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  1. I am just hasving issues now with entering the coords... lat, no problems.. lon big problems entering and it accepting... I wil consult with some sqaud members that are better with this... ok, I checked another video, which showed some steps I missed that I did not see in another video... I had the ded set to manual when it should be on AUTO next to steerpoint...
  2. ins is totally wrong compass in hot and air start.. entering coords is not accepting especially the lon coord... the ins was working properly as far as I know beofe todays patch... I have to take back the nav... the ins seems to work in hot and air,, after rebooting after the patch... I had lots of issues after the patch,,, ctd's and more too,, but maybe the rebooting cleared up the issues... I am still struggling with entering the coords in the F-16. I used the same procedures used in one of Wags videos for entering the coords. Either the legal meds and old age of stripping me from doing this or? Been flying these for 20 years.
  3. flying upside down can often starve some engines of oil and blow them... not all plane and figthers were meant to fly upside down for extended periods... i.e. more than a few minutes
  4. same her, HARM's often just refuse to fire. I know you need a track... (problem is the tracks are very long)
  5. I understand what it is to have a place to have a good time when my outside activities are very limited. I have been flying online with friends for 25 years, long illness. Also a friend who has had issues and cancers for a long time made it through treatment of bone cancer. Those that a relatively healthy, and younger.. take care of yourselves and enjoy what you do while you can. You don't know if and when things get more difficult for some. Though we have had some squad members fly into their mid 80's.
  6. Ramstein


    cool, thanx, I download the cockpit 4k to 2k file. will try it. I also moved the slider for my vr down a bit in the vr section for the Apache in DCS. That seemed to help with the slider. Still need to try the new 2k cockpit file.
  7. In real life these were extremely loud, obnoxiously loud! I can't imagine quiet. at all (I have heard these and other sea planes, float planes from WWII) in real life...
  8. Lease with option to buy even better. If someone pulled the rug out from under us and changed the current business model. I feel that us older people do not like changes. IMHO. Even though it is software I actually feel like I own the aircraft. Any other way would feel like I am renting it and buying extra accident insurance and they check for dents at return. btw, who thought of this new thing? too much stuff to worry about in life already without have one more issue...
  9. Ramstein


    OTT? it does use SteamVR, only when needed though
  10. Ramstein


    same with my system.. lucky to get 20 fps,, it drops to 10 fps or less too. I am talking about the Apache mostly. And this is with VR. I have Oculus Rift S. Along with Nvidia 2080-ti, 4.5 ghz cpu 32 gb ram, ssd drive.... I have read everything I can find on tweaking the system, tweaking dcs, etc. I have been working with computers for 40 years. It is hard to believe the Nvidia 2080-ti is doing this poorly with VR. I don't have fps issues in other flight sims. It could be that that the Apache is beta and that maybe they (DCS) will optimize it sometome later as it continues to get developed.
  11. I had the same issues,, George would not fire after the patch,,, meanwhile if you are in a fight, being shot at, or getting older as the time ticks by..... I have to fly a lot more after yesterdays patch to see if was just that flight... but expected no issues, and it still didn't fire.. the Helo is wonderful, don't get me wrong, just wish George would pay attention...
  12. I have this issue in VR searching for these George comms on screen... since I only have one monitor (46" TV) and use VR, I flew after the patch and still had the same issues looking for any text comms with George. Since I am brining up VR, it probably needs to go into a VR thread..? I would like to hear if we too need to adjust some lua info to put the text in a spot where we can find it...
  13. my dominant eye has the new lens, the other eye still has cataracts and glaucoma... the boresight instructions are not very good... I wil try render both eyes as some have said...
  14. sort of like the ride in high performance vehicles that are made for high performance... those that are purposely built for the performance, especially on the street, will ride nice and more smooth that a car that has the qualities of a medium street car that has been built to go faster by a third party and achieved the additional performance with mods. The car that was built to higher performance will ride much nice than the car that was modded. The factory performance car will also feel much smoother and not feel the higher speeds as much as the car that was modded and which will feel like it is being pushed much more. Those that have had both will understand. If it feels like thew wings are coming off in high performance moves, it means the aircraft is over the limits... The plane which was made to perform will feel good in the maneuvers. Which means the Helo was built to do that... so it feels like it handles it well. But, yes, I feel that too, it feels like I am doing 20 knts when in fact I am going over 100 knts in the Apache. I fly in VR. So if the FPS acts up, it gets me dizzy. Another issue that usually doesn't happen in other aircraft with me.
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