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  1. Would love to fly this over the channel map. And just an ai 109E. well this is a wish list.
  2. It’s looking awesome isn’t it. Was never that fussed about the F15 always loved the Tomcat as a kid, but I love the Razbam modules and there’s something about the F15 that has grown on me, I’m so excited about this module. I think it’s going to be great.
  3. Yes I have this mod, I have the darkest setting, it is an essential mod for me, makes so much difference has completely changed the cockpit for me. I do find the canopy in the external view a little to opaque maybe, also the colour of inside the cockpit still looks a little bright maybe(external view). It’s like a bright mint green colour, but it’s a minor thing, overall the spitfire looks absolutely amazing over the channel map.
  4. That's understandable, my condolences to Cobra847
  5. Not in this patch, still due in May or will it be June?
  6. I’ve been flying in DCS a long time now, and I remember a time when Razbam were receiving a lot of flack for there modules, both The mirage and the harrier. They stuck with it, by the look of things they are getting the strike Eagle in a more polished state before it’s release compared to previous releases. I think Razbam deserve a lot of credit for their modules. I think the harrier is absolutely brilliant, it’s a difficult one to compare as it’s a unique flight model. However as a pc flight simmer it feels right, a heavy bomb load is really felt and when the bombs are gone it makes a noticeable difference, harrier is a great challenge to fly, the cockpit looks great, it runs great in VR, they listened and got the VR pilot body released, it’s a complex aircraft with loads of systems to master, they have made a ton of tutorials for it, well done Razbam I’m so glad you stuck with it with DCS. Here’s to your future modules. Can’t wait to buy the strike Eagle.
  7. Is there not some way they can use their creative licence and make an educated guess. There are some very intelligent developers out there and I’m sure they could get it pretty close to the real thing. (Radar wise) I mean what did we used to do years ago. I remember Microprose Dogfight had the Sea Harrier FRS1 modelled and I guess permissions weren’t a problem, is it just a case that ED won’t allow a simulation of the aircraft without sufficient data to make it dead accurate? The falklands map without the FRS1 the aircraft that claimed what was it over 20 aerial victories, will be a bit of a let down.
  8. If it eventually gets released hopefully by then the Marianas will be playable in VR.
  9. Personally I think the channel map looks so much better than normandy. And for some time now is running well for me in VR. I no longer use Normandy. But that’s my view.
  10. It is absolutely incredible you have to take your hats of to them. But agree hope its usable in VR. I wonder how things work with regard this. When the new Vulcan game engine is released do the Razbam terrain team have to do a massive update of their map for it to work still? By all accounts this team have done a colossal amount of work on this map.
  11. air combat sim podcast brought bad news regarding the FRS1. Doesn’t look like it’s happening due to confidentiality of systems. Very sad. Would have been such a nice addition to the falklands map.
  12. coming to the next OB for the F14 These range from visual features such as the new cockpit pilot models to some of the remaining key features including advanced jamming effects on the radar and associated displays”. Originally it was stated that this was coming in next OB but IronMike clarified that it will be coming in May. So the cockpit pilot models which could be animated and by all accounts are quite a big deal to produce and render.
  13. The Fighter Collection based at Duxford U.K. I think they are described as DCS publisher. And they have a large collection of warbirds.
  14. No but TFC has access to some of the aircraft required. Although the Hispano Buchon has the wrong engine but I believe they have friends who run a DB powered 109. I believe I watched it once during flying legends, it was a real privilege because they are super rare. And it is on the cards if you listen to interviews with Nick Grey it’s just that these things take a long time. So it could be a number of years before we get such a scenario.
  15. Being careful what I say but I have to say CLOD is a great sim. However a Battle of Britain environment for DCS would be so welcome we have the map, just need a few modules. Piece of cake , no I’m kidding I know how much work goes into making these modules but flying the Mk IX spitfire on the channel map it looks so gorgeous, but to fly an early mk I Spitfire, which in my opinion, and possibly only my opinion, was the most beautiful of the lot, the brown and green camouflage large roundels and some of the unique underside colours. To fly that spit and pretend it’s summer 1940 in DCS would be really special, guess it’s because i’ve read so many books about the Battle of Britain. And the first hand accounts have really got me interested in it.
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