plane-realistic-gps-for-your-sim?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0YD4BRD2ARIsAHwmKVkJm7gAtDN5LunnlX-72pFGPtvVkjN6uiteM9__5E4oPKwxeK7u1IsaAtFkEALw_wcB
  13. There’s about a million pictures online that say otherwise. As an aircraft mechanic I can tell you categorically those pylons were not welded to the air intakes. Quite honestly if you’re not a member of the HeatBlur team you don’t have any business answering the question. Sorry I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s the way it is.
  14. Fuel Tank Pylons This may seem like a small feature, but important. Can we get a fuel tank pylon delete option in the Loadout Menu please? The Clean Tomcat is really iconic, also there was a very limited amount of external fuel tanks early in the F-14 program, which is why you see early A’s without them most of the time. -Preston
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