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  1. Razbam's AV-8B discord channel, they were part of a discussion about the SSS and the TPOD HOTAS Mode, unfortunately I don't recall the author, so can't give them accreditation.
  2. Nope, using the TPOD to ID and designate targets when armed with IRMAV is still a viable strategy. This thread/post explains the basics https://forum.dcs.world/topic/263292-trouble-with-irmav/?do=findComment&comment=4910059 While this video covers a more advance method using TPOD TOO target points to ripple fire 4x IRMAV's in a single pass. However it should be noted that, doing so is somewhat of an anachronism as, by the time the TPOD could be mounted on the center line (2012?), the USMC had stopped using IRMAV's and switched to exclusively using LMAV's i.e. using the DMT with IRMAV's is a better "historic" match.
  3. TL;DR: If SSS left short still cycles the map on the left MPCD, you were not in TPOD HOTAS mode. Detail • SSS depress* double tap toggles SSS to/from TPOD HOTAS mode. • When in TPOD HOTAS mode, the SSS controls most of the TPOD's sub-functions as an alternative to using the MPCD's buttons i.e. CCD/FLIR, Wide/Narrow FoV, Area/Point Track, etc. • The TDC is used to slew the TPOD sensor and designate/lock targets. Normal Sensor Select Switch functions TPOD HOTAS Sensor Select Switch functions *Sensor Select Depress = Options>Controls>AV8BNA>HOTAS --> "Sensor Select DOWN: HUD Scene Reject/TGP"
  4. I don't know Aerges philosophy on FFB but ED's is that they (only?) model RL stick feedback i.e. no chassis FFB vibration unless it would be felt through control linkage IRL or if the stick/pedals had a stick shaker fitted. Current DCS FFB effects inc. • A-10C = control stick is loose until engine is running and hydraulics powered • F-86F = control stick pitch trim effects center position\spring force (real has an adjustable spring cage), no aerodynamic forces pass back to the stick due to hyd actuators • UH-1H = Force Trim OFF gives loose stick, Force Trim ON allows "stick feel" spring center to be adjusted • L-39C = Stick starts loose, as speed increases aerodynamic forces make the stick stiffer, stall onset can be felt by buffet effecting control surfaces and feeding through linkages back to stick. Flap 1 --> 2 operates elevator trim compensator tab and little to no change in pitch (non-FFB users see a pitch up). Personally I wouldn't expect FFB stick effects for firing cannon or missiles.
  5. No idea but there's a RL chart that lists 8km LOAL-LO/HI as 44 seconds TOF at OAT -32°C. At OAT 21°C, 8km LOAL-LO/HI TOF should be 36 seconds and max range +8km
  6. As stated by others, pushing the throttle to Max, engages the afterburner which injects addition fuel into the engine exhaust to increase thrust (rather than increase RPM). Introduction ------------ The Snecma M-53 is an afterburning turbofan engine developed for the Dassault Mirage 2000 fighter. The M53-P2 is an improvement to the initial M53-5 improving throttle response as well as dry and wet thrust. Engine performance ------------------ The new engine maximum performance has not changed significantly with the update, but it will be more accurate in all regimes of flight and also have a more realistic behavior. The most evident change is the engine RPM that will now go up to 103% instead of 100%. This is because the aircraft was originally equipped with the less powerful M53-5 engine which would go to 100%. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/303077-mirage-2000c-062022-update-presentation
  7. Adjusting the brightness of the GPG's C-HDU overlay(s) 1. Turn NVS Mode = NORM (LH side panel aft of power levers) (FLIR in the top left of the HMD). 2. Use the TEDAC 'BRT' rocker, right of the centre display - cycle down/up to reduce/increase the C-HMD's overlay brightness as desired 3. Turn NVS Mode = OFF 4. The C-HMD TAD overlay will inherit the NVS mode's brightness. (The 'BRT' rocker now controls the brightness of the TEDAC's center screen) This is the original post.
  8. I don't see a large difference between the Caucasus map and Syria with regards to stutters when flying the Apache which is mostly ok but I still suffer the occasional micro freeze on both maps for no particular reason i.e. they seem unrelated to an event or fx. Syria's RAM footprint has improved going from ~56GB --> ~41GB but AFAIK you'll still need to manage your Window's page file to avoid DCS running out of memory i.e. have a fixed page file set at between 16-24GB and a DCS Preload Radius of ~30,000m Syria still runs on my old i7 system (i7-860@2.8GHz, 16GB DDR3, GTX1050Ti, 1TB SSD + 2TB HD, 1920x1080) using a 16GB page file but these days I only use the old system to check out tracks or edit missions, rather than fly, so YMMV.
  9. Save a short track file after recreating the bug/problem Then create a new post and drag & drop the .trk file to the "file box" at the bottom of the web page to "attach" the file to your post i.e. below where you type text. Note: The max file size allowed by the Forum is 5 MB, above that you'll need to save the .trk using a file sharing site i.e. "Dropbox"; and then post/share the link so others can view it.
