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  1. I think it seems to be something to do with running Open XR for the VR. When I ran a repair of DCS it reverted back to Steam VR and things worked fine. I put Open XR back and I can not get the keys to work again. Is this something that can be looked at as Open XR just runs VR so much better, for me at least, than Steam VR and I don't want to go back to Steam if I can avoid it, but I need Voice Attack with Vaicom to keep things running well. Thanks, Tom
  2. Good morning all, I'm not quite sure where to start but I'm running Windows 11, Voice Attack, Vaicom Pro, Discord and Open Kneeboard in VR using an HP Reverb G2. Problem: When I launch DCS it is blocking commands out to Voice Attack and Open Kneeboard, it doesn't matter what combination of apps are open either. They're all running as admin. If I go back to Windows all key presses (PTT) are working. Launch DCS they don't get through. If I relaunch the apps while DCS is already running the PTT switches work, but only for a time then they become unresponsive again. The key presses work on buttons in game but I wondered if anyone else has had this issue and is aware of a fix? Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi all, I've just purchased the kneeboard add-on for Vaicom Pro. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the dictation feature to work while using the F-10 map? I'd like to record coordinates so that I can go back and input them into the nav systems. Thanks! Tom
  4. Morning all, This is something that I've encountered as an issue differently in different modules, but I fly exclusively in VR and inputting map coordinates from the F-10 map into any of the aircraft is a pain in VR. There is no way, really, for a player to write it down and input it without much faffing around. I was wondering whether it would be possible to create a way to copy and paste coordinates from the F-10 map into the kneeboard so that they could be referred to easily while inputting them? It would be something available for everyone, whether they use VR or not (save the trees!), and it would mean they could be referred back to or read back to others with ease. I'm not a programmer, by any stretch of the imagination, but I wonder whether this would be achievable? Thanks, Tom
  5. I think I've found how to do it. Is there any way to make AI attack a neutral unit? If they do attack them does anything happen? Can you set Rules of Engagement for them?
  6. Morning all, I'm sure this will have come up before but is there a way to implement, or a possibility of the addition of, a third coalition. I'd like to create some missions in Syria, but I am conscious that there was one common opposition for all sides (ISIS) but that many were also fighting each other with loose affiliations to different sides at different times and they may end up fighting each other. I've come across other instances where it would be useful to have neutral actors in play as well, that could switch to a side depending on who or what attacked them. I've seen stuff to say that you can have a neutral faction but I've not seen how to implement this. I'd like to have an instance where there is a Red Coalition of Syria, Iran, Russia and a faction to represent insurgents and a Blue Coalition of the usual suspects. In between that, I'd another faction of Insurgents that is opposed to both. I'd like for both Red and Blue Coalitions to be attacking the third faction but also have a standoff between them so there are issues around deconfliction. This is primarily aimed at being a multiplayer scenario. I'd like for Red and Blue to be able to fly in the same airspace without attacking each other until a trigger has been activated in certain circumstances. Is there a way for me to do this without scripting? I'm still lost when it comes to that as I have no programming experience. Thanks in advance, Tom
  7. Unfortunately my headphones don’t fit over the Halo band. I used to do that with my Rift CV1. I have speakers for the DCS sounds but all the helmet sounds and voice comms and done through the headset. It’s fine for that (when the Mic is working!)
  8. Shame really as it’s a decent enough headset. Glad it’s not just a DCS thing...kind of! I just don’t play anything else the required voice comms in VR. I have exactly the same thing though. Weeks of running smoothly and then it happens repeatedly without warning. I have a Reverb G2 due soon and I’m hoping it stops from then on!
  9. Hi, Glad I've found this as it is an issue that I have been having repeatedly. Sometimes the mic can work for a whole session others it can just be knocked out and I have no idea after five minutes. It's only in DCS, but once it's happened the Mic does not work anywhere. Oculus did nothing and I've not seen the issue reported elsewhere. Has there been any kind of resolution to this? I've got a headset with a good microphone but the headset doesn't fit over the Halo strap. I used to use it all the time with the Rift CV1 because that had issues with the sound cable getting broken by the strap extension mechanism. I use Voice Attack, Discord and SRS so I really do depend on the Mic when I am in DCS! As above SRS seems to make the issue happen more often, and I have put it down to this before but it's happening when SRS isn't running as well. I don't know it it is to do with the integration in DCS though, but there is a definite problem caused with the Rift-S. Thanks, Tom
  10. I’m having exactly the same, unfortunately. I’d not played with tracks before this week, but I’m just not showing in any of them. I was the server host and did some refuelling and stuff, we wanted to take some screenshots...but there’s nothing to take pictures of now.
  11. We're always on the look out for some more members, we're online Monday, Thursday and Sunday evenings, have our own TS Channel, WhatsApp groups and forum. We've got members in different Scandinavian countries including Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 79vRAF OD
  12. I’ve found that it seems to be linked to using Viacom with Voice Attack as it has happened to me again since. I’ve disabled the plugins and it’s stopped now.
  13. I've also posted here. Is it likely to be related to VoiceAttack and Vaicom again? I've had other issues created by Viacom previously and it messes with the comms menus in games with them flashing on and off every few seconds and preventing other key presses. As a result Vaicom has been disabled on my PC for a while, but I am still using VoiceAttack because of using the Rift; it makes things much simpler in VR. Unlike the other issue though, this only affects the F-14. All other modules are working fine. A screenshot of my issue can be seen here
  14. Hi all, This started last night without any warning. I'm unable to use the rudder pedals. The game is picking them up and when I transfer the rudder to another controller it picks that up too; but still does not work. The initial row in the control assignment is greyed out no matter what, but the rest of the row is the same blue as normal. As soon as I assign an axis to the rudder command the cell with the assignment in goes grey; no matter what controller it is. I can't upload a screenshot of the issue to the forum but I have posted on here. I've uninstalled the F-14 and reinstalled it. I've deleted the different rudder control options in the DCS\mods\...F-14 inputs folder and it's made no difference. I'm having no issue is any of the other modules and it does detect the pedals, but I just cannot use them. Any help much appreciated. Tom
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