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  1. Guys , I've searched the server list to be able to fly these nice birds also in MP envirnonment , but no chance . Yes , I can fly the A4E on Vietnam Server but where#s a place to fly the Su30 Flanker Mod (running the latest 2.01B version ) in MP ? - no luck so far, Any Tips / feddback appreciated ! Thanks .
  2. Guys, is there are simple mod which always passes IC and just does a little bit of colour / contrast correction in DCS ? Im searching for something similar than reshade mod - but way simpler .. as the reshade mod doesn't seem to work with my Reverb G2 ( it only works on the 2D desktop mirror ) - what's the second best option ? As said, full MP compatiblity is my top priority .. I found this "VR shaders for IC pass" thing here , but does this mod also resharpen / or adjust contrast ? thanks in advance !
  3. Guys, Im new to using any Shader in VR , pls forgive my beginner question, but its any of the mentioned VR shaders multiplayer compatible ? Im enjoying MP very much , so this Mod only makes sense for me if it passes integrity check .. is there an chance ?
  4. I can not THANK YOU enough for the 2.7 update .. its AMAZING in VR !! I have no words for this !!! stunning Work !!! 2.7 is mindblowing !!! Thanks ED Team for your great efforts and this fantastic result !! MUCH APPRECIATED !!!
  5. Has ED mentioned anything about the performance impact we can expect from the new clouds / weather ? would be really interesting to hear a few words on that topic ..
  6. funny thing though :smilewink: : If you "Right Alt + J" .. -> exit the plane as player and re-enter the plane again with "Right Alt + J" the slewing around of the TGP as SOI and laser target designation works and I can hit the target... seems like a DCS hack here, but of course not satisfactory ..
  7. Does this mean in MP on a server I can't actually laser Bomb with TGP if there are no preset F16 Waypoints ? :(
  8. Guys , Im tired of - for my taste - a bit too yellowish f16 canopy .. is tjerea way to remove it without having to use the mod ? Are there any vanilla dcs files with non yellowish texture which I could point my lua file to ?
  9. so does this mean TGP point track is broken atm after the latest update? I will try it in SP , but in MP , currently when switching to point track mode in CCRP , my bomb fall line / and the box cannot be moved when slewing the TGP .. the box in the HUD just stays fixed ..
  10. Great decision to keep the Autumn release date :thumbup: currently learning the systems... Eye Candy like ext lights , final external model etc.. are ok to be delivered later, now its time to learn systems and procedures .. Very Happy with my Viper Jet so far :joystick:
  11. Awesome Job so far ED ... having lots of fun with the Viper.. ( hoping for external lighting soon ;)
  12. Thanks .. this should be added under control setup... In the Control setups menu, there is no entry for "nose wheel steering" or similar...
  13. Gents, as the title says.. got the Viper up and running , but I cant find the key for toggling nose wheel steering ! Pls help .. Cheers
  14. Ok I will do so,,, feels good to hear Im not alone with this problem ! :noexpression:
  15. exactly , it doesnt put the diamond over the building .. the diamond goes elsewhere after button TDC depress .. it only happens on some MP servers, .. in SP on a custom mission all is fine .. so I guess its somehow waypoint related .. ??
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