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  1. Question is - was he still part of ED back then?
  2. For long I have been very disappointed by ED..... but it has to be said: for quite a few months they have done simply outstanding progress in every direction - toward stability, performances, bug fixing, user support... I am not asking for perfection but it is day and light compared to a couple of years ago. Thank you for giving me DCS passion again! And my potato R390 is absolutely doing well in VR, compared to many other games. :cheer3nc: :thumbup::clap:
  3. Sorry being doubtful but how someone can just jump into your software and decide to publish a date? Has ED control over your steam product then ?
  4. [Vodka] Wolf - Mig21 Already 5 vodka in but in case Mig21 pilots are missing...
  5. Instead of bragging like a 12 yo over your experience maybe you could explain us how to use it ?
  6. Pretty much the same than CA wthout VR. A bugged thing without love. :'(
  7. Units randomly appears in CA in multiplayer. Sometimes i see stuff that shouldn't be showing (for example, thru 200km of mountains) - and a lot of time, I have units crossing the whole map to my position without showing up on radar, although within direct LOS or visible to CA playable radars. I am unsure if this is happening to AI flown aircraft. It's been a while it happens. These two screens were taken seconds appart clearly showing direct view. On top of this, any damaged units vanishes completely from CA view. Unsure if this is related. These are unrelated to terrain masking and radar angle which i am aware of.
  8. Except these don't work. :( Artillery has ngo effect on anything and during the two last vodka training we noticed SAM is broken. (some units impossible to control them even as gamemaster) stand by i'll see if i do Su-25 with others...
  9. Pilot: [Hq.Vodka] Wolf Preference order: Pact Combined Arms. Because BMP2 is life. Unsure if the other vodka will show up
  10. Mig-21 fleet is currently grounded for maintenance. (ahem) Project Vodka (Obviously redFOR) is interrested to participate. We may field a few players, still waiting for the count. Myself can't fly, but I am definitively interrested to pitch in LoATC, and assist the red force with any communication / Organisation requirement. If any other redforce are interrested to create a little Red Comitee, throw a MP my way. :director: Wolf FB /groups/digitalcombatsimulator admin Project Vodka co-founder
  11. If it wasn't there physically, it should be removed - although it would require to check if Chinese did not implement their own datalink.
  12. So, what is the official version for the RAM requirement?
  13. Can we get a monument setup in Caucasus in memory of Igor ? I think creating a special landmark in the map would be a good way to honor his memory. (example seen in arma) https://dev.arma3.com/assets/img/post/images/thumbs/oprep_malden_8.jpg Please, consider something. All my condoleances to the team.
  14. I am just speechless. Is there anything that can be implemented in the game to honor him, such a statue in the map ? This could be a landmark to keep his mark in the game and make sure he is remembered by the community. It has been done in ArmA for example, to honor a special community member that passed away. All my condoleances to the team, his family and everyone affected.
  15. ED, is there a chance you unify the change logs with 3rd Parties ? It's really concerning that we have no visibility on who is doing what on which modules. Since you guys are aware of what's going on on your platform, it may be easier for you to post at once than for users to pray for informations.
  16. Hi There I'm wondering about the choice of plane to serve as a free test for eventual new customer. TF-51 is hard to taxi + complex engine management Su-25T is ok, but really sluggish and not appealing I'm suspecting these plane may not really be appealing to the "fighter wannabe" that may want to test DCS. This is a regular conversation that i'm seeing here and there so here's my suggestion: Could you please consider making a special free "Unarmed" L-39. The L-39 look cool and appealing Multicrew will allow our great community to help newcomers more directly More sensation than the sluggish -25 or -51. Advanced System Modeling - yet easy to learn Thank you for reading this, Greetings from Virtual Caucasus !
  17. Hard to believe, but i hope it's true. I hope we'll see something soon.
  18. They is already an agressor squadron. I think the name was agressor something.
  19. Is IR still on binocular or we can use it in sight mode now ?
  20. With controls even more simplified than World of Tank, they is still a long way to go before we can call that a sim. I really hope the team will give some love to the module, because for now the thing is just a pile of bugs with gameplay resolving around "press enter to detect and lock then shoot".
  21. Yes. :thumbup: Su-25T isn't really representative of the product (don't get me wrong, that's a plane i love) Tf-51D as a free demo plane is a terrible mistake that likely led many prospect to leave in frustration of not being able to even taxi. They is no basic tutorial in DCS, so they is no option for beginner to start off DCS, they need to go thru another simulation first or get an online training from a friend. Eagle Dynamics should consider a free clickable trainer, with a little flying tutorial. That would make a nice demo. I guess this forum is the last place you want to run such a poll - everyone in there are just part of the "DCS hardcore fans" crowd and has zero care for a new trainer, neither is representative of the market. They are just waiting for "yet another fighter jet". Just saying this without offense intended.
  22. So, what's up with Switzerland ? Duxford was too rainy ?
  23. looks lovely :) One question tho. Will you make a new R3-S or will you use already existing one (mig-21) ? It looks like weapons are getting multiplicated, i'm concerned we will end with countless cloned FAB series and R-series. It would be great if everyone could collaborate to unify missiles specs :)
  24. Are you guys finally going to use same starforce setup than ED and others 3rd party ? Vodka Squadron, which had quite some bad time with the mig, is very enthousiast about all the mig21 fixes we are seen everyday now :) :) :)
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