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  1. I've recently purchased a JetSeat from Andre's just a few weeks ago. Transaction went well, very fast shipping. Setup was a momentary challenge as previously I had buttkicker and used a different software to power the buttkicker. Andre was great with all of my stupid questions, telling me I had the wrong software and to use the Simshsker for Aviators, which is free. Installed that and good to go. Went on youtube to check out some videos on settings, but overall a very positive experience. Typical DCS enthusiast wanting to get this assembled quickly and without reading the directions fully. Andre was a champ and was super patient with all of my questions. Can't recommend Andre's customer service and follow thru enough, the Jetseat really completes my rig now.
  2. I'm interested if still available?
  3. Got it, thanks for the assistance and encouragement. Looks like it will be a new project to look forward to.
  4. Frostycab - Great, I do have the streamdeck xl. I went back to Charles Tyler's github page and found a few profiles. I will also check out the userfile page you sent. I guess the next issue is where do I put these files? Do I have to install them directly into the Streamdeck directory? I didn't see a place to put them. I'll be using the F18 and Harrier profiles once I get things up and running. This setup really will be great - thanks to Charles for setting it up. One last question, does it matter if you use DCS Bios? I've only heard about it but was hoping to get by without it if possible, due to my limited computer knowledge.
  5. Frostycab - Yep - I now have the plugin for Streamdeck installed - thanks for the help. Can you tell me where to download the profiles from? That was my next step. Wasn't sure if I get them from this Forum or from the github site by Charles Tyler where I got the original plugin.
  6. Thanks Frostycab. - I'm not sure, but I just manually put the file into the Steamdeck program and it seemed to stay there. I'll test it later this weekend. Assuming this works well, are the profiles automatically installed or do we manually have to download these too?
  7. Can anyone help with the plug in installer link? Everytime I go to download it, I just get a blank Microsoft Explorer file called com.ctytler.dcs (9).streamDeckPlugin. Can't get to download for some reason. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the assistance. Got things working using a USB 15 inch monitor to put the two MFDs on. Helios, once you get the hang of it, was great. This really adds to the level of simulation and wants me to do more cockpit building now.
  9. Yep - I understand now that the lilliputs are only USB. Learn something new everyday, thanks to the great Forum here and the helpful members.
  10. GaryR - Great setup, this is exactly how I hope to run my rig. I may be missing something here, but it seems there are only four output slots on the GPU, so how do you run your primary 3 monitors, and the lilliput MFDs. Seems to me that is five screens with four output slots???
  11. HellsBells - Right on, thanks for the quick reply. Looks like you've got quite a setup as I thought five monitors was pretty extreme. I checked this model, but looks like it only has 4 outputs. Do you run dual cards? I was fiddling around with the monitor .LUA settings last night just to get the hang of things and at least try to get one MFD LED set up. Would it be possible for you to send me or post here a copy of your .lua file? I would just modify it to take out the extra 65" monitor?
  12. Hey, I'm trying to figure out my next step in regards to getting a video card that will handle 5 monitors (3 main monitors) and two thrustmaster MFD's with small lilliput monitors behind them. I know GPU prices are steep now, but looking for when prices come down a bit. Presently I have a geforce 1060 that runs fine with 5 available outputs, but only can run 4 monitors max. Thanks.
  13. Just getting started in the Harrier and was wondering how people access the MFDs as the warning light panels obscure some of the MFD buttons? I've heard of snap views, would they apply here? Thanks.
  14. Mission #2 - ILS?? Great campaign so far, only on Mission #2, but was unable to find the ILS for the Case III landing. Any ideas what this it?
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