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  1. I played that mission no more than two weeks ago, IIRC, right after friendly infantry reach the field where the insurgents were at the beginning of the mission, you get the radio message that the rebels surrendered and you can RTB. I suspect that the trigger that finish the mission is friendly infantry getting inside that field (trigger zone), so, even if all the enemies are dead, you have to wait for that to happen. After that, as Senna said, you can RTB and the end credits for the campaign begin to roll. EDIT: I remember clearly that I still had three enemy infantry in the field and they were despawned by the game when friendlies got into the zone. I think it confirms what I wrote above, you have to wait for the friendly infantry to get to the field.
  2. Hey @Automan, sorry if I keep pestering you today, but since I'm starting to smell JP8 in the air, I'm beginning to think about loadouts and you're on the receiving end of my mental jerkings... 1) If I read correctly the Dash 1 manual (I don't have the -1A), the figure of 1.814 kg is the maximum for the underwing pylons only, excluding the wingtip tanks: is that correct? 2) regarding the BAT-120 (of which I had never heard before, thank you for that!), I see here https://cat-uxo.com/explosive-hazards/aircraft-bombs/bat-120-aircraft-bomb that it comes in two flavour, differing in the number and size of the fragments: are you gonna implement them both, or just one, or is it going to be a sort of hybrid of the two? Thank you and sorry again for badgering you today!
  3. Tutto chiaro, Automan, thank you very much again!
  4. Thank you very much, Automan! EDIT: some time ago (maybe in 2020)you guys showed us pictures of the airplane taken from below with various loads attached. If memory serves, there were Belouga bombs: have they been taken off the list of possibile loads? And, if it's possibile to know, what are the limitations for the wing pylons?
  5. @Automan sorry to bother you, but, since we're closer to release, could you give us an update and comprehensive list of the weapons that will be available for the 339?
  6. I'm afraid not, didn't see a probe in any of the pictures they released; and, AFAIK, only the CD has AAR capabilities
  7. Ooooh, boy, great link! Fan Song would be very appropriate, but I like some many more.... Free Willie, Berlin, IRIS, Alphabet... gotta admire fighter pilots creativity!
  8. Gianky


    Let's cross all of our fingers!
  9. Gianky


    Well, guess I was wrong, next OB update is scheduled for next Wednesday.
  10. Ancora niente, ma se stanno preparando il trailer, non dovremmo essere lontani.
  11. I'm sorry for the dumb question: how do I install the program? I downloaded the .msix file, but if I double clik on it, it doesn't run, the "choose an application window" opens... I can open it with 7zip, can I just decompress what's inside in a folder? EDIT: Nevermind, I just downloaded the .zip version.
  12. Gianky


    I'm not sure about that, YoYo, Wags have been showing that map in at least three recent video now (see the previous 2 F-16 ones), and we're right in the middle of the 40th anniversary of the war... I think it'll be released shortly.
  13. Gianky


    Agreed, I'd like that very much!
  14. Gianky


    Usually new modules aren't released during a sale. Beside that, IFE always said that they don't want to release in EA, but a full product from the start, so I don't think there will be a preorder. So, my forecast (hope?) is that the 339 will be released with the OB May update, likely in the last week of May, right after the end of the sale, without any preorder options, and it'll be likely announced on Friday 20th newsletter.
  15. @actually_fred thank you for your inputs, they're very welcome! Unfortunately, I had already pushed the "buy" button, so I'm now waiting for my tablet to arrive. In the end, I went with a Huion H430P, mostly because of its dimensions: from what I read around on the Internet, it's basically a smaller and cheaper Intuos S. Since I'm guessing no one else in here has it, I'll let you know how it works.
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