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  1. Grimes's post in Allied aircraft set to "invisible" will also disappear from data links. was marked as the answer   
    You can't specify which units are invisible to others. The option is on/off and applies to all AI. However invisible units can still broadcast their own datalink to a network. 
    Tanker set to invisible: AI AWACS can't "see" the tanker, thus it isn't on datalink. *
    AWACS set to invisible, has EPLRS (datalink) task: AWACs broadcasting its position to datalink network. 
    AWACS set to invisible, EPLRS (datalink) task disabled: AWACS not visible on datalink. *
    * Being the caveat that player controlled aircraft should still share their datalink radar contacts. So in the example of the tanker if a player had their radar on and detected it then other players on the datalink network should see it as long as the player sharing it still detects it. 
  2. Grimes's post in ME not allowing changes to aircraft only was marked as the answer   
    2021-07-17 04:40:57.515 ALERT   LUACOMMON: Error: GUI Error: [string "./MissionEditor/modules/me_aircraft.lua"]:923: cart has no default task!
    cart is the unit typename. It is something from one of the mods you have installed. Probably best to figure out which mod is at fault and alert whoever made it and uninstall it in the meantime. 
  3. Grimes's post in Combined Joint Task Forces Bug was marked as the answer   
    You have historical mode on. Its a filter that limits the available units for a given country based on the year. Combined Task Forces don't have dates setup for any unit, thus it is empty except for the unit you placed. Click the watch icon at the bottom to turn off historical mode. 
  4. Grimes's post in [REPORTED] X: COCKPIT PARAM IN RANGE only accept integer values was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the info. It is reported.
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