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  1. Hi, Any update regarding the release of this campaign? Pierre
  2. Great news for the F18 then! This aircraft is overwhelming for me, such a campaign would help me a lot. Is that the one you said you are halfway through as a prequel to Raven One? Pierre
  3. Hi, Just try the demo mission after a long time not flying DCS and had a wonderful experience! Top notch voice acting. Thank you Can’t wait to fly the whole campaign! Keep up the good work. Pierre
  4. Hello, Is the wind direction in the editor still reverted? Or selecting an 180deg wind will actually blow from 180? Don’t know how to check that from the carrier... Pierre
  5. If maybe we could have an option to turn off the LSO station when not needed and maybe hide the crew in the island... Pierre
  6. Hi, Is autothrottle now working in approach mode? We never know, maybe they fixed it Pierre
  7. Hi Hornet pilots! I just watched the Jetstream series about Canadian Air Force training for the F18. I noticed in the last episode when they are practicing dive bombing that that are diving in AUTO Mode with a target designated. I thought auto mode was CCRP release in level flight but I am surely wrong. Anybody could explain me why and how they are releasing in such a way? Thanks, regards Pierre
  8. Thanks for advices! I will have to watch those tutorial because it is unclear to me how to use both TOO1 and TOO2 for the same station and get those 2 bombs on 2 different target. I am not using TPOD for now ( waiting for the update to come to stable) but only the waypoint designate method. Best regards, Pierre
  9. Hello, I am trying to fly with an AI wingman (F18) to feel less lonely. I looked for an AI wingman command list and explanations in the User Manual but can not find anything. Where should I look for such informations? Is there any advices you can give me regarding the use of AI wingman? I read that it is better to use it as « sensor » rather than as a « weapon » and that it would be better to set him as Passive Defence in Reaction to threat option. Best regards, Pierre
  10. Hello, I am a beginner with the F18 and currently in the process of learning the aircraft referencing a few manuals and tutorial videos. However, I am having quite trouble to know what is working or not in this aircraft. Now I am learning general and GPS guided bombing and I am wondering whic release mode are currently implemented and working currently. Is auto Bombing working fine? Can we loft bombs correctly ? Can we loft JDAMs? There is no explanation in the manual. Could some experienced users tell me the current status of the bomb release modes? Best regards, Pierre
  11. Hi, So I found out all the red units were hidden in the 476th templates, newbie me. And that’s an outrageous number of objects tracked by Tacview explaining the performance drop. I ended deleting most of those not used in my mission. I also noticed while populating Nellis AFB that some static airplanes models are far heavier than others, and that is mainly all aircrafts that have a module counterpart. Hope it may help others in the future, Pierre
  12. Hi, I am quite new to DCS and currently in the process of building a little training mission using the 476th NTTR template. However, I noticed very bad performance when launching the mission where I can maintain 60fps in the same area on another mission. Of course I guessed it was due to the high number of object in the template, so I deleted most of them except the one I needed. But performance was still crappy. So I remembered that Tacview could impacts performances when it has to record lot of objects. I deactivated Tacview in the settings and voila my FPS are back. Sadly, I can not analyze my training with Tacview anymore. Is there something I can tweak so I could maintain my FPS with Tacview still activated? What bugs me is that after deleting lots of NTTR templates objects, I do not have that much objects in the mission when comparing to the missions available with the module. I wonder if all the waypoint ring I can see in the ME are counted as objects? Is there a way to know how many objects there are in a mission? Thanks for help, Best regards, Pierre
  13. Ok, so I tried your suggestions but I have to say it does not work. For whatever reason the F16 (I change it to SU27) spawns above the 747 then it decelerate behind, catches up a few minutes later, stays below for maybe 20 seconds, then the 747 pulls up 45deg nose up with F16 following under. After that it is total mess^^ It seems the No Reaction option is not working. Any idea what could be wrong? I am maybe asking to much to the AI. Pierre
  14. Thank you very much for your help, Even if I am understanding only half of what you said^^ I guess I have a new challenge to deal with! Will try your advices Pierre
  15. Hi, I am completely new to ME in DCS. I just installed the Civilian Aircraft Mod to populate the sky above Nevada and I tried to reproduce a movie scene where a fighter was hidden under an airliner. I set a 747 at 37000ft 470GS and a Su27 just under at same speed but 36900ft. Sadly it just doesn’t work. For whatever reason the 747 pitches up at spawn as if she was evading the SU and then she goes on its FPL but speed is 430GS. Of course the SU is way forward after that. So, is my idea impossible or is there some settings I should set in the ME for such a scenario to occur? My idea was to create a mission where one would have to tally some airliners to find the bandit, and if possible set a trigger which would make the bandit offensive when you get close to it. Don’t if it is doable though. Best regards, Pierre
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