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  1. I have controls setup, the procedure is what i want. I can also move controls to different devices. Thanx.. I will make this a copy, and add to the kneeboard
  2. Hope I made it clear, the problem was the app not loaded. it has the driver stuff for the XBox one controller. Fixed thanx.
  3. have both Warthog and Xbox One pad want to both fly and use weapons in Apache front seat.. However, I have tried so hard to use both controls with the Apache. I watched video, I used the Xbox buttons setup info for it. I have tried both setting up controls for the flying from front seat and the weapons. I can fly from the front seat. I cannot get it to both lock the targets and then fire from the front seat. I can do all successfully from the backset. I really like have the Xbox one controller (USB). i watched so many videos and seen so many forum posts about settings. Is there an absolute printed instruction, step by step, without unnecessary info I can use? Oh yeah, I use VR. Thanx.
  4. I added keys to not only my Warthog, but also an Xbox controller. On the warthog I did a 2nd layer with the 14+** keys to add more buttons, and think the helo does not like adding the 2nd function keys. I am going to try to remove those, some on TEDACS. They don't work as advertised with the Warthog.
  5. need tutorial for flying front seat and firing weapons Apache. I see the Youtube videos, some of which are good. But often I don't see (hard to see) some actual button and key presses. I can fly the helo from the front seat, but tracking and locking and firing are not so easy. I also use VR, which maybe part of the issue, I am not sure. Any checklist, or the best source of help? Thanx
  6. my f-18 did ctd yesterday night while flying back home to the carrier... really pissed after the patch I was really kind of jazzed that more stuff was supposedly fixed....
  7. it is slow,, I have a 6 gb sec router, I get 120 down/120 mbs/up, and it is at 10 mb/sec from DCS ! Sad..
  8. My Warthog stick had a bad cable in the 4 inch extension and had some bad key presses.. some of which no doubt caused the gear to open at some wrong times. I still think the door issue is b.s. though, if a squad was going to a fight and they couldn't drop because of some sheet metal I would be pissed off. I replaced the extension cable and all is well.
  9. guess I didn't state the controller issue, I thought about it and not long after I remembers I didn't have my XBox app starting with windows anymore. To run the controller that must be running. I forgot to I had remember shortly after I had forget about saying it here in my post.
  10. For a long while J-tac has not been working, at least on our servers (AKA Wardogs) We have lots of talented people, scripts, F-10 scripting, Combined Arms, and in the past it was working, then maybe during the year sometimes, it seems to be only partially working, but yet never fully. Example, call J-tac, it answers says the laser is on, mission ready after reading back the nine-line, and all the other stuff. But then either stops responding or the laser does not fully do it's job and the weapons never locks on it at launch. I just tried again after this latest Open beta update, and it stil not working. Also, I (we) are trying to find a 'J-Tac for Dummies' manual. Any documents or info that might help find the issues? Thanx. (I am not sure if this is the right forum area to post this) update, I found a pdf for the J-Tac someone made.. and some Youtubes... stil lwould like to find one for dummies
  11. No they didn't burn anything.. all that came out that far back was the very hot exhaust gases of the JP-4. (Navy was JP-5). I spent a zillion hours around the aircraft.
  12. immersion with VR, and looking over at another computer is about the only way I can find notes or a guide while flying
  13. ??? not really.... everything is planned and there isn't always a spare for everything, one issue can throw a whole plan into crap...
  14. a bird strike, a golden bb, anything that tweaks a door, or lose it causes a whole mission to be cancelled... it should be the pilots call, not a $2.00 switch.
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