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  1. with latest patch i cant start DCS open beta in VR. Steam VR encounters a critical error and stops DCS world continues to run in the background. My DCS stable works ok though? Have tried repairing DCS Open Beta have re-installed Steam VR cant get it to work, any advice before I try completely re-installing the game? thanks..
  2. Can’t seem to find this already reported forgive me if it is. I find the new clouds in VR disappointing. I can definitely see their potential, the lighting and effects look amazing. But I still find they wobble in VR and the aliasing is really poor and doesn’t seem to be up keeping especially when compared to the ground textures which have really taken massive steps forward in VR in terms of getting decent performance whilst having good quality. If I set clouds to high or ultra it improves but the impact on performance is massive and I have to put them back to standard. Could developers look into improving this for VR users a little?
  3. Are you a developer for AviaStorm?
  4. I really want HB to do the tornado. I know it’s been announced but I know absolutely nothing about the developers, I know HB would do a great job especially with their experience of making two seaters and in the air combat sim podcast it was mentioned it’s an aircraft that interests them a lot. They have lots of aircraft already in the pipeline but I’m going to continue to hope for a HB Tornado one day.
  5. This is still the only complaint I have with dcs and my VR experience and still a problem with the latest patch, the clouds look far below the standard of the rest of my visuals. Pixelated and wobbly/shimmering. If I set clouds higher than standard it is a real tax on the system. I hope it is something that will be looked at for VR users in the future.
  6. Flying the Tomcat feels so complete for me now. It’s amazing. Incredible how detailed PC flight simming has become.
  7. It’s fine I’m just really happy to have a high quality pilot model for the F14 it will make a huge difference for my VR experience
  8. Not today and tomorrow I’m working all day till late looks good though. I wonder if there will be random hand movements or animations as discussed?
  9. Does anyone know much about AviaStorm? I have longed for a Tornado like many. And I can’t deny being a little disappointed it isn’t Heatblur bringing one to us. I’ve tried to get excited about the AviaStorm announcement but can’t help but be a little apprehensive as to whether this module will see the light of day. I don’t know why we can’t start any discussions on the AviaStorm section on this forum.
  10. So is this not an f16 only problem, I remember over a year ago ILS worked in the F16 if you added a head wind above 7kts, trying ILS now and you need to have 0 wind in order for the ILS to work. having since tried a mission on the Syria map it appears to be an issue with Caucasus map.
  11. Interestingly if you visit the screenshot section on ED website and look at the screenshots from the F14 sandworm campaign there is an in cockpit screenshot with the pilot, so I would take a guess and say that was a alpha version of the game possibly so hopefully it’s getting close.
  12. I never complain about ED and I do really appreciate the work that is involved in these ai models it’s amazing but I remember listening to an interview with Nick Grey and he acknowledged in the interview that one of the requests that comes up a lot is in cockpit pilot bodies and it was something that ED will start looking into. That was a long time ago now, it was mentioned that it would be coming soon to the hind and the apache but it’s gone quiet again on the subject. A10c KA-50 F-16 AH-64 Hind still no sign of it being implemented, ED have you now shifted your focus onto other items?
  13. when flying the F16 or the F15 I find seeing the lights on the belly of the tanker really difficult in vr would it be possible to duplicate the lights on the bottom left corner of the screen like you do with the meatball on the supercarrier?
  14. id like to see the option to add the exhaust covers that were fitted to some mosquitos.
  15. it was fuel thanks everyone, mosquito sure had some range on it 45mins flying on wing tanks alone, what a plane.
  16. Ok I will post a mission file when I try next, regarding fuel, I was under the impression that if the fuel selectors are set to main supply they will use all tanks apart from the drop tanks? Is that correct?
  17. I created a mission, at night tasked with intercepting 3 ju-88s flying from the channel over England. They arrive one after another so the duration of the flight should last about an hour, start to finish including takeoff and landing at Manston. The ju-88s can fly pretty fast so I have to push the mosquito at times in order to intercept before they escape back over the channel. So I’ve read some notes about limitations, I’ve tried really hard to not push the engines too much for too long +9 boost is advised at no more than an hour, at times I have gone over +9 but am conscious of the time and quickly set the engines back to Max continuous +7 as soon as possible. I open my Rads to maximum but no matter what I do the engines seem to just loose power at virtually the same point every mission. They don’t seize, they continue to turn but just loose power, first the right engine then the left. Like I say this seems to happen at the same point of the mission around 45 mins every time. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?
  18. Another module that waits for a pilot. I’m flying more at night so I don’t see the empty chairs as much.
  19. Mostly maintaining 45fps in VR, but over built up areas which are quite sparse on this map it drops down to about 30fps, but its not a smooth experience and is quite jerky, I also get a lot of black screen flashes over the areas with lots of buildings, but hey this is early release and the first release build, they have said lots more needs to be done. It was a similar situation for me with the channel map I had the same FPS drop over populated areas, but for the last year or so channel runs fine for me now, so hopefully Razbam can do some tweeking for the areas with lots of buildings in the future. Overall the map produces some visually stunning views. Its also very noticeable how big this map is. Its very good work.
  20. What are your PC specs?
  21. Are the remaining features discussed in May but missed the last patch due to be released in today’s OB patch HB?
  22. westr

    Pilot body in VR

    Yes it does both are superb
  23. westr

    Pilot body in VR

    I hope so too, but Razbam are very good and do recognise this as a popular request and get it applied to their modules and to a really good standard, if not there on release they get it done not too long after.
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