  10. The current M-2000C is like a new aircraft compared to the version released in 2018 with many improvements and refinements made with the help of the AdA i.e. most youtube guides more than 12 months old are more or less out of date. If you haven't already make sure to checkout : • the current Razbam M-2000C Manual is being updated in step with most changes M-2000C Manual 2.2.0.pdf "DCS World\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Doc\DCS M-2000C Flight Manual EN.pdf" • Chuck's M-2000C Guide (23/12/2021)
  11. It seems not, I tested a 50 minute SP session where 25 min was cold start/checklist. The check list/take off was accurate and the first part of my dogfight engagement vs Moose spawned C-101 went as expected but then near the 40 minute mark there was a desync in the replay (AI was in the correct position) and my mirage ended up away from enemy aircraft and lost excessive altitude (8,000 ft lower) in a turn (part of the original dogfight but originally near the AI) and then set off on the wrong bearing eventually crashing into the sea. I have had good replays in the past with SP airspawns (less than 40 min long) and from the 4YA server (with same mission on live server - scripts/triggers/audio worked, that replay was 1h40m long! but had multiple spawns). Obviously DCS and track versions have to be the same and desyncs due to chaff, flare and minor damage (dice rolls) are to be expected. Only modules I know of that are strictly off limits (instant desync or within 5-10 min) are the Gazelle (perhaps due to my FFB stick) and the F-14 (perhaps due to mouse interaction with Jester's GUI).
  12. 1. I have AA Tacan issues with most DCS modules, AFAIK it's a DCS core issue and we need to wait for ED to fix it. 2. Radar SIL not something I usually do, so it might be worth adding a short track and elaborate on your issue. 3. Is this despite having done a couple of control "wipes" first to warm up the Hyd fluid and remove any trapped air in the system ? 4. After landing (weight on wheels) the aircraft is out of trim for takeoff (hence the Decol warning), pressing the Autopilot Standby Mode (AP Disconnect) switch on the stick will reset the trim and cancel the warning lamp and alarm. If like me, you don't have a spare button on your stick for AP Disconnect, toggling the autopilot [A] will achieve the same result. This Decol behaviour after landing is normal, are you new to the Mirage or has the behaviour changed in someway ? Might need a track or further explanation from you if it has ?
  13. While tugboats come in many sizes, sailors do not and the tugboat's wheelhouse door looks out of scale to DCS's infantry/deck crew. I'd want to see a reference photo of the real vessel before dismissing the report.
  14. It (designate/undesignate) may still be WIP (AFAIK the precise TPOD RL behaviour is still being refined), however it's logic is not a "simple" toggle but context sensitive. Boxing/unboxing DESG on the EHSD is mostly straight forward • DESG boxed = EHSD diamond on Waypoint and TPOD slaving to the point. • DESG unboxed = EHSD no diamond and TPOD slaved to VV (Velocity Vector) NWS will then cycle between slaving the TPOD between VV and SP (Snow Plow) Making a TPOD HTS designation is a little different 1. • DESG boxed = EHSD diamond on Waypoint and TPOD slaving to the point. • Slew TPOD to TGT = TPOD Designation. • TDC depress and release (action) to ensure a valid system designation is created/stored. • NWS switches TPOD to HUD designation (EHSD DESG remains boxed i.e. WP remains a diamond (designated) - possibly wrong, needs SME feedback) NWS will then cycle between slaving the TPOD between VV and SP (Snow Plow) On the 4th press of NWS the EHSD WP diamond is removed but not the boxed DESG (possibly wrong, needs SME feedback) The WP circle is not draw to replace the removed diamond until DESG is unboxed using the EHSD push button. 2. • DESG boxed = EHSD diamond on Waypoint and TPOD slaving to the point. • Slew TPOD to TGT = TPOD Designation. • TDC depress and release (action) to ensure a valid system designation is created/stored. • EHSD DESG unboxed - TPOD designation remains (correct behaviour?) • NWS switches to HUD designation (TPOD may or may not slew to HUD) NWS will then cycle between slaving the TPOD between VV and SP (Snow Plow) In the rare event that the TPOD cross hairs get "stuck" to a target and can't be slewed, holding TDC depress while slewing usually fixes the problem. IIRC I've never "really" been unable to undesignate and only perhaps needed to press DESG or NWS a second or third time to get back to the system state I wanted (perhaps causing an abort/2nd pass). If you'd like more help, please share a short track or video of the problem. Tested DCS Open Beta
  15. As said, it's found in DCS>Training>AH-64D -->AH-64D Lesson 6 - AGM-114K Laser Hellfire "AH-64_TRNG_06_CAUC_Hellfire.miz" It works well enough but was obviously created before the pre-planned threat feature was added to the TSD. The instructions tell the player to add 3 target points T01, T02 and T03, however there are two late activated SA-11s at WP2, so these already occupy T01 and T02 ... and the player adds T03, T04 and T05 when following the instructions. Hence when instructed to slave the TADS to T01, a player needs to set TSD ACQ=T03 (the first "new" target point created) to find the T-55 Tested DCS Open Beta
