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  1. I agree that having all the navigation and airfield approach systems fully functional across all airfields and all future maps would be fantastic and I acknowledge that it is a significant part of a military pilots experience but I don't want this to hold up the development of DCSW overall. As we probably all agree and understand that this is not vital to most of the customer base and I don't see it as being advertised as part of the core purpose of the sim. In time, yes, I think DCSW could be an effective platform for navigation flying and maybe even stand alongside FSX in this area, which is being replaced by Prepar3d anyway. However, at no point do I see DCSW being an effective replacement for Prepar3ed in navigation training. Its just not what DCSW core function is about. ie a battlefield simulation. As mentioned already, everyone has their favorite point of the sim they want developed further and indeed in some cases see its poor development as a major failing in the sim! I just hope to see the aircraft under development to arrive sooner with all the bells and whistles working well and the Nevada map with Edge to be released. If it has all the little nav aid extras there already then great but if not they can be added over time in patches.
  2. As with previous updates I've just clicked on the DCS World icon and it came back with an update found. I just clicked ok to all the update messages that required a response including the update to the updater. With no further input than that it is now downloading the 2GB plus update at around 600kb/s (I'm in Australia) with no problems. Its been that easy. Just a few mouse clicks to say ok to a few pop ups. They made it easy to do the update and its working just fine. Anyone who feels the need to make it harder for themselves due to impatience or just wanting to be clever by taking some sort of shortcut by copying files from here and there can go right ahead but please don't waste any space in this thread when it all goes wrong. I have the beta install as well but I'll treat that as a completely separate install and upgrade it as such. Nothing from that install is touching my regular current release install. Its a beta install for testing and it should remain clean for exactly that. I look forward to any updates to latest beta that may bring too. Cheers.
  3. As for using the launch override, I've been able to get extended range with the larger missiles by launching with the override. By the time the weapon is getting close, I've gotten within range for the laser to lock and give the weapon its final destination then boom. Sometimes if I've been using the laser manually then switching it off and on again helps get a lock on the target. That was some time ago though and not with current 1.2.6 version so not sure if that is still valid.
  4. NO, your not doing anything wrong. What St3v3f said. ^^. The installer files are already in a compressed format. You won't get them any smaller. If you don't have a double layer DVD handy or external HDD maybe you have a 16GB USB stick but based on your hopes with the DVD It sounds like you don't. These days there are a lot of storage methods that are pretty cheap and splitting your installer files across a couple of DVD's is doable but not really preferable. If you can afford to get some bigger backup gadgets like an external HDD or a USB stick then do that. If you have a big stack of blank DVD's and short of cash then use what you've got and you'll be fine. Cheers, 5
  5. Is it possible to extend the F15 TEWS screen? I have the radar screen extended to my left usb monitor ok and it looks just fine but where I would think the right screen should be displaying the TEWS screen mostly ok with my current values in the lua file it isn't drawn and looks like the sim doesn't export it. Anyone had any success here or maybe with the F15 MFD even although I imagine that will require a good edit in the lua file.
  6. DCS Hawk I have all the rest and this would fill the set!! Thanks so much for having the draw. Awesome!! Merry Christmas!!
  7. ^ Exactly. The whole point of the open beta is testing on a clean setup. No Mods.
  8. Sadly despite following this very closely it doesn't work for me. I'm using Win 7 64 home. I stopped the bat file running with the pause key to see what what going on (it flashes by so quick when it runs I had to be fast on the key) I could see that it states "No matching devices found" when trying to either enable or disable any of the devices in my bat files. I have cross checked the device ID's displayed while running Devcon with those displayed in the hardware ID section in device properties very carefully and ensured there were no typo's in the bat file. It just doesn't seem to work. The concept is fine though as I did the task manually and disabled the devices I need to disable via the properties and that removed them from the game controllers list which achieved the end result. Its the long way of going about it but saves me from having to unplug my Thrustmaster MFD's when I fly IL2 as they steal ID's 3 & 4 which my IL2 install needs to see for the rudder pedals and my trim box.
  9. All the people who want Longbows so they can kill a zillion targets from max range and fly home heroes. Pffft. Now I don't suppose a weaponised R22 is out of the question?
  10. I run mine on an SSD and I would say it does but I have no data to back it up. Its just a subjective observation.
  11. That would equate to proximity radar for the player even when he might not be able to actually see anything below him despite it popping up on the map.
  12. Oh dear, that old argument has raised its head again?! Leaving the room now.
  13. I think I'm a fair way through it up to B7 mission but illness and other interests saw me put this aside for a long while. At that level in the campaign you have to be on the ball and master of the Su25T to succeed in the missions. Something I need to practice up to before picking up the campaign again. I'm playing it at full real as possible too BTW so no map help or the like. Just the briefing to read and using my wits to get me through.
  14. Steelseries Siberia V2 headsets are fine. The track clip pro really is a great idea but as mentioned just a poor design made out of even poorer material which breaks so easily. The internal moulded clips that hold it together are so thin and brittle its amazing they make it off the production line without breaking. The fix for I made for mine has been bullet proof so far and it still rotates as it needs to and isn't bulky. I'll never go back to having to wear a hat or using the old track clip. That was a real pain which the track clip pro saves you from as well as making Track IR so much smoother and responsive.
  15. You couldn't pay enough for your own private airshow like that, even taking into account a few shingles here and there. Sounds like that would be awesome seeing training so close to home.
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