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  1. The one in the sim has a blur to it which is quite nice to watch, is that the effect you were referring to?
  2. The issue i had was that i had set a big deadzone on the yaw axis, and that wasn't making me apply full force on the yaw to counter the rotation on takeoff. I reduced the deadzone and i was able to handle it properly, now it's pretty easy to stay in hover, much stable than say the Mi-24 for me.
  3. Hi! I found some but i don't remember the name, generally i just search for "mods" in the server search bar and something pops up. otherwise you can join the su30 discord, they have a channel there listing servers
  4. Oh i see, you are right! Thank you! Either way i got my preorder, it was time ^^
  5. In the last video description it says "Coming ***by*** March 31, 2022 (Q1 2022)" Am i understanding english right in saying it means it will be released on march 31?
  6. I don't know if i am the only one experiencing this but.. since i installed the latest version my mouse doesn't work anymore. I cannot use it to pan the view both on the outside and the inside. Joystick panning still works instead. I am quite confused since with the other planes everything's working as usual
  7. Hopefully soon. We are at one point in time in which volumetric clouds are being implemented pretty much everywhere. The most recent civilian flight sim has it, the most popular ww2 sim has them, one of the most famous free to play games with tanks, planes, helicopters and ships announced it few days ago as well. It's a game changing feature even just for the eyecandy side of things
  8. Yeah it's not photoshop and it's perfectly in range with what is possibile with noise generated clouds (like in that other civilian simulator :P )
  9. I was looking forward the most to the Huey Multicrew and in particular volumetric clouds. I think the latter is the one feature that can give an additional immersion to the flight itself :) But ii guess it will come when it's ready ^^
  10. Valinor

    F-15E UFC poll

    Would that additional screen affect performance in any way?
  11. I do, but i also remember that it was murdering fps in the menu at least initially.
  12. Can you confirm that i could buy the F-14 on Steam and transfer it to my DCS account? Thank you!
  13. That's actually a good idea, yes.
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