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  1. Go to your dcs program files folder, locate the MissionScripting.lua and add write permissions to your windows user
  2. Sperrfeuer soll ich dich einsammeln das wir gemeinsam fahren?
  3. Got no evidence but I've never seen anything happen that would suggest that scripts run anything but sequentially.
  4. Grüße aus der Godesberger Nachbarschaft. Ich könnte diesen Monat noch flexibel mitmachen bei einem Treffen
  5. Mod doesn't change the laser behavior or overheating at all. It's only cosmetics. It's simple: You want to get a fresh laser, but nothing else is damaged? Repair option is not available. So you press those red fire extinguisher buttons to create some more damage. Et voila: Repair works.
  6. Oft wird man in solchen Fällen aber auch aufgefordert das Geld auf ein Konto zu überweisen. Das darf man auf keinen Fall machen, dann kommt Amazon nicht für den Schaden auf Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk
  7. I tried to update the mod to the current DCS version, but hadn't had a chance to test it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s40yg5o3fguc9pd/BS%20JTAC% Try and see if it works
  8. November wären meine Wochenenden grundsätzlich frei. Allerdings wirft die Frau auch bald. Sollte aber machbar sein
  9. Yes, after ironing out some quirks in earlier versions, I've completely switched to this and got rid of jsgme for dcs and other games too
  10. Check out my Tanker respawn script which does something similar. Maybe you can take what you need from it.
  11. Set the proper frequencies for your Ka-50 in the mission editor. There is a tab for that like there is for ordnance and waypoints etc. The R-828.lua containing default frequencies is not used anymore.
  12. I don't think this is an issue with the JTAC mod. It's most likely connected to this bug: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=168454
  13. Hört sich tatsächlich an als hättest du das TGP nicht als SOI
  14. Will do when I am back home. But I doubt it's connected to the switching games issue because I did quite some testing to figure out out and used repair a lot. But never did the switch game thing during that
  15. Great Program I love the possibility to use the same mod for different instances without having duplicate files One issue I've encoutered: If you load a mod profile switch games while it is applying the mods, it will continue applying the mods in the game you just switched to Also, when saving a mod profile, I think it should ask for confirmation before overwriting the old profile, because apply and save are very close to each other and vulnerable to clicking the wrong one
  16. Habe da keine besonderen Präferenzen.
  17. Because if you have an Igla, there is no need to waste a precious Vikhr ;)
  18. Bin grundsätzlich dabei , kann aber ab September wegen dienstlichen gründen nicht weit im voraus planen
  19. Left pylon will be selected first. After all ammunition is expended from the left pylon, the right one will be selected.
  20. Coordinates given by this mod are already with minute decimals. You just need to fill in leading zeros. So 43.2.8 becomes 43.03.008
  21. Several of your missions seem to override the players snapviews. Please check your missions and remove the snapviews.lua from the .miz files
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