  16. And that is your "problem", as pilot you do NOT fire the Hellfire. George lases and fires - either autonomously (Weapons Free) or with your consent (Consent to fire button). This is my AI George crib sheet, perhaps it can help. My procedure to fire a Hellfire with George is • ACQ=TADS, Sight=PHD (this will allow you to see where the CPG is pointing the TADS in your IHADS) • Stable Hover (5-6 km from targets), 800-1200 ft AGL, facing target area • George's TADS video repeated on Pilot's LH MPD, TSD on RH MPD • Master Arm = ON Commanding George =============== • AI Helper Toggle [LCtrl+V] • Cycle AI Mode to "Combat" using Short Left [A] • Long Up [W] to toggle ROE to Fire at will (or Consent keybind for Yellow text) • Left [A] to Cycle CPG's weapon to Missiles • Look at Target Area with IHADS • Short Up [W] = to tell George to "Look for targets at my LOS" (George should see targets and display a list in order of priority/threat) • Short Up/Dn [W/S] to scroll through target list • Short Right [D] to Store TGT (George doesn't "store targets", rather he tracks them) (Check TADS video and confirm George has not locked a friendly) • Check/adjust Pilot IHADS/HUD symbology that Hellfire parameters are "good" (large box, etc.) • Pilot's Consent to fire button, to give George permission to fire (it's not bound by default - Joy Button 2) (George should fire provided the helicopter is within constrains to fire the Hellfire) • Once the target is destroyed, Down Long [S] will re-search the area for new/additional targets and repopulate the target list (Note: Some times the CPG/Hellfire can switch to the wrong mode/type and you might need to switch back to LOBL using Short Right [D]) Here's a short video demonstrating the use of George to fire Hellfire missiles, using the AI Helper is at 4:45
  17. Training missions 1, 2 and 3 have been saved with "Game Mode" enabled. Training Mission 03, DCS Open Beta
  18. Yes, better modelling of engine thrust, drag and fuel burn.
  19. For info. The VF-31 1991 AE200 and AE205 (Mach3DS) liveries generate this error when the Mission Editor tries to load them (they don't appear in the F-14A-135-GR's drop down livery list). The only obviously strange thing with the .zip'ed liveries is the presence of a _MACOSX subfolder dcs.log
  20. Both Zunis, IR Mavericks and Sidearms are historic loadouts for the AV-8B. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/276694-announcement-regarding-agm-65-maverick-loads/?do=findComment&comment=4723687 While I would love to see the LAU-61 added back (for similar reasons to yourself), I've never found the necessary evidence they were ever used operationally by the AV-8B.
  21. As far as I can tell ATM there are only models for sheep and whales. "Falklands\Models\Razbam_Animals\StructTable.sht" lists • Sheep_Ram_01 • Sheep_01 • SA_Orca_01 • humpback_whale_01 Sheep can be found in the fields just north of Goose Green. I haven't spotted any whales yet but apparently they are "Civilian Traffic", and Humpback Whales can be found in Stanley Harbour if Civ Traffic is set to HIGH.
  22. AFAIK (via Discord) Razbam have no plans to model the M2000-5 in the near term, ... as to what might be available in the future, that will likely depend on AdA's requirements and how much (if any) they are willing to share publicly. AFAIK there's not enough publicly available info on the 2000-5 to make a DCS level module without the help of the AdA.
  23. Yes, it's Sensor Select Switch depress double tap, to bring up the TPOD on the RH MPCD and Enter/Exit TPOD HOTAS Mode (HTS). The mode it'll start in will depended on the aircraft's current status i.e. is there a waypoint/target designation or similar to "slave to". You can see the SOI source and designation on the TPOD's display. If it's not in TPOD DES at first, it'll usually switch to that mode once you start/stop slewing the cross hairs (IIRC it's important for the slewing to stop, so if using an analogue axis - you may need to add dead zones to stop drift). Before switching to another mode/weapon, AFAIK the AV-8B requires you to create a Target designation using TDC depress "TDC Down (Action Position)" Here's a rather poor video of me using the TPOD to find target's to fire IRMAV at. @RebelCid If you still have issues please share a screenshot or short track (i.e. an air spawn) of you using the TPOD and I'll try to spot your problem.
  24. Because the author of these charts has chosen to display DCS "TRUE (F10 map) to MAGNETIC" conversion values rather than the Magnetic Declination/Variation. The website calculates RL MagVar's across the globe using the World Magnetic Model WMM2020 which uses historical data to predict past and future MagVar's. Note: DCS uses WMM modelling data from 1985 - 2020 to calculate/extrapolate it's magnetic compass readings.
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