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  1. Hope they implement it real soon.... thanks.
  2. Anyone know if DC's is planning a saved game feature in combined arms?......it's badly needed.
  3. I think that this F14 is great,. But maybe they should include a non Historical loadout option with such weapons as the shrike anti radiation missile or the AGM- 78 or even the harm,. Does anyone think this is a good idea, think heatblur should do this?
  4. app Icon found I found the Icon application, I was not aware it was located in the bin folder, thanks rudel....big help, big thanks!
  5. The Icon on my desktop for DCS open beta stopped working saying this file is no longer working, so I deleted it and went into the program files to locate the main application file to sent it to desktop, problem is, there is now no application file there and now I cannot even open or start the game....does any one know how to access and start dcs worlod without an application file?
  6. Still nothing on a Padlocking fix in the game for those that want it!??? The game has it, it just badly needs fixed....hmmm?....I guess we just continue acting like it doesn't exist in the game.... back in the sock drawer with this game.
  7. Does anyone know when the F-16 is going to get a Harm Missile?...I cant find any threads on it.
  8. I am not sure what is meant by a combined arm slot, I just just purchased this game can you explain how thats done?...as for the video, it was for a jtac.
  9. I went into misson editor, sel battlefield commander, sel pilot can control veh, selected a m1a1 tank, and went into the mission, it was like standing alone in an open field...no vehicle.
  10. just purchased combined arms and it loads into the game but there is no vehicle,...nothing, I am just able to pan view around seeing the scenery with no vehicle at all, am I missing something?
  11. Should I have the harpoon Missile? I see them in tutorials but they are not available in my weapons load out,. I believe my sim has been updated,. Are they available?
  12. Ok.....will just work around it hoping for the day most of the bugs are worked out,. I am sure they are working hard on fixing them.
  13. Ok...I guess now I see that it is a known issue with this sim,. will just have to work around it,. This sim will be fantastic once all the bugs or at least most are worked out....I still like it.
  14. When requesting taxi to runway,. ATC continually repeats taxi to runway, hold position in a continuous loop.
  15. It says SP0.....glad you asked,. It should say PH0 for a phoenix missle...is there something I am not doing?
  16. HUD says zero when SEL the Phoenix,. It gives normal weapons number for missle count when SEL set to sidewinders or sparrows.
  17. Yes, I switched weapon SEL SW to Phoenix that's located on the control stick.
  18. No matter how many aim-54 missles I load, they show up on the outside of the plane but the hud inside shows zero when they are selected, and they dont fire, just kinda hang there like a decoration, the aim 9's and aim 7's show up when loaded and work fine, anyone know anything about an issue like this?
  19. thanks saburo, it worked,....even has tape lights....thanks again.
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