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  1. i don t think so, i ll check my files and update the gcode files tomorrow, br
  2. i used standard supports as well, i printed it the front down oriented, as it looks u did as well, as far as i remember i used less supports as possible, when slicing make sure to not have supports in the very inner area, i added additional supports for those thin parts where they are going to come back to the main housing, as micro movement(offset layers) was an issue during printing them
  3. seems like i havent been as precise as necessary here. i agree on the focus and lights i am applying a variant of the linked mod -> simply and only to be able to have the ability to look at the instruments by raising my head in VR, and looking below the goggles (as i would do in real life) this is nearly impossible to clarify without putting a vr headset over. u can do this in 2d (eg with trackir)because of the limited nvg circle but in vr the nvg picture is screenfilling!!! u can see this here (sorry for cockpitlighting not set to nvg) so my title should be: "proper nvg field of view for us vr users!"
  4. i am getting tired applying MODs like this https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=151646 for years now So i would kindly ask/request ED to add proper NVG settings for us VR users this is an absolut game changer for night ops happy flying
  5. i guess what Fri13 wanted to say is that SVG might fit perfectly for the mfds but not for the hud because of degrading the visual experience there, eg glow and so on. u can simply look at the viggens hud which is imo most beautiful and immersive , this won t be possible with SVG
  6. Well, i hope we all agree that this was not the best approach to get the AV8 out of EA, in advance, posting the bugfix plan, combined with rolling out the most important bugfixes as introduction for a "we are pushing AV8 out of EA" and all of this hassle would have been avoided. Lets hope this is a lessons learned for all of us. Stay safe and all the best
  7. totally agree, most beautiful and detailed map so far, simply love it congrats to the makers
  8. BRUN is right, there are no buttons, this is simulated softwareside. most likely your recalibration needed for the slew upgrade deactivated this function, as it did for me as well. u might tinker with target software here to get em back, recalibrating did not work for me so i use UCR tool now which is giving further possibilities for axis percentage assignments as well u may use ucr tool, joystick gremlin or other software for that
  9. thx, i would say pretty much standard: most 0.2 layer height, 2 wall lines, 20 to 99% infill, retraction most important is orientation and support placement, the housing can be a little bit tricky to print i suggest to place it on its square front, ad some support blockers inside and enable z hop, u may ad some additional supports for the thin parts. nozzle lever and axis parts i printed in vertical orientation with partially 99% infill (eg at the nozzle levers thinnest position where it leaves the housing) gcode is at the dropbox as well, so u can have a look at, very printer specific (and not state of the art anymore) but should give u an i dea
  10. absolutely love it many thx for publishing the STLs
  11. heat blur from preceding aircraft distracts HUD
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