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  1. Проверьте опцию упрощенная динамика, на всякий случай. Она должна быть выключена. И не ругайтесь на форуме, пожалуйста. А вы включили переключатель Exterior Lights Switch на РУД?
  2. На данный момент немного завышено сопротивление подвесок.
  3. I may have misunderstood your sentence. I thought that you suggest that the whole HMCS indication will rotate to be roll stabilized. But after a few readings, I assume that you were only talking about the indication of calibration? If so, it sounds reasonable, but we have to make research to be sure.
  4. Could you provide any reference to prove your point of view, please?
  5. As far as I have seen, you made very abrupt stick movements. Some confirmation that these are acceptable and won't lead to any over-G would be very helpful.
  6. cofcorpse


    You are right. Internal calculations are in kilograms, and then converted to pounds. So it's more of a display error. The second is also display error. Rearming window doesn't take rack weight into account. Internally it's all calculated correctly.
  7. Hi! Thank you for report! Сould you elaborate on how you toggle this switch? Only with a mouse? Or do you also use a toggle switch on a joystick?
  8. Hi, please add a short as possible track replay so we can take a look. Thanks!
  9. Interesting video, thanks! But I don't understand how priority affects overlapping. I agree with the note about the offset mode. Also, after watching the video, we cannot be sure what is happening and for what reason. Offset mode could be on, probably.
  10. This is a valuable comment, we should study and correct if necessary.
  11. Hi, please add a short as possible track replay so we can take a look. Thanks!
  12. Hi, please add a short as possible track replay so we can take a look. Thanks!
  13. Please, check your joystick input. If the stick is not in the neutral , the autopilot won't control the jet. You can check position of the stick with Controls indicator (RCtrl+Enter by default).
  14. For better test results change temperature to +15C. Default is +20C and hence the need for recalculations.
  15. If you have bugs or issues, please make an appropriate thread in the bug forum with all required info. Thanks.
  16. I'm using Thrustmaster Warthog. I always set 3-4 deadzone for pitch and roll axis. And I was trying to make a clean roll stick movement. But I think the main reason I did not break wings is that F-5E is loaded only with 50% of the fuel and two missiles. This is the mass after which the acceleration limitation decreases. And with a greater mass it is possible that wing will break in a roll at lower G-load than in the track.
  17. Could you confirm this rather strong statement? I think that you are wrong and I provide this track. 9-10G roll with a stick up to the limit. F5_9G_roll.trk
  18. Could you confirm this with some evidence, please?
  19. Perhaps I misunderstood you. There's a wind in the mission that leads to drift.
  20. I see a lot of pedal deflection when the nose wheel lifts off. Because of this, a large moment arises, turning the nose to the side.
  21. Уточните, с какими "ТАКИМИ"? Что происходит, что должно происходить по Вашему мнению? Трек, чтобы посмотреть, что происходит? Трек, чтобы посмотреть, что происходит?
  22. I'm sorry, but I think your test is not quite correct in my opinion. You have different scale in X axis for F-15 and the same for Su-27, what causes the graphs of one to be similar and the other to be different. Your test of F-15 ends due to running out of fuel, but there is a lot of acceleration at this point, which will lead to more different results. And, as I can see, Su-27 doen't run out of fuel till the end of the test (or graph at least). Apart from the rule 1.16 this document is not valid for our F-15 as we have PW-220, not PW-100. Our F-15C is definitely not immune to changes in temperature, which I have easily seen by doing simple tests. The size of the temperature influence might be worth checking and adjusting if necessary, but this influence exists even now.
  23. А вы пробовали переключить в тусклый режим? Если это баг репорт, то хотелось бы видеть трек, чтобы понять, о каких условиях идёт речь, как минимум.
  24. Не могу разглядеть огни на крыле, к сожалению. Пока получается, что работает как должно, согласно документации.
  25. Яркостью огней на законцовках крыла можно управлять крутилкой FORM, если перевести переключатель WING/TAIL в положение OFF. Еще можно менять ярко/тускло тем же переключателем. Я не особо увидел, что и как там работает, но на 5.38 видно, что мигают и на воздухозаборнике, и на крыле. Выключить на крыле и оставить на воздухозаборнике по логике системы не возможно. При переключателе WING/TAIL в положениях BRT, DIM горят и на воздухозаборнике, и на крыле, в положении OFF - на воздухозаборнике гаснут, на крыле регулируются.
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