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  1. Thanks for the heads-ups. I'm out of town for a week or so now, but I'll roll those changes in when I get back.
  2. Nearly three years after the last release, there's a new one up in the first post.
  3. The standard takeoff is rolling. Set the flaps to STOL and your nozzles to 10 degrees, then hold the brakes and run the throttle up. When the plane starts to roll, release the brakes. When you get to the end of the deck, set the nozzles to 55 degrees. That's a simplified version of the by-the-book procedure, and might not work with takeoff weights near the maximum, but it should get you off the deck reliably in most circumstances.
  4. After selecting a course with the CRS switch or the CSEL entry on the UFC, is there a way to unset the selected course without changing waypoints or TACAN station?
  5. Also, don't forget the usual post-patch solution of going to your <User>/Saved Games/DCS folder and deleting the fxo and metashaders folders. DCS pregenerates/caches some files used by the graphics engine, and changes to models, textures, the engine, or your graphics drivers may render those files out of date and unusable.
  6. Seems to be a known problem: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=218683
  7. No. Calibrated airspeed is not true airspeed. CAS is IAS corrected only for instrument and position errors, not for air density, temperature, and wind.
  8. I set up a quick little mission last night with an SA-2 site as a bombing target. I had the Fan Song radar in, along with the ground-based search/EW radar in the Iran unit list (I forget what it's called off-hand), and the Tarawa. All three showed up on the RWR as 'UK'. Is that a problem with my installation, expected behavior for the real aircraft, or missing entries in a Harrier table somewhere pending an update?
  9. Reduced power makes sense—if you have the throttle set too high, the brakes don't work very well, because there's very little weight on the wheels.
  10. Nope, not implemented yet. (Congratulations on the carrier landing! It's a great day, taming the Harrier.)
  11. Yup! Thanks, that explains some behavior I saw when playing around with waypoint editing, too. I did note that the markpoints started at 0 for me when hitting the EHSD MK button, counted up to 10, then went to 1, then 10 again, as I hit the button repeatedly. On a three-waypoint flight plan, the next waypoint I could enter manually was 24. (Which would make sense if there were 0-10=11 plus 1-10=10 markpoints in the computer.) I also saw the same thing as you, where the markpoint number displayed in between the up and down arrows was always MK0.
  12. There's at least one preset loadout that has the TPOD on a wing station, if I'm not mistaken. I recall flying a mission with it and the ECM pod not long ago.
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