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  1. This is the same error I am getting too. Latest open beta.
  2. It seems to have been solved by reinstalling Open Beta for me, deleting and recreating the missions I had created (fortunately not many!)
  3. It is absolutely an Open Beta issue as the same mission is playable in Stable. Both as a single and mulitplayer mission. In Open Beta both single and mulitplayer missions freezes his game...
  4. I have a similar issue with a friend who cannot join MP missions with missions I create... However other people are very able to join and fly the same mission and he is able to fly missions I have not created! . Stable is fine. Open Beta he is unable to enter cockpit (freezes).
  5. Correction "Canopy Unlocked" light seems to act as intended... am confused..Both Steering engaged and canopy lights are illuminated...
  6. For clarity... ...and yes the HUD is really dim too! Reminds me of something: Zaphod Beeblebrox: It's the weird colour scheme that freaks me. Every time you try to operate one of these weird black controls, which are labeled in black on a black background, a small black light lights up black to let you know you've done it. Hey, what is this, some kind of galactic hyper-hearse? :D
  7. A10 warning panel lights and the four lights along where the jettison button is are all black to me...
  8. It seems to have been a server blip... Was back up earlier!
  9. Excellent links thank you. Will take a good look when at home!
  10. Thanks for the tip re controller. Looks like I bought the wrong one. However I may turn that into a tank controller for Steel Beasts sometime! Plexiglass sounds like a good route too. Currently I think I either make a mould and vacuum form acrylic then pour my own silicone rubber..... or buy off the shelf switches and caps and custom make the rockers... All good fun either way :)
  11. I've started a project to make the Up Front Controller. Before starting this little adventure I had zero CAD skills, no electronics experience and some rudimentary design and manufacturing knowledge. I am a little stuck at the keypad stage. I would like to make a silicone rubber keypad but manufacturing companies are reluctant to help! Not least as it can cost several hundred £££ to tool up as design. Any ideas? Take a look: http://lerxster.wordpress.com/ The blog is mostly to help me catalogue what I've done and where I bought stuff from... not really that comfortable blogging! :D
  12. Got it working by using EMC! Works like a charm...
  13. Just bought 2 8" Lilliputs and have the same issue! They flash black at one point but do not display anything :(
  14. Oh dear! The bug in the mission was the pilot! Thank you for the polite and patient replies. I'll not fly when tired next time :music_whistling:
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