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  1. AFAIK this is not possible. Buuuuut, this is also what the B-Side functionality is for. You can add a second side for your tape and those ogg files wont get overwritten since we dont ship any for that side :)
  2. We’ve teased it before, but the time has finally come for our great friends over at VKB to start production of their F14 Tomcat replica grip. If you already purchased our DCS F14 then you are eligible for a 10% discount on the VKB Tomcat grip. Haven’t had a chance to check our module out? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. Purchase the VKB Tomcat grip and receive a $10 discount on the DCS F14.. This is not a stick designed to look somewhat like the Tomcat stick, it’s based on our 3d scans of the real deal and intended to mimic it as closely as possible. Please see the press release from VKB below:
  3. Hi Southpaw, It seems I managed to screw up adding a bunch of new files (chromecat, missions, and the sound sdef files for the bside)... We'll make sure they're in the next patch, but if you want to try it before that extract the contents of the attached zip to Mods\aircraft\F14\Sounds\sdef\Walkman and then name the songs BSideSong1.ogg -> BSideSong10.ogg. Walkman.zip
  4. By default he won't eject you?!?
  5. Strange, i thought this wags fixed. Will take another look. Do you guys fine this happens randomly while refueling or just in some specific cases?
  6. My guess is that this could be because there's hydraulic pressure left in backup flight control system?
  7. Are you able to reproduce this consistently in a specific mission for instance? We need some more info in order to replicate.
  8. The spot command makes jester look in the same direction as you, so basically if you want to call his attention tom something that you're seeing. As you guys know, Jester is very much WIP and hence we haven't wanted to focus too much time on this part of the manual since things are likely to change,
  9. Turning of jester voice should probably resolve the issue. Unfortunately we had to make fairly big changes quickly directly after release in order to lower the ram usage and there's some edge cases we missed (e.g. the fix i just made is due to jester being about to start saying something, but realizes he needs to say something different less than a simulation step later, hence clearing out a buffer that has not yet been initialized etc...)
  10. Hi guys, i think I've found the issue, thanks for the great reporting / clues, and sorry for the inconvenience. :joystick::doh:
  11. The menu you get when you press A once is the contextual menu that depends on the current situation. Press A again to get the "main menu".
  12. There's no callouts for carriers atm, only for field landings.
  13. it's not a bug, it's a feature. you likely broke them
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