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  1. Hive

    One (1) Developer

    Issues are a mandatory, yes. Still I would like to get some feedback on the wishlist, too. Switch consistency is a good example as it is on that list since forever. As some other features that I would consider necessary to call the module feature complete.
  2. Hive

    One (1) Developer

    Right-Left-Click consistency, Data-Cartridge, TAD/TGP-symbology, VR-Body, ... Just to name a few from the wishlist. To be fair, a wishlist is just a wishlist, but why even have one at this point?
  3. Hive

    One (1) Developer

    Thanks for the reply. Is the radio the only feature that will be added besides bugfixes? There are many entries on the wishlist. I would still love to see a roadmap in the future.
  4. While we wait for the radios, have a look at these great SimPit ARC-210 variants:
  5. Thank you very much for this guide. One question as I never used Skatezilla before: Will it keep all settings and bindings after that procedure? Just to be sure.
  6. Interesting video:
  7. Just in case you missed it. This was posted by MilesD on discord 29 April 2022 and explains the recent delay:
  8. My hope is that as soon as a developer is free again to work on our A-10, we will see lots of bugfixes and updates to compensate for this period of almost nothing.
  9. Wow, that is great. Thanks for the info! Very happy it finally happened.
  10. Thanks Boosterdog and Hammer1-1. That's interesting, because my pause with DCS was just a few months at best, not a year and it was this year that I started flying the KA-50. And I'm sure now that I didn't have this Hi-Res cockpit before. That's why I thought it would come with BS3. The cockpit looks great now. Before I always thought how much the update is needed. Strange, but I am happy.
  11. Has the new cockpit already been implemented? Today I updated to the latest Open Beta after a pause of about two months and I have the impression the cockpit looks much better than before.
  12. Still waiting for the new roadmap NineLine had asked for.
  13. I hope so, too. And updated graphics, of course. Although after the A-10c II we are still talking about Right-Left-Click-consistency and so on... But still an awesome update.
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