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  1. Strange, I can't notice any difference at all with either MSAA 4x or SSAA 2x enabled. I changed the mask size to 0.54 as per the above post for Odyssey users. I have the PD hardcoded to 130% in SteamVR (because automatic tries to use 200% lol), and I've tried PD in DCS at 1.0 and 1.3 (1.0 should actually be 1.3 PD for me because of SteamVR's PD default). There is a difference in visual quality between DCS PD 1.0 and 1.3 (which will be an actual PD of between 1.3 and 1.69), but I notice no difference in the viewport between the center and the edges. Text readability doesn't change. Any idea what's going on? Also, what's the most effective way in SteamVR to see how my FPS is going? I can't read that frame timing graph :P
  2. EDIT: Whoops, didn't realize that turning on MSAA would force a full recompile. Disregard :P
  3. CCRP is a bit lacking in accuracy due to how it operates. It's intended for use with LGBs and cluster munitions - things that are either self-guiding or area effect. Additionally, CCRP encourages/requires that you fly in a fairly straight path to do the drop, which makes you a sitting duck for something that wants to knock you out of the sky. Against targets that shoot back, you may want to just use CCIP mode. You can then either come in fast and low, turn in at nearly the last moment, drop, and roll out - or you can do the drop from much higher up. The MG on a tank can't shoot very far. Doing a popup attack with CCIP means that you spend most of your time at a very low angle and flying obliquely to the target - making you very hard to hit with a MG.
  4. TBH, I betcha they decided to do that to solve the debacle about the BS2 upgrade, and get a whole bunch of new players into the deal too.
  5. I used this to resolve the Black Shark 2 upgrade debacle. Meant I wound out paying another $12 for something I'd already paid way more than $40 for, but meh. Now I have BS2 in Steam too. Course, I'll be using the non-Steam version for now, but at least I now have the option.
  6. This is a noted RL problem with targeting pods in general. They aren't much good for wide sweeps. It's unlikely to get 'fixed', since it's true to life. Looking through a targeting pod has been likened to looking through a soda straw :)
  7. ^ That's why I bought the upgrade at all. DCS World came out, BS2 was only available on the ED store, I already had BS1 from Steam, and I wanted them all in DCS World. So I bought the upgrade. Why wouldn't I? Seems a totally reasonable thing to do. And now, I'm being told that I won't be able to have BS2 in the Steam version, when my original BS1 is in Steam, my A-10C is in Steam, and BS2 is available on Steam now. What??
  8. I'm inclined to agree with the Dash 34. I've noticed that if I do a 'snap shot', where I pull onto target with no trimming or lead time before firing, the PAC jump is enormous. Whereas if I come onto a target on a long straight run, with the pipper on target for a time before firing, the pipper holds. I always thought it was just me - it looks like it's modelled properly, and snapshots should expect to have that kick.
  9. Having DCS World on Steam would be great, imo.
  10. Those are some lovely sparklers attached to that tank, triggering on the wrong side of the hull :D
  11. That's what I'm hoping - and not for eye candy. From a position of relative ignorance, it seems to me that the sorts of calculations that would be done to run a flight sim (lots and lots of vector math) would be absolutely ideal to offload to a GPU. Wonder if that's feasible/a good idea?
  12. That's takeoff weight though, which is easy. How about your weight after you've flown around a bunch, shot off some rounds and dropped some bombs? That's a bit tougher :)
  13. Change the _ingame_ keybinding on speed brake extend/retract to B and N. Don't change the _profile_ binding. The idea with this is that when you have the slider in the full extend or full retract position, it won't be holding down a modifier key and therefore stop you from hitting other keys. Also remember that the setup for the slider does not give it a graduated level (ie, slider at half does not mean half brakes). Pull it the whole way towards you to start the brakes extending, back to the middle to hold where they are, and push away from you to start retracting. Leave the slider in the middle when you aren't actively extending or retracting.
  14. Excellent! Thanks very much - very fast response :)
  15. When you're 'just flying' are you per chance going quite slowly, and keeping the nose up by brute force? If so, you probably just stalled. You should avoid holding the nose level by force, that never works :) The AoA warning indicator is also known as the stall warning. A plane can stall at any speed (not just low ones), and happens when the wing's angle of attack gets too high. This can happen by excessive maneuvering, or by simply going too slow. When you go slow, the effective wind direction is towards the ground (since you aren't generating enough lift), and so even with the nose on the horizon the wings can have excessive angle of attack, resulting in a stall (and the warning). When this happens, it will usually be accompanied by a loss of control authority (the controls go soft and don't respond), shuddering, and typically the nose will pitch down. Don't fly so hard :)
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