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  1. I’m not talking about any other module or third party. I just think it would be cool to have haptic feedback support directly in DCS, just like force feedback. They mostly vibrate. But the structure that the bass shakers are attached to can generate a lot of noise from vibration and resonance. It depends on your setup.
  2. Japp! Tjena! But I live in Norway, so that’s from where I ordered the Aero.
  3. I read @Brainfreeze’s first post in this thread and felt like I’ve found my long lost brother… I had the exact same experience. I never thought fit would be an issue when I saw that highly configurable strap setup. The Oculus CV1, RiftS and Reverb G2 all fit me just fine. The Aero did not. It was really uncomfortable. Having used it for over a week now, I have found a setting that works. I contemplated returning the Aero, but having used if for several days I tried going back to the G2, and…no. The G2 was incredibly comfortable compared to the Aero, but that’s it. I’ve fallen in love with the visuals of the Aero and the increase in performance. I thought doing without motion reprojection would be a problem, but it’s not. I also reacted to the distortions, but again, going back to the G2 revealed that this headset has distortions too, I just had learned to cope. Now I’ve learned to cope with the distortions in the Aero as well. I also have just one base station. I have mounted in the ceiling, above and maybe 1m in front of me. This position seems to work just fine. At least for sitting in that spot, which I do, when flightsimming.
  4. Are you interested in just the brake pedal mod, or the swing arm connections as well? I don’t have a parts list, but I sourced all the ball joints on ebay.
  5. That’s the point. This is the only way I know of, to get haptic feedback. Would be nice to have native feedback support in DCS, just like for FFB joysticks. Maybe that would enable better control over the feedback signals and reduce latency.
  6. I agree! Using Simshaker with DCS really adds to the immersion! I can’t say I notice much latency, but having direct feeback from DCS would be awesome!
  7. I may have spoken too soon… Now you can cancel the ATT and HÖJD by selecting the lower mode. I.e. if ATT and HÖJD is engaged, you can press ATT to cancel HÖJD, or you can press SPAK to cancel both ATT and HÖJD. This is correct behaviour. However, you can also cancel SPAK, ATT and HÖJD by selecting the respective mode. I.e. you can cancel HÖJD by pressing HÖJD again. Same with ATT. And, you can also cancel SPAK by pressing SPAK. According to the SFI (The aircraft operating manual) SPAK can only be cancelled by pressing SNURK on the stick, or by pulling the circuit breaker. But at least it is now possible to use the Styrautomat as intended, even if there are some extra features
  8. Awesome update! Am I hearing an engine sound loop error? Seems like the engine sound pulsates.
  9. Fixed in todays update! And what an update..!! Well done Heatblur.
  10. There’s not supposed to be a notch… Open it up and check if maybe the screws holding the cam needs tightening. You could also try swapping the cams to see if it maybe is a flaw on the surface of the cam. Instructions available here: https://support.virpil.com/en/support/solutions/articles/47001156330--base-vpc-mongoost-50cm2-base-user-manual
  11. Yes, this button must be held for the brakes to be on. If you let go of the button, the brakes are released. The real Spitfire parkingbrake, as @Sokol1_br describes, requires the pilot to hold the brake lever and activating the brakes and then lock the brake lever with a catch. The Mosquito has a similar parkbrake where you hold the brake and lock it with a pin. Using the W key on the keyboard only works if you have a button that is always on, when pressed. It is better to use the BTN4, in your screenshot. That will increase the brakes to full, and leave it there. But for more realism, you should activate the brakes and then lock it, just like in the Mosquito. It’s not a big problem, but I think it will be easy to fix if ED wants to.
  12. You have that mapped to Wheel Brake, the same as keyboard W? Do you have the Mosquito?
  13. Thanks @Tanuki44! Using the ”Increase wheel brake” on a button works. At least I can map it to the joystick. But if the devs are listening, I’d like the parking brake to work more like the Mosquito. Hold the brake and press a button to activate the catch.
  14. As my problems got solved by reinstalling the OS (Win10 Home 64), I have been carefully adding apps to the PC, to see if they could cause the blackout problems. Yesterday i installed Open Hardware Monitor to check my temps. Suddenly I experienced two blackouts in DCS. I uninstalled OHWM and flew a couple of missions without issues. Coincidence?
  15. I just thought about the strange park brake behaviour of the DCS Spitfire and came here to see if it has been addressed. Is there really no way of setting the park brake with a key command? As @Sokol1_br points out here, the parkbrake is engaged by holding the brake lever and securing it with a catch. I’d like to be able to assign that catch to a switch on my stick, instead of having to use the mouse.
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