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  1. Nice flying. That is what I am talking about.
  2. PM sent about UTC Mk II led tracker: EUR 45
  3. Good Luck. I am still looking too.
  4. How much would shipping be to USA 06040
  5. I like it Aint it though And PM replied.
  6. I am cleaning out Man Cave. I have a few items that need new home. Shipping plus $5.00 and its yours. Lower 48 please. Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS looks like game port connector. Thrustmaster F-22 Pro, metal base, heavy. Looks like game port connector. New Keytronic USB 104 key keyboard. I have 2 of these. PC Power & Cooling 510 power supply. No idea if it works. Don't remember where it came from. PC Power & Cooling 1000 power supply. No idea if it works. Don't remember where it came from.
  7. I am inline next. Please lmk. I have Paypal ready.
  8. Sorry about that, Had to leave for a minute. Real life always getting in the way... I think I have enough to start with. I need electronic inputs now. Magnets, pot I don't know
  9. Thank you to all. I have a few donations that where unexpected locally. The first donation was from the wife.. yes "The" wife. Tells me she was tag sale browsing, saw the pedals ask the folks and got the black set for $5 original Thrustmasters . Next was the Gold Thrustmasters on Graigslist. $20 and half tank of gas.
  10. How broken are they. Can I salvage parts? What would shipping cost to 06040 zip? Thanks for considering me and my search.
  11. I will take those Simpeds. Please check messages.
  12. I am making some DIY, Home Made if you will Rudder Pedals with Toe Brakes if I can get some pieces parts together. Anyone with broken please let me know
  13. Excellent Thanks for the good news.This sim is awesome,as are the folks here.
  14. Just got the 1.11 download and play online excellent.Nice work guys.Just one question. I bought a retail FC 1.1 from GoGamer.I would like to get the Save Registry Download for reinstallation.Any help?
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