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  1. your opinion ...fine my opinion: you havent flown Falcon at all, so i have difficulties listening to that. in respect.
  2. @yoda: how much lift you can create on a 90deg banked f-16 (watch the shape of that craft) with altering your AoA and pitching up with rudders? next: try this...take the F-15 (2.0) fly 550kts . full fuel..no payload...bank 90degs (knife edge pass) ...start at 1500ft ...now hit full the rudders and make a full loop in 90 degs bank finishing it ....realistic? :D (if something is well made, i compliment that !!! if there are flaws, i say it too, i have no contract "to be nice") ;)
  3. if 4-5 posts with numbers (so everyone can see them) is spamming ....sorry then.
  4. .... You need something? ...ask next time :smilewink: PS: your attitude here and in HL due to your Moderator/Tester status is slowly getting out of hands
  5. I just decided not to share.... if someone wants to look into with serious and honest intentions..he can pm me. (my bad, i should have sent those infos to someone, who can work with it like yo-yo rather then posting them publically for you all just to be bashed..oh well ..just shows once again....)
  6. SPAM? ...oh great ..thx.... ..(you just deleted something you probably never had a chance to look into, cuz crypted...but oh well ..hehe)
  7. @Case: do you need anything else then numbers, or can you compare by just reading that? :D
  8. http://www.metavr.com/downloads/MetaVR_F16_BurlingtonVT.wmv :D
  9. Test F-15 in numbers Test in numbers (slighty tolerances probably due to test accuracy, although i tried to be very precise.) Test was executed according to given F-15 real EM-chart: 37000lbs Grossweight, F-15Clean, PW-220, Sea-level..no Flaps Testpoints: (sustaining) Mach 0.290 = 15,8 deg/s 2.956G Mach 0.350 = 16,3 deg/s 3.630G Mach 0.400 = 16,8 deg/s 4.210G Mach 0.500 = 18,0 deg/s 5.530G Mach 0.600 = 18,6 deg/s 6.800G Mach 0.700 = 19.2 deg/s 7.880G (Lockon G/AoA limiter, but still fine) As you can see, lockon 2.0s latest patch is - in terms of F-15 - pretty accurate, which is nice and worth a compliment. Further regimes i havent tested (also no other yets, well, i have but...not this way) anyways....just shows the errors from previous release are nicely fixed. With full AB and max pull mach 0.290 was the slowest speed i could sustain, slower just doesnt fly (under that testconfig), which is also nice. Next thing im going to do, is testing other jets in comparsion (grossweight etc etc), their performances and "handligns" in different regimes, rates, radius, accellaration etc....that shall give enough picture to see how to fight with them. Whatsoever- drifting off here- Good Job so far DCS !
  10. I have to agree with Fusion. Ask ANY fighterpilot who finished UPT and is in active duty, what he will tell you about modern close combat doctrines and why it is STILL very important. ..man, they havent put a gun on the raptor to simulate Lockon :D
  11. Nice Fahh, good to hear. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to try it too.
  12. This doctrine has been punished badly in Korea (correction: Vietnam) War, where the NAVY relied too much on their missiles only on the F-4s without guns and quickly changed their minds by adding gun-pods on the NAVY F-4 fighters after loosing couple airframes to the migs which came to close. It is more like "what you do if this case really happens". BFM is not only elementry in flight schools, it is even nowadays with all the modern far-range-weapons an important point. But, if you have a chance to watch EM-charts of real F-15s and Mig-29s...just by looking only on that...you can see ..what to avoid, what to do, where your strenght and your weakness is in such a DACT encounter.
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