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  1. This fixed the issue. Thanks Wood
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. Checked that and nothing. I’m running it on and have been for the past year and a half on windows server 2016 standard. not sure why all of a sudden it’s doing this. i literally had it going up until yes turn when I restated it. suggestions please wood
  3. So what’s going on with this now. Can’t start the utility as it keeps saying there was an error with the utility. All I did was update my serve with windows update. thought it might be the exe so down loaded it again and tried with no luck. anyone else having the issue of starting the utility
  4. Well dont know what it is but after the update today, I can't even start DCS in VR
  5. Just thought I would post this in case anyone else has seen this. Yesterday I did a Complete DCS clean followed by a repair. What I noticed was after the clean and repair, DCS would Crash every time I would go into the Nevada theater on any mission. It would also crash trying to open the mission in the Mission editor. What I found was on the cleanup and repair I created a backup and found that the fake_omni_lights.fx was missing in the Bazar/shaders/model folder. So once I moved the file back to that particular file seem to fix the crashes. I'm not sure why that would have happened or if it was removed for a reason but thought I'd let you know.
  6. Hi all. Does this work good in the MP environment and does it work well in VR.
  7. Hi guys, I assume this entry is for Groom lake found in the Navada Radio.lua. { radioId = 'airfield2_0'; role = {"ground", "tower", "approach"}; callsign = {{["common"] = {_("Dreamland"), "Dreamland"}}}; frequency = {}; sceneObjects = {'t:9666583'}; }; I believe the frequencies are missing from what is show on the rest.
  8. Thank you for the reply and info. I’ll look into that. Wood
  9. Quick question. To save time for our group and any client wishing to change missions on our servers, I would like to post a thread on our discord that has a mission list with what mission is referenced to -load #. I already have a completed description of each mission and what it entails but would like to post the list so once in the chat and they enter -admin load menu they do not have to search for the mission and it’s reference number. any ideas on where I could get that info. Thanks wood
  10. Hey dikkeduif Life save thanks for this. worked like a charm Wood
  11. Just tried this in VR with the G2 and my jaw hit the floor. What an amazing difference on the clarity. Worth it in my opinion.
  12. Hey Guys Forgive my ignorance here. I used to use Simod back before the Dedicated server was released and then stopped using it. Does this work with the latest OB dedicated server and is there any thing else I need to be aware of for setting it up in the server. Thanks in advance
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