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  1. Thank you guys for keeping an eye on it while i'm not around to maintain it.
  2. Additionally you can use the map on satellite view, zoom on the runway in question to see the runway numbers and see from what side (left or right) you need to approach.
  3. And sometimes it is actually spyware... Not even to mention the positive falses... :music_whistling:
  4. "Take yourself out of the equation"?
  5. GTX 460 1Gb Super Clocked with personal cooling customization's. Does every game still without problems. Together with a fast SSD it can run much higher settings in games that need more memory like 3 Gb and use VRAM swap on the SSD.
  6. IGN and Twitch are the main places i use to decide if i want to buy a product or not.
  7. There seems to be a forum at Malwarebytes where you can report false positive websites when you use their products.
  8. Email?? In 2010 i bought the A-10C from Steam and the product key was/is shown in the product details which can be copied-n-pasted. All other products are bought directly on ED's site without problems. It's more likely to have problems from steam when there is any. They're the 3rd party involved.
  9. Hmm, i too wasn't aware there was a time limit on the bonus system. My intention was to use it on Nevada, the FA-18, the WWII mod or some other 3rd party fast mover, but when that is true then my bonus will most likely evaporate. :hehe:
  10. These are very nice anticipated notes indeed! Is there any news on the 'start' functionality or is it automatically fixed with addressing something else?
  11. What happens when you create your on free flight mission in the editor? Perhaps it's better to direct these questions in the mods threads section related to this particular mod. I have no experience with using this mod to prevent extra bugs and hic-ups. Some mods are not maintained through DCS version releases where things change all the time. Keep that in mind while using them. Some need manual code modification and such or set things in other files for proper functionality.
  12. Hey guys, I'm still on my personal crusade of creating some extra fidelity around the mist.respawngroup scripting. My LUA learning process has got me stuck on a small speed detecting LUA predicate that keeps giving me errors that it wont accept the function. Digging through examples and mission files i got myself the following: if c_unit_speed_higher('Unit A', 50) == true then return true else return false end or if c_unit_speed_higher('Unit A', 50) then return true else return false end Something is very or slightly wrong, but considering my rudimetary knowledge i'm not sure how to proceed to the correct format. Does anyone have a pointer to make this work? ====================================== During my crusade i was also experiencing DCS.exe crashes caused in DCS's DXrenderer.dll while using the mist.respawngroup script. I'm sure it happens with all aircraft, but it does with the FA-18 and the Su-33. My hardware is operating within normal parameters and everything is freshly installed. The Win 7 X64 OS last week too. Everything is updated, don't run tons of stuff in the background and don't have any problems. I've included 2 example missions that generates my crash. One with MIST 3.3 loaded spawning the same 2 aircraft and one without MIST 3.3 each carrier spawning 5 aircraft. The crash happens when the 2 aircraft are shot once and the mission is ended. It seems the engine keeps running when something is wrong, but messes things up eventually. These crashes also occurred in recent earlier MIST versions for me. When only MIST is loaded and not any script used there's not a DX crash. Only in this case with respawning. I have a feeling i'm not the only one, but to be sure i'm ringing this bell and a small test. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Launcher.exe_DCS Application Version: Application Timestamp: 52b97dcf Fault Module Name: DXRenderer.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 52b97863 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0000000000024c8b OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 2df6 Additional Information 2: 2df67ce17c6b1fa82ac0fbe2816907f6 Additional Information 3: 492a Additional Information 4: 492a1ea299e8af88b2dc69f8ea62325e DX Crash MIST 33.miz DX Crash TEST No MIST 33.miz
  13. The 'Tanker respawn script' listed in the builder library seems to have an option to detect if an aircraft is landed. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=112170 This is is the predicate used: group = group:getUnits()[1] if not group or Unit.inAir(group) == false then return true end However the plain old 'speed detector' does the job too to figure out of an aircraft is doing something else than flying. Or set a flag when it reaches a waypoint or zone when you need earlier detection. I'm not sure if the Unit.inAir thingy will work properly.
  14. Perhaps it's 7-ZIP that has trouble re-packing the files. You can investigategate this by using another program like WinRAR. It's free to use and to DL. Other options to look into are turning off 'User Account Control' in the Windows personal account settings and turning off/remove anti-virus software that uses sandbox features. To my knowledge not any folder or file is restricted from an administrator controlled Windows around DCS. The answer to your problem is most likely not to be found in Windows itself in your case unless you're logged into a restricted user account by accident somehow.
  15. A simple vehicle that has lights on it for parking areas illumination could work too.
  16. yeah, Mr. Eno is right. The game uses about 5-6 Gb of RAM when you have 8Gb to spare. The GFX card is a little bit on the EDGE too. (did you see what i did there) Perhaps it can still run when every setting is on minimal and weather options in missions fully turned off by modification in the mission editor.
  17. Hmm, this is new for me. What is LotAtc? I couldn't find it in the details. It looks very fancy. By reading the info given in this post i'm guessing it might have something to do with human ATC's, but i could be wrong.
  18. My first flight sim was Galaga. Still play it....on my phone during the boss's time on the toilet.
  19. So when the money is Paypal-frozen with interest for the wrong reasons, isn't there a way to convince this is the real thing? I'm sure i saw cases where a deal in interest can be made. One partner is also part of this new team. The new team says it will be a part or already is part of a company. Doesn't that mean hope to get $15000 back where it needs to be?
  20. Alright. At least you've got my focus on the project now. That's not a bad thing, but what has been seen cannot be unseen. The hope of a MIG returning seems exiting.
  21. It might help allot when Mr. Laszlo and partner Novak would at least give it a personal green light and blessing to this project reboot without going into details.
  22. When BECZL is an official registered company without an official statement to this 'reboot' then it might not even be legally possible to adopt the same full concept by former employees/contractors. Unless this kind of law might not exist in the region the dispute takes place. ============== Edit: Wrong direction/assumption: 50% of BECZL works in Leatherneck.
  23. It says it's not refundable at Indiegogo. Futher disputes are between contributor and campaign owners.
  24. I'm all fine with what is happening now and unexpected. Crowd funding is still a very new concept though with even the status quo financial institutes wiggle policy around it to avoid claims. It still hangs on a delicately balanced triangle between promise, trust and honesty. When this triangle is broken somewhere it could have effect on future crowd funds in general. Due to this newness is slippery stuff is expected. Somehow it also has a certain romance tied to it when a project still works out in the end.
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