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  1. Hi. Are there some news on the lantirn control?
  2. hi: im also interested. im 40+ Im flying f14b rio or pilot. I have 10 years DCS experience but mostly SP or coop with 2 or 3 ppl. german or englisch
  3. WOW thanks works great!! :thumbup:
  4. Watari


    I dont have big problems with the av8b. I didnt known why so many ppl have that big issues. i have the a10 since release and was very exited for the release of the av8b to replace my old hog. yeah i was disappointed too but i came back at the jdam update and im very happy with the module. we know things happens slowly at razbam but i dont have big issues in sp and very small coop sessions. anyway the tpod has something going on. sometimes the slave function works perfect and keeps overperfect in the spot no matter how hard i work the plane in turns. sometimes it keeps boresight. i work alot with wpt overfly option. i hope they will keep improving the av8b
  5. try the other way around https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301138/
  6. CDU is a Tech masterpiece and well simulated. Just wrote down coords and throw it Info the CDU. AS fast AS the map–kneeboard thing
  7. I Draw a line with markpoints. Not perfect but it will do the job
  8. I had the exact same problem with the pit before vr in 2d. The only solution was to go back to Ricardos a10 worn pit mod, but that doesn't solves the hud problem really well. The a10 is a blast in vr. Maybe it's time for vr in the hog. I have a Lenovo explorer headset only for 100 bugs and it works awesome ????
  9. dont stare on your mfds. look wtf is going outside. thats a gamechanger. then use hud soi > mark Point or better mark for yourself with a Phosphor smoke rocket. lot of cool a10 "Pilot Things" possible. yeah and read "a10s over Kosovo". its free. you´ll wont regret it
  10. i´m since 1 month into vr and i have absolut no issues anymore with the new pit and hud. seat position and hud size works perfect and very clear. seams like the new textures are more vr optimized
  11. Hi guys. Sometimes I still have the problem that the release cue disappear in ag mode with bombs selected. I'm fly mostly in SP. I think it has something to do with time acceleration. I love my tomcat and fly it exclusive sine release but atm I have the feeling that issues even get worse. I don't know what jester is doing but nothing with the radar. He can't lock tgts I can see with my eyes! Honestly I have also a hard time see and lock tgts when I'm the Rio. Yeah and the autothrottle issue sucks as well. Long story short does anyone know when we get some updates for the cat. Salut
  12. Hi guys Could someone please make a f14 skin in the bundesheer "Eurofighter" skin and or the old draken skin. Someone made an excellent skin already for the mirage. Thank you
  13. Hi guys. Im searching all resources for the possibility to slave the tgt cue to a wp or a coordinate like the hornet wp-bombing. Like a preplanned strike on coordinates. Didnt find any instructions. Does someone know how to do that in the tomcat?
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