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  1. Hello, Even though I've set the collective and cyclic controls for both back and front seat, they seem to work only from the back seat. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  2. Yes, I had rearmed and boresighted the mavericks while on the ground.
  3. This was a one time event. I've fired many both Maverics and HARMs since.
  4. Indeed. It appears to me as if there is no obvious cause of this issue. Hopefully it will not happen again.
  5. Yes, I was using the «pickle» button. Just did not know the correct term for it.
  6. I had the Maverick tracking a target, and later the HARM solution in the HUD was blinking, indicating a valid shot was available, but no missile was released when I pressed the trigger. And yes, I did have master arm on. With "what did I wrong?" I was hoping someone would recognize a common mistake that probably was made by me while flying. I have very little more info to give, so if the solution is not obvious, I guess I'll just hope it never happens again. It has not happened before, and not since. I'm afraid I do not know how to provide a short track file...
  7. Hello, Today I was flying the F-16 when I realized that I was unable to launch both the HARM and AGM-65D missile. I was able to fire the gun and AIM-120C. I've never had this happened before and was wondering if you know why this happened?
  8. Ah, I see! Thank you for the quick reply Tholozor
  9. On some multiplayer servers, Blue Flag for example, I often team up with a friend and would like to see him as a wingman (blue) on the HSD. We have tried a number of different settings to achieve this without success. Any advice would be helpful!
  10. Hello, What is this little cross next to the bugged target on the radar? Thank you
  11. I see. So the frequency mentioned, 317.4, is standard then I assume?
  12. As the topic say Can I change the AWACS datalink frequency? I cannot seem to find any information on this. I have this mission where the description say the datalink frequency is 317.4: E-2 AWACS 263.25 MHz, CH10 Datalink 317.4 I've unsuccessfully searched through the advanced waypoint options, triggers and triggered actions for this E-2 to see if I can find anything that sets the frequency.
  13. Hello SUNTSAG, Thank you very much! I studied the example file you so kindly uploaded. Running through it I see that the tank indeed randomize a left or right turn as you so correctly assumed was my goal. I can absolutely follow and understand your instructions here. They do make sense and the outcome is also what I want. Still learning the Mission Editor I still have a few questions on what is going on though. Your solution worked perfectly, but I do not understand why my solution did not..? 1 - To me an advanced waypoint action at WP1 telling the unit to switch to WP3 should do jus that, but it does not. 2 - If there are no "Hold" commands at WP2 or WP3 the tank drives completely randomly around until it settles down. These are four spots it ended up. 3 - Based on your example I adjusted it a bit so that the random flag 1 was set at mission start. Although not required in this little test this allows for flag 1 to be used for several other random tasks in a mission. If I left the trigger zone in, and had the tank drive up to it, the same expected result happen as in your example. The tank choose either right or left based on the value of flag 1. Now, If I instead say that flag 1 value 1 should turn flag 2 (for WP2) on, and Flag 1 value 2 should turn flag 3 (for WP3 on), and add those conditions to advanced waypoint action the result is again something completely different. If the tank is supposed to turn right it will initially turn to the left, then back to 3 and not hold there (even though a hold command is present), but randomly park somewhere as I see when there is no hold command at all. Now what I'm scratching my head about is that I do not really understand what the difference is between your method, that indeed solved the issue, and my method that do not. The only difference seem to be that you use a trigger zone and trigger actions while I use no trigger zone, but instead advanced waypoint actions and flag/conditions. 4 - I guess my last question is when should I use advanced waypoint actions and when should I use trigger actions? 5 - I've included my own adjusted mission file based on the one you uploaded for you to see what I've done. JUNCTION 2.miz
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