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  1. It’s got issues with the Apache right now. Waiting for an update.
  2. Yes. Action missile, check box is solid meaning guidance locked on laser, fire.
  3. I know you made this comment awhile ago, but I’m having that queue issue too. Vaicom beeps like it heard the command, but it can take several minutes before it sends the command to DCS. I’ve noticed that if I key the mic several times I can jump start the queue but did you have a different work around or fix? (Apache only)
  4. These a mission here in the forums/user files called Foothold (version 1.3.2). It’s a dynamic mission with persistent destruction of enemies. I’m assuming one of the scripts it uses is similar or the same as whatever script blue flag Syria uses. The graphical corruption doesn’t show up right at the start which leads me to believe that some script is causing the issue. Previous versions of this mission didn’t seem to have this problem, but the latest does for me. Blue Flag Syria has this problem consistently for me after I load up and access the F10 map
  5. I also have this problem occasionally. It started on the blue flag Syria server but I’ve also seen it while playing the foothold mission. I’m thinking there’s a script somewhere that’s causing the issue.
  6. Press lock and then slew the shkval with the uncage button pressed. If it passes over a target it should stick to that target. If it takes more than a second or 2, release cage button and go back to beginning (press lock then slew) adding in here: make sure the size gates are appropriate for whatever you’re trying to lock. Practice locking a friendly target that isn’t moving and then practice with another helicopter.
  7. Its already there, just labeled different. Its the option that says FFB Friendly I think. Instant trim or something.. cant remember but Casmo had a video talking about it.
  8. I figured it out. Needed to press the lock button within a very short time of slewing the HMD. Too long and it stops trying to lock. Works for a second or 2 then you have to repress the lock button.
  9. How do you activate auto tracking? I’ve tried with pressing the lock button, then slewing the hmd but it hasn’t seemed to work that way.
  10. There is a dial in the cockpit (front left lower I believe) that adjusts the brightness of your head mounted display if that’s what you’re talking about. Try turning that dial up. There’s also an axis binding for it if you have an extra axis on your joystick.
  11. I remember at some point being able to lock a target by simply using the hmd and holding O to move it and lock it when it came within the sight picture. Was that a bug or have I simply forgotten how to do it? I’ll add that I was shooting down Apaches the other day like flies, but it was hard to get a lock on any closer in maneuvering targets.
  12. It’s your textures. Same was happening to me. Turn your textures to medium. Your GPU is running out of VRAM.
  13. Are you talking about a target point? It’s just point, lase, and press store button
  14. Your “gunsight” cross doesn’t account for movement of your helicopter. You have to pray and spray a bit. If you watch actual Apache gun footage you can see this too. Not nearly as accurate as you’d think. No CCIP mode.